I Remember That Freak Bitch

Aiy-yo! [B-Real]I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubsThe Victoria’s Secret, she give loveNo matter which way you keep itYou’ll get shoved out the picture, now peep it(You get the gloves bitch!) I used to know this girl that slanged the green shitHad it all goin on, but it didn’t mean shitShe wanted to […]

Audio X

"T-Minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. zero!"(Blast off!) [B-Real]Come inside, hello everybody, welcomeThink you better be ready for the battle when the shit goes downCause we warringAll you fuckin yellow comets runnin from the front lineIf anybody wanna get away heyI’ll find your fuckin ass in due timeRun and seek […]

Prelude to a Come Up

[MC Eiht]Geeyeah, Soul Assassins two times, stick em!Geeyeah, Cypress Hill three times, come on!Geeyeah.. Infiltration be our daily operation for chasinCross the seven seas eased, clockin much conversationPenetration, you know we gets busy, no hesitationGreenery, hand-picked, from my own plantationFeels the heat, under the som-breroto any amigo that’s tryin to, stop the dinerosChills with, senoritas, […]

Tequila Sunrise

Intro: B-Real and Sen Dog B-Real: Mira joven… si busco a alguien, que mueva productopero que lo mueva con madre…Sen Dog: Pos sabes que compa?… yo aqui, en el norte yo soyel que controla yo te lo puedo mover todo… 80, 100 varos a la semanate traemos toda la feria y limpio ese..B-Real: Pues bueno, […]

Clash Of The Titans

Zeus: "Make certain that no stone stands That no creature crawls I command you to let lose the last of the Titans" "It’s time to strike!" [B-Real]Let the rain pour down from God aboveWith the blood of my blade, no love, begin the floodOpen the gates, let the battle begin, whereinWith wind at our backs, […]

Feature Presentation

[Barron Ricks]My flows most beneficent, most merciful, outrageousfor wages, vibrate niggaz heads like pagersToo hard to handle son, we animals, biohazardousGhetto evangelist, lyric distortions, abortionsof fortune shit, shittin on your ASR-10 SequenceFuckin up the discThese be the words blow niggaz acoustic nerveswhen I swerve I’m bustin adjectives and verbs at curvesHear the thunder then I […]

Riot Starter

[TV Reporter 1]"We understand all of the officers in the Central Division have been ordered to wear their helmets and basically to get into riot gear" [TV Reporter 2]"OK, we have uh trouble breaking out here right now Tensions are building Uh, the police have just wrestled a couple of people to the ground" ("…Police […]

High Times

Now this some baaad weeed… B’Real:The very first time I hit the weed I was youngCoughin up a lung, high strung, back in ’81Goin to school, hittin the buddah behind the bleachersComin to class high, sellin the lye to the teachersNickel bag, nickel bag, dime to a nickelSellin joints to the honeys suck it like […]