Some people tell me that I need helpSome people can fuck off and go to hellGod damn, why they criticize meNow shit is on the rise so my family despise meFuck em! And feed em cause I don’t need emI won’t join em if I can beat emThey don’t understand my logicTo my gat to […]


You don’t want to turn your back on meWhen you least expect itI come with a wicked methodI’m creepin on yaNow you find your homeboy’sBleeding on yaIt’s the the locote coming out the boteI got a new jale jacking in the nocheGive me your ferjaIn your pocket or they’ll carry yaOff and burry ya in […]

Boom Biddy Bye Bye

Boom biddy bye byeBoom biddy bye bye Step back as I’m kicking up dustFor a while As I put mothafuckas to restAnd pull their files Out from the cabinetWith the picture Get the 45 and settle itWith this punk nigger Slow your rollAs I take controlTake your toke from the Indo’ Then hit and hold […]

Funk Freakers

Verse One: B-Real Let me introduce my selfI’m the one who rules the setSo don’t you forgetBad for ya health but ya still be tryin’ ta push buttonsBut you ain’t nothin’, no frontinI bring the level up a little louderIn the clubs, an’ the jeeps an’ the after hoursFools on the street wanna feel the […]

Everybody Must Get Stoned

"This sure is. I got data on crazy shit for round the corner you knowThe homeboys and the brothers be slangin’ this shitBut anyway, (everybody must get stoned (x4))You over there singin’ some shit, talkin’ ’boutEverybody must get stonedI don’t know but that shit sounds good to me" [Verse 1]Hit the joint, up the bomb, […]

Stoned Raiders

[B-Real]:1 for trouble, 8 for the road,7 to get ready when I’m lettin’ off all my load,Funk, Buddha monk, in the trunk,I got’cha, thumpin’ so hard,Up and down the blvd.,I’m a natrual-born cap-peela’, strapped illa,I’m the west coast settin’ it on, no one’s reala’,Get’cha fix of the uncut funk,A small dose of the skunk weed, […]

Red Light Visions

[Sen Dog]"(Inhales) Break that shit off nigga" [B-Real]Look at all the M.C.’s trying to get downBut all you get is a peeled back, dome capI’m not the one to be having that shitAll these punk niggas better bow down and submitNiggas don’t know how to "keep it real"Only if you niggas know the real dealFuck […]


[B-Real]Living in the city of the ScandalousShisty motherfuckers, can’t even trust my own brothersSo who can I choose to trust, me, that’s whoNiggas want a piece of the pie, fuck off and die!Jealous, envious fools want to rush thisLoco, trooping ass nigga with the cash, shitMotherfuckers just get your own, and leave mine aloneForty-five places […]