Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

EverybodyRock your bodyEverybodyRock your body rightBackstreet’s back alright Oh my God we’re back againBrothers, sisters, everybody singWe’re gonna bring you the flavor show you howI’ve got a gotta question for yaBetter answer now Am I original?(Yeah)Am I the only one?(Yeah)Am I sexual?(Yeah)Am I everything you need?You better rock your body now Now throw your hands […]

If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad

If you want it to be good girl get yourself a bad boy (yeah I like this)If you want it to be wildGotta notice sonner now, Baby (that’s me) If you really like it hot, has someone who hit’s the spot, honey (oh yes)And if you wanna get it doneThen you got to get the […]

As Long As You Love Me

Although loneliness has always been a friend of mineI’m leaving my life in your handsPeople say I’m crazy and that I am blindRisking it all in a glanceHow you got me blind is still a mysteryI can’t get you out of my headDon’t care what is written in you historyAs long as you’re here with […]

Hey Mr. Dj (Keep Playing That Song)

Aah, BackstreetYes yes y’allOne time, here we go (yes yes y’all)Ooh, ooh (2X)Yes yes y’all I could tell when I stepped in the roomAnd I saw you standing thereAnd about by the way that you movedI couldn’t help the way I staredThere were some mysterious folksThey led me here to youLead me (lead me) to […]

Get Down (You're The One For Me)!

You’re the one for meYou’re my ecstasyYou’re the one I need ChorusGet downGet downAnd move it all around(2x) Hey baby love I need a girl like youBut tell me if you feel it tooI’m in delusion every minute every hourMy heart is crying out for you BridgeI feel in heaven when I look in your […]

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

As I gazed at the hour glass days goAnd all I do is thinking of youAnd wonder where you are at nightOh I remember everythingEvery smile, even all the reasons why you sayI pushed you out of my mind CHORUS:Baby you set me,baby you set me,Set adrift on memory bliss of youBaby you set me,Set […]

If I Don't Have You

Everyday, girl I wake up and prayThat you’ll come back home and don’t take too longCuz since you’ve been gone, everything’s gone a bit wrongI wish you were here, holding me nearYou know I’d go out of my mind if you ever left my heart behindSo I’m begging you please bring your sweet love back […]

Like A Child

If I could right the wrongs that made you cryI make a promise not to say good-night‘Cause I’m holding onWith A Love so strongAnd I can’t take a day wihtout you by my side Girl If I could changeif I could change your mindBaby you could help me wipe these tears from my eyes CHORUSGirl […]