Rip Rock

{*guitars fade in*}

C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon, c’mon!
Rock! {*echoes*}
Rock! Rock! Rock!

Verse One: Canibus

Jump up and down if you love the sound
We Rip and Rock until we tear shit down
Rip Rock stands for Hip-Hop mixed with Rock’n’Roll
I’m hardcore to my inner soul
Hold on as I swerve outta control
Directly into the unknowns of a black hole
All my real niggaz, with fucked up neurotransmitters
wavin glocks and swastikas
I’ma take twenty shots of this hard liquor
and swigga, til I’m drunk as the Pississippi River
Even though I know the shit is fuckin up my liver
Tomorrow when I wake up, I won’t even remember {"Rock!"}
how I got home – or where I got this tattoo of a mic on my arm from
Or when I fucked them bitches last night, I shoulda used a condom
(I guess not) Now that’s what I call Rip Rock!

Chorus One: Canibus

Rip, Rock, Rip (c’mon) Rock
Rip, Rock, Rip (c’mon) Rock
Rip, Rock, Rip (c’mon) Rock
Rip (c’mon) .. Rock! (yeah)

{repeat Chorus One}

Chorus Two: Canibus (repeat 2X)

You want Rock’n’Roll? (We got it)
You want Hip-Hop? (We got it)
You wanna wreck shop? (We got it)
We got it got it
We got it got it got it

{*guitar interlude – like a heavy metal snake charmer’s song*}

C’mon! {*echoes*}
Rock! Rock! Rock!

Verse Two: Canibus

Yo, I want you to sucker-punch whoever you standin next to
if you ready to rock with a ReFugee rebel
A Navy Seal underwater in a submarine vessel
Shittin on niggaz above sea level
I’m tired of you MC’s talkin bout loot (LOOT!)
I’m tired of you corny drug-induced rap groups (GROUPS!)
I’m tired of the lies, the cries, the screams
Tired of gettin my name misspelled in magazines {"Rock!"}
I’m tired of you two-faced disc jockeys
Non-believers, suckin on my arch enemy’s penis
You know who you are, I’m talkin to you
You need to recognize I’m tryin to introduce somethin new
Somethin I would sacrifice my life or die for
Somethin if I was already dead I would rise for
Somethin that would make a fool a hundred times wiser
Somethin that will help all mankind to prosper
I die with laughter, lookin at you wack MC’s
with your craft unmastered, bastards
Hip-Hop in it’s rarest form, crossbreeded
with Rock’N’Roll, now Rip Rock is born, motherfuckers!

Chorus One

Chorus Two

C’mon! {*echoes*}
C’mon c’mon c’mon! {*echoes*} (Yeah!)
C’mon! {*echoes*}
C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon! {*echoes*} (Yeah!)
C’mon! Rip Rooooooooooooooooooock!

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