Queen of Fates

Love comes to the one who waits
Love’s guided by the queen of fates
Don’t go out searching for the special one
Love only comes when it’s time for love

I spent so many nights waitin’ for your love
Never knowin’ which corner you’d come around
Baby, but I had the faith and trust of the one who sees all
And I knew one day, you’d come
I was waitin’ for ya, prayin’ for ya
Knowin’ that one day, you’d show
And that you’d be the man that you should be
Baby, you know that it hit me hard and I felt love’s joy
And I knew true love had come to me


I spent so many hours waitin’ by the telephone
I was dreamin’ ’bout my lover’s call
Baby, it’s hard sittin’, sighin’, waitin’, cryin’ all alone
Waitin’ for my lovin’ heart to fall
Love has a way of takin’ its sweet time
You can’t force the feelin’ if you try
Baby, you see what is meant to be is meant to be
And the queen of fates touched you and I


When the feeling comes and you know it’s right for you,
Then the spirit grows opening up your heart
All that you can do is to go where love leads you
Following love, sweet love

(repeat and fade out)

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