Proper Education

Here comes the proper education
* Grand Puba skats in the background *
Fiyah! Here comes the rudebwoy, ah ahh!

Proper education, education
Proper education
Proper education, education
Proper education

Now let me tell you folks just exactly what I mean
The way they try to lower, the black man’s self esteem
Put us in their schools and I call em mental graves
When they teach us bout ourselves, all we learn that we were slaves
Then they say Jesus was white, understand
that means that Mystery God in the sky’s a white man
These two things alone make us start to feel inferior
Then we grow up thinkin they are superior
Why does the black licorice taste the worst?
Why does the black jellybean taste the worst?
Why do the bad guys always wear black?
Why is bad luck when you see a black cat?
Cause they’re workin subconciously, subconciously
Workin subconciously
Workin subconciously, subconciously
Workin subconciously
This is why we must teach our strong black nation
Proper education, education
Proper education
Proper education
Proper education
Proper education

Yes lord! Easy now star! Come again!

Now they gave restitution to the Japanese
You see they gave restitution to the Jews
Now over 400 years of slavery rape and murder
but I guess there’s no restitution for the coons
They wanna use us a tool, and also as a slave
in the land of the free and the home of the brave
Musa came to the cave and taught them Ock
the tricknowledge that the Devil once forgot
Now the ten percent rules over the eighty-five
You see we have to do more than just keep hope alive
I don’t hope and I don’t do dope
but I still feel the pain from my ancestors swingin on a rope
Now pardon me as I distill on a Devil’s grill
Now me trust a Devil, huh, I never will
I just catch my ?, grab my button, put it on my lapel
Grab my people and get out of hell
See this is why we must teach our young black nation
Proper education, education


Yes, we would like to say peace to all the Gods and the Earths
People of the universe
The original man
I would like to say peace to my brother Tony X

Wanna say
to my physicals, free the land


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