Lincoln Burrows

Dominic Purcell recently starred in the adventure/thriller “Primeval,” shot on location in South Africa. In the film, Purcell portrayed a member of a news team sent to capture and bring home a legendary 25-foot crocodile. During his hiatus from PRISON BREAK, Purcell completed filming the thriller “Town Creek,” directed by Joel Schumacher and scheduled for release this November.

Lincoln Burrows Purcell grew up in Australia and attended the prestigious Australian Theatre for Young People. After beginning his training there, he attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts alongside fellow actors Hugh Jackman and Frances O’Connor. After graduating, Purcell quickly landed a leading role on the Australian television series “Raw FM.”

Soon thereafter, Purcell was cast as a nemesis in the feature film “Mission: Impossible II” starring Tom Cruise and directed by John Woo. Purcell’s additional feature credits include “Blade: Trinity” opposite Wesley Snipes, “Three-Way,” “Equilibrium” and “Visitors.”

Purcell’s television credits include the title role in the FOX action-drama series “John Doe,” “First Daughter” opposite Mariel Hemingway and “Moby Dick” with Gregory Peck and Patrick Stewart.

Purcell’s theater credits include “Antony and Cleopatra,” “Angels in America,” “The Pillars of Society” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

Purcell lives in Orange County, CA.

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