Johnny Sack

“You know me…I don’t stick my beak in.”

The urbane boss of the New York family, Johnny Sack is known for his sharp intellect and calm demeanor. He’s a still-waters-run-deep guy who makes it a point to keep tabs on anything that could affect his business and keep his innermost thoughts to himself. Those qualities have made him a successful capo – and someone you definitely don’t want as an enemy.

Johnny has been an important ally of Tony’s for some time. Back when Tony was annoyed that then-boss Junior was overtaxing Hesh, Johnny helped persuade Junior to relent. Johnny was happy to help; anything that helps keep the peace in one family is good for all.

If there’s one subject that can quickly cause Johnny to lose his fabled cool, however, it’s his wife Ginny, a “Rubenesque” woman. He once ordered a hit – which he later called off – on Ralph Cifaretto for repeating an off-color remark about Ginny’s backside.

When then-underboss Johnny and Ginny moved their home to Essex County, Johnny was quick to assure Tony that he wanted to be closer to his wife’s family, not Tony’s business. Johnny’s true ambition had always been to head the New York family, and he once enlisted Tony’s help in a plot to kill the aging don, Carmine Lupertazzi. When, at the eleventh hour, Tony balked, Johnny was livid.

After Carmine Sr. kicked the bucket, Johnny moved quickly to take over – making it clear he was willing to take out anyone who got in his way, including Carmine Sr.’s consigliere, Angelo Garepe.

Though Tony tried to stay neutral in the battle, he found himself in a corner when his cousin, Tony Blundetto, went off the reservation and whacked Phil Leotardo’s little brother – payback for Angelo, who had been his closest friend in lockup. In the midst of all the bloodshed, Johnny neglected to notice that one of his lieutenants had turned informant in a Brooklyn sting operation.

Moments after he and Tony decided to patch things up, Johnny was hauled off by the Feds – while Tony made a run for it. Now in the stir longterm, Johnny has lost the respect of many of his crew members, including the very dangerous Phil Leotardo, who appears to have his own plans for the big chair.


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