Im Yours

Verse 1: How can I let you know how much you mean to me.I know sometimes you wonder why. Are you the one that I need. Sure as I breathe, you are the one for me. And I want you to know. Oh yea.

Chorus: You fill my heart with love. My tears with joy. And now and forever. I’m Yours. With everything you do, makes my dreams come true. With all of my heart I’m Yours.

Verse 2: I think about you all the time, your always on my mind. The thought of you brings happiness. Inside I know that I am yours. But theres so much more to say. Theres something that I, I’ve got to tell you. So you know that I care. Baby, yeaaa.


Bridge: When I think about you babe,joy comes over me. And when I close my eyes boy, your face is all I see. Your eyyyyes, tell me that im yours. And theres somethin that I, Ive got to tell you, So you know that I care.


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