Gabriella Dante

“Unfortunately, because of her husband’s high profile in the waste industry, Carmela’s the one who bears the brunt of these insults. But there were many of us who were equally offended.”

Gabriella “Gabby” Dante is the wife of Silvio and the mother of their college student daughter, Heather. A member of the close-knit sorority of New Jersey mob wives, Gabriella spends a lot of time with her “sisters” and is fiercely loyal to them. Once, when she felt that their place in the Italian American community had been maligned by a church luncheon speaker, Gabriella refused to grin and bear it. Instead, she confronted Father Intintola, the luncheon’s organizer, and as she put it, “cut him a new one.”

In addition to taking care of friends and family, Gabriella carefully maintains her appearance, working out to stay trim and keeping her hair long and her necklines low. That’s part of her role in this thing of ours and for the most part, Gabriella accepts it. She would like, in return, to be the only woman in Silvio’s life. But given that she once overheard him making fun of Bobby Bacala for not having a goomara and his “office” is populated with all-but-naked pole dancers, Gabriella knows it’s highly unlikely she’ll get her wish.


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