EPISODE 415 “Going Under”

Airdate: 2008-12-15
The General tells Lincoln and Sara that they are guests in his home while Michael is undergoing surgery. Sara watches from the operating room observation. Michael dreams that he has woken up in his old prison cell. He talks to Charles Westmoreland and apologizes. Michael sees a blueprint of his mind. In the operating room, Michael is reciting the alphabet. Westmoreland tells Michael that he has the answers.

Lincoln pulls out some of T-Bag’s teeth to get him to talk. Then Lincoln and Sucre leave the Company headquarters to go find Scylla.

Self and Gretchen wait for a prospective buyer at a pier. Rita calls to let them know that T-Bag let them go and that they are safe. Meanwhile, Mahone slips away from Wheeler and Lang to a roadside stop restroom. He takes a pipe from the sink.

When Lincoln and Sucre arrive at the pier, Gretchen and Self are gone. When Lincoln goes to call the Company, he realizes that they are in a dead zone for cell phones. Sucre finds two smashed phones and Vikan’s PDA. The buyer’s representative sees this and calls for instructions.

Mahone smashes the car window with the pipe and he escapes from Wheeler and Lang. They pursue him and Lang catches Mahone at gunpoint. She fires but misses him. Wheeler explains to Lang that Mahone is headed east.

In his dream, Michael tears down pieces of the plan wall, regretting the actions taken to save his brother’s life. He starts to put things together with Westmoreland’s help. In the operating room, Michael begins to crash and he flatlines. He is revived.

Gretchen buys a disposable phone to reestablish contact with the buyer. She asks Self why he hasn’t looked at the info on Scylla. Lincoln gets a call from the Company operator with news that a traffic camera spotted Gretchen and Self.

Lincoln and Sucre question a cashier who tells them that Gretchen and Self bought a phone. They track the phone to an abandoned factory. The buyer’s rep shows up at the factory to make the exchange. He pulls up the information on Scylla. The word “BARGAIN” appears. Lincoln and Sucre arrive and engage in a gun battle. They catch Gretchen and Self. The rep escapes with Scylla.

Michael wakes up and tells Sara that Scylla is the key to limitless solar energy.

The General forces Lincoln to partner with Gretchen and T-Bag in order to retrieve Scylla. Lincoln is going into the family business.

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