EPISODE 413 “Deal Or No Deal”

Airdate: 2008-12-01

Agent Self hides Trishanne’s body. He calls Stanton to explain that Michael and Lincoln ambushed him and killed Trishanne. Self then threatens T-Bag to get him to find Gretchen.The team realizes that they have been double-crossed by Self. Michael calls Homeland Security looking for Self’s superior. Mahone knows that Self must have played it this way to keep himself insulated. He thinks they should leave the warehouse. Michael hides a nosebleed.

Pad Man cannot get over that Michael escaped with Scylla. When Scuderi questions him about it, Pad Man shoots him. He has the others in the Company activate their assets to retrieve Scylla. They must do it today.

Stanton and his agents arrive at the warehouse. Yet when they ambush it, the warehouse is empty. The team sees this from nearby. Stanton calls Michael, who explains that Self stole Scylla and killed two agents in cold blood.

Assembled at a flea bag motel, Michael tells the others they should come up with a plan to flush out Self and prove he has Scylla. On TV, they see a news report about a shooting at The Gate. Mahone thinks they should get to Gretchen before Self does. Sara returns from the pharmacy and injects Michael with more medicine to keep his health at bay. Although he has been taking care of the team for so long, he should allow them to take care of him for once.

Pad Man gives orders to his people that they cannot let it get out that one of their own may have been involved. Meanwhile, as T-Bag hands over Gretchen’s info, he questions Self about his motives.

Gretchen calls Lincoln, and he fills her in on Self’s double-cross. She will meet them in a park.

Self tells Rita that it’s time to come home.

Stanton discusses the situation with Senator Dallow and they brief the U.S. Marshall Sooter on Michael and Lincoln. Pad Man has been monitoring Stanton’s calls and he learns that Gretchen is still in Los Angeles.

As the team stakes out the park waiting for Gretchen, they find out they have been set up. As they flee, Lincoln blocks the federal agents from capturing Michael. He is caught instead. Gretchen has gone to meet with Self at Rita’s house. He asks Gretchen to help him find a new buyer for Scylla.

When Michael calls Gretchen, he gets Self, who warns him that he is smarter. Self plans to sell Scylla.

The Feds bring Lincoln to the warehouse, where Senator Dallow informs him what Self wants to do. He offers Lincoln and the team a new deal in return for help. Lincoln calls Michael, who wants a meeting with Dallow.

Self orders Gretchen to sell Scylla and have him on a plane by the end of the day.

Michael goes to the warehouse to meet with Stanton and Senator Dallow. He offers to give his testimony and then leave. Meanwhile, Mahone tells Sucre and Sara that Michael planned their exits. Yet when Sucre and Sara arrive at the bus station to escape, they decide not to leave.

Michael realizes there never was a deal. As Stanton is about to kill Michael, U.S. Marshall Sooter shoots Stanton instead. He tells Michael and Lincoln that they have an appointment with Pad Man.

Sucre and Sara go to the warehouse. Lincoln shoots Sooter. Senator Dallow can no longer help them, and he leaves. Sucre tells Lincoln that Mahone is gone.

Gretchen and Agent Self meet with Vikan to sell Scylla. Vikan informs them that a piece of Scylla is missing.

Michael collects the piece of Scylla from the warehouse. Self calls him demanding to know where this missing piece is. Michael tells him to “come and get it.”

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Posted in Season 4.


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