EPISODE 408 “The Price”

Airdate: 2008-10-20

Flashback to 2001, Chicago: Lincoln and his old partner Derrick storm a limo and steal a briefcase of money from the guy inside. Present Day: Linc pitches the idea of raiding the General’s limo.
Michael and Self meet with Gretchen. She and T-Bag want in on the plan to bring down the company in return for the Bird Book pages she has. They return to the warehouse, and Michael confronts Roland about losing the device. Sara pulls Michael aside to ask him about the nosebleeds. He assures her that he is fine, but tells her that Gretchen is alive. Sara is shocked, remembering the torture cell in Panama. The rest of the team has mixed reactions to Gretchen joining them.

Roland re-routes his cell phone to make it untraceable and texts a message to the number on the paper he found from Mahone. “How much for Scofield and Burrows?” is the message Wyatt receives.

Gretchen tells T-Bag that he will need to help Michael tunnel his way to Scylla. Feng, the Chinese businessman, comes in demanding Scylla from T-Bag. Gretchen negotiates with Feng to retrieve Scylla for $125 million. Gretchen tells T-Bag that his cut will be $25 million. When he asks about Michael and Lincoln, she notes that they won’t be around to collect their end.

At the Company, Pad Man tells the other card holders about counterfeiting and Laos drilling. Wyatt interrupts to let Pad Man know about the text message.

Agent Self distracts a worker at an impound lot so that Michael and Lincoln can steal an ambulance. The brothers fight over Linc telling Sara about their mother.

At the warehouse, Roland asks Sara why she is still sticking around even though their ankle monitors are off. He apologizes for what happened in Las Vegas. Gretchen calls Self and asks him to deliver a message to Sara. She wants to meet her and “clear the air.” Sara refuses.

Roland gets a message back from Wyatt offering $1 million, but that they need to be delivered today. Roland confirms by telling him their location.

Michael and Sara wait in the ambulance while Lincoln and Sucre are camped out in a LeMans. Wyatt calls Pad Man. As the limo makes a u-turn, the team realizes it’s a trap. Wyatt appears and shoots at the LeMans. Sucre is hit.

The team returns to the warehouse and Sara treats Sucre. They don’t understand how they knew where they were camped out. Michael confronts Roland about setting them up, but he denies it. He asks Roland to look up a license plate from the scene.

Agent Self gives Gretchen and T-Bag immunity, but he warns them to leave the country once the mission is completed. Trishanne the receptionist tricks Gretchen into touching something to get her fingerprints for T-Bag. He lies and says their cut of the deal is $1 million.

Pad Man admonishes Wyatt for not getting Michael. Meanwhile, Self calls Michael to ask where Roland is because his GPS went offline. Michael sees Roland’s ankle piece has been cut off. He’s gone with the laptop that has all the cards on it.

After treating Sucre, Sara has harrowing flashbacks of the Panamanian torture cell and Gretchen. Sara anxiously goes to the motel to see Gretchen, who asks to be an ally. She hands Sara a whip and gives her five minutes to enact her revenge. Sara sees scars already on Gretchen’s back. Yet Sara demands to know the name of the guard in Panama who helped Sara escape and was killed by Gretchen. Sara doesn’t whip Gretchen but says she will pay for what she did to that woman.

Roland goes to meet with Wyatt, who doesn’t have his money. Wyatt shoots him in both kneecaps, demanding to know where the brothers are. Roland tells him the location of the warehouse. Wyatt shoots him in the gut. Suddenly, Mahone runs up and coldcocks Wyatt. Lincoln and Michael are forced to physically prevent him from beating up Wyatt. Michael grabs Roland’s laptop. Before, he had put a tracking device in it, which is how they found him. Michael stays with an apologizing Roland until he dies.

Pad Man orders the other card holders to move Scylla.

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