EPISODE 221 “Fin Del Camino”

Airdate: 2007-03-26

Lincoln hurries down the dock, screaming Michael’s name but Michael is gone. Lincoln hurries back to the boat and fires up his PDA, he knows Michael has gone to help Sucre.
T-Bag nervously paces around his hotel room at the Fin Del Camino Hotel. He grabs a piece of paper from the nightstand and looks it over. He tosses it back down and the paper lands next to a handgun. The paper reads, “312 Ave Olivera. Second Floor. Red door.” T-Bag moves to a small balcony overlooking the street.

Near a kiosk in the street, Michael, concealed with a hood, looks up to see T-Bag. Michael remembers the hell T-Bag caused inside the walls of Fox River as well as on the run and prepares to make it right.

T-Bag doesn’t notice Michael from the balcony, but instead he looks towards two armed men eating at a table. Michael notices this and then scans the area. He looks over a pack of children playing soccer, and then fixates on a garbage can near a telephone pole. Michael squints as his mind starts to build a plan. He looks up to see T-Bag return inside.

A taxi races towards Panama City. In the backseat, Mahone calls Pam, his ex-wife. Mahone tells his wife that he’s out of the country. He reminds Pam that he once said there would be a day when he would leave the FBI and never look back. He tells Pam that today is that day. He has one more thing he needs to do, and then he’s out. He asks Pam if there’s still a chance he could make things right between him and her. Pam says, “I’m not saying no.” Mahone’s energy changes, he’s excited, there’s hope now. He swears to make things right. Mahone smiles, then makes another call. “You in position?”

The man who answers Mahone’s call is the same man that was keeping close distance to T-Bag at the whore house and he’s one of the two men T-Bag looked down on from the balcony. Mahone tells the man that he’ll be there shortly. When the man hangs up, suddenly there’s an eruption of what seems to be gunfire. The two men dive for the guns, which are concealed in their ankle holsters. When they look up, the see the same garbage can Michael was looking at, there’s smoke rising from inside.

Michael turns after seeing their reactions. A small boy runs up to him, a bag of fireworks in his hand. Michael smiles and hands the boy ten dollars. Michael heads into the market.

When Michael rounds a corner, he bumps into Sucre who seems to be worried. Michael asks Sucre what’s wrong, and then Bellick emerges from behind Sucre. In butchered Spanish, Bellick grumbles, “Que posso, Scofield.” Bellick escorts Michael into a tent with a gun drawn on him. Bellick accuses Michael of being no better than him and only wanting the cash, but Michael defends that he just wants to see T-Bag locked up. Sucre jumps in and tells Michael he didn’t know he was going to be in town. Michael, puzzled, looks at Sucre and tells him that Sucre wrote him on the website. Sucre, even more confused says he never wrote Michael on the Goldfinch site. Michael takes a moment, something isn’t right. Bellick asks if T-Bag is in the hotel. Michael nods but says he’s being guarded by two agents. Bellick is getting jumpy and Michael does his best to keep him calm. Sucre tells Michael that Bellick has Maricruz locked up and begs Michael for his help. Bellick asks Michael, “Are you in, or what?” Michael looks down at Bellick’s weapon, then glares at him. Michael sums it up, Bellick gets the money, Sucre gets Maricruz and Michael gets T-Bag. Michael looks into Bellick’s eyes, “You do exactly what I say.”

Sara sits at a Defense Table in a Chicago courtroom. Her defense attorney, Marty Gregg, stands to address the judge. He asks that the tape Michael and Lincoln recorded with the kidnapped cameraman, be admitted into evidence. The Prosecutor quickly jumps to her feet, hoping to squash the use of the tape. After Marty and the Prosecutor argue the use of the tape, the judge finally allows it. Marty presses play on a remote control and Michael’s image appears on a large television that can be seen by the entire courtroom. The video plays and Michael states, “Much blame has been placed on another innocent person, Dr. Sara Tancredi…” Sara fights the pain of knowing that she left the man she loves and may never see him again.

A television in a hotel room airs the latest news in Sara’s trial. Kellerman sits nearby, polishing the brass décor of his Special Forces uniform and his Special Forces ring. He flips off the television. Kellerman opens another velvet box containing a commendation and places it on the dresser alongside several others. Kellerman sits and grabs a leather holster. He removes the pistol and looks it over.

Sucre works on a roll of duct tape and tells Michael he’s going to kill Bellick once he gets Maricruz back. Michael helps Sucre keep a cool head and tries to convince him that killing Bellick won’t solve anything. Sucre snaps back, “Didn’t Fox River teach you anything, man? ‘Cause the same rules apply out here. It doesn’t make a difference who’s guilty or innocent, it’s who survives!” Michael tells Sucre that he’s only there to help Sucre find Maricruz, but if Sucre wants to kill Bellick, then Michael is going to leave. Sucre says it has been a week and he’s scared. Michael comforts Sucre, “We’ll find her.”

T-Bag sits on the hotel bed, tossing playing cards into a hat. Suddenly, the fire alarm goes off. T-Bag looks around with suspicion.

In the lobby, Bellick filters out of the hotel unnoticed with the other guests.

T-Bag stands up and grabs the piece of paper again. He again reads the address on it. He grabs the gun and stuffs it into the waistband of his pants. He then grabs the backpack full of cash, tosses on his hat and gets ready to leave.

Bellick meets up with Michael and Sucre. Michael warns Bellick, “You start acting like a cowboy this whole thing is gonna go south real fast. Remember that.” Bellick turns and they watch T-Bag exit the hotel.

T-Bag steps out of the hotel and looks around, the paper in his hand. He turns to his right and walks up the street. The two agents see T-Bag, and stand up to follow up. The agents follow T-Bag, staying close behind.

Further behind the agents, Sucre, Bellick and Michael move in.

The convoy of men walk passed a doorway. Michael walks inches from Mahone who is watching it all happen. Mahone walks out the door and begins to follow the group. Mahone reaches down to grab his weapon, but Lincoln appears and smashes a fist across Mahone’s jaw. The two men tumble into a warehouse and Mahone looses his weapon. Lincoln unleashes a fury of punches on Mahone. Mahone clings to Lincoln’s leg and is able to flip Lincoln, allowing Mahone to get back to his feet. Lincoln and Mahone circle around, Mahone trying to regain his bearings. Mahone says, “You’re not going to like how this ends, Lincoln. I’m giving you a chance, right now. Just…back away.” Lincoln pauses, and then replies, “To the son of a bitch who killed my dad? You’re done.” Lincoln lunges forward, and Mahone ducks. Mahone quickly spins Lincoln around, and wraps his arm around Lincoln’s neck and squeezes. Lincoln struggles, and then grabs for Mahone’s injured shoulder. He sinks his fingers in and the pain causes Mahone to let go. Lincoln rolls away and grabs Mahone’s gun. Lincoln demands Mahone’s handcuffs and threatens to shoot Mahone.

T-Bag comes upon a worn down building, the address “312” is spray painted on the front. He enters the red front door and hurries up the stairs. The agents wait out front.

Bellick walks across the agents, then comes back, “Americans?” The men nod. He asks them where a local cathedral is, and it’s clear the men don’t want him there. Bellick continues his story and asks them if they have a travel guide. One agent tells Bellick to move on, and Bellick plays upset. Suddenly, from behind the men, Sucre calls out, “Hello, boys.” Michael stands nearby and Bellick disarms the men. When he’s done, he stands and asks Sucre for the gun. Sucre pauses, and then hands Bellick the pistol. Michael orders the men down the alley.

Kellerman, dressed in full uniform, begins to write his sister’s name, Kristine, on an envelope, but can’t bring himself to do it. He shakes his head and starts again. He fights through his tears and places a letter in the envelope, then places the envelope on the medals resting on the dresser. He looks in the mirror, then loads his pistol. Kellerman stares at the mirror, thinking about his choice. He turns away, raises the pistol to his temple, and pulls the trigger.

Kristine Kellerman addresses a group of her coworkers, “Forty eight percent of North American lakes are eutopic. It’s fifty three percent in Europe…” Kristine’s assistant steps in, “It’s your brother, Paul.” Kristine freezes and quickly picks up the phone.

Michael and Sucre grab IDs off the men. Michael asks them if they’re part of The Company, but they only look at Michael and don’t answer. Sucre begins duct taping their wrists to a large piece of piping. Michael asks the men again, but they don’t answer. Michael looks to Bellick, “I don’t like this, something’s up.” Michael looks over the men again, then follows Bellick and Sucre to the front door of 312. Bellick leads, pistol drawn and making sure they’re clear. Bellick screams out, “We know you’re in here, Bagwell!” But there’s no sound. Michael shouts out that there are three of them. From behind a closed door T-Bag shouts out that he doesn’t want any trouble. Bellick enters, and T-Bag stands alone, gun in hand but pointed at the ceiling. Bellick orders him to slide the gun to him. T-Bag complies, and Bellick asks about the money. In the background, sirens can be heard approaching. T-Bag points to another closed door and tells them the money is in the next room. Bellick orders Sucre to check it out. When Sucre opens the door he finds the hooker T-Bag walked off with earlier in Panama City, but she’s dead. When Bellick and Michael look to see, T-Bag runs off and locks the exit door behind him. Bellick fights with the door, then grabs the gun he took from T-Bag, “It’s a trap.” Bellick realizes, the gun he grabbed was used to kill the hooker.

Police charge up the front steps of the building while Michael and Bellick try to break open the door T-Bag locked behind him.

T-Bag runs down a fire escape, throwing the heavy bag of cash in front of him.

Bellick busts through the door and screams at T-Bag to freeze. T-Bag spins around and fires another pistol. The bullet strikes Bellick in the leg. Bellick hands his gun to Michael and barks, “You want the girl! Get the money!” to Sucre.

Michael and Sucre hit the ground running and T-Bag steps backwards into the street. And oncoming car hits T-Bag and his body slides up the windshield. He stands up, dazed, and looks for the backpack. When he bends to grab it, Michael warns, “Don’t.” Sucre grabs the bag from Sucre. Sucre throws the pack on and turns to see the police arresting Bellick. Bellick screams out, “Theodore Bagwell! He’s the one you want for that dead chick in there!” Michael and Sucre push T-Bag along.

In the back of a warehouse, T-Bag pleads with Sucre and Michael. Michael keeps the gun on T-Bag and tells Sucre to get a car. Sucre runs off and Michael digs for answers, “Looks like you made some friends lately,” Michael inquires about the two armed men. T-Bag bargains and says he has information. Michael tells T-Bag that he’ll let him walk if the information is good. T-Bag wants a more public set up, but Michael refuses.

Sucre walks through a parking lot, trying to find an unlocked car. When he finds one, he slides in and hotwires the engine. The engine roars and Sucre races away.

Kristine walks into Paul’s hotel room. She sees him slumped in a chair, pistol in hand. She hurries to his side. Paul tells her, “That’s only the second time a gun has ever jammed on me.” Kristine takes the gun from him and puts it aside. Paul tells her that he’s done things, but can’t elaborate. Kristine tells him that she loves him, and she can help him. He tells her that he’s always followed orders and done terrible things because he thought they were right. And now he has nothing. But Kristine says she’s there for him and he has a clean slate. “Paul, there’s always a way. Maybe that gun jammed for a reason.” Kristine hugs her brother and he breaks down on her shoulder.

Sucre drives up as T-Bag begs Michael not to lock him up. T-Bag insists that he has important information. Michael tells Sucre that they’re going to take T-Bag to the embassy and make sure he’s deported. Then go looking for Bellick. Michael orders T-Bag into the car, while still repeating that his information is important.

Marty walks down the stairs of the courthouse to Sara. The court is looking to put her away for twelve years. Sara is dumbfounded, and hoped Michael’s tape would have worked. Marty tells her that the justice system is looking to put someone away for everything and she’s the only person they’ve been able to catch. Sara can’t believe it.

In a warehouse, Lincoln looks at a cell phone. To Mahone, “He ain’t answering.” Lincoln tells Mahone that he looks like he’s a man on the edge. Mahone just wants it all to be over. Lincoln reminds Mahone that he shouldn’t have come to Panama because he and his brother don’t back down. Lincoln tells Mahone that it’s all going to end badly, “Couple of things I’m good at, and one of them is looking into man’s eyes and tell when he’s beat.”

Michael races down a dirt road, Sucre asking how far to the embassy. Sucre sits in the backseat, gun trained on T-Bag. As Sucre talks, he doesn’t see T-Bag trying to lift a screwdriver off the floor with his feet. Sucre begins to panic, knowing that they might never see Bellick again. Suddenly, T-Bag springs his attack. He grabs the screwdriver and buries it into Sucre’s arm. Sucre screams in pain and Michael leans forward. T-Bag lunges for Michael, but misses and stabs the headrest. Michael swerves the car across the road and crashes into a guard rail. The car slides off the road and hits a huge mound of dirt, sending the car into the air. When they come to a stop, Michael pulls himself out of the smoking wreck. On the road above, another man squeals to a stop after seeing the accident. Michael screams that he needs an ambulance, then pulls Sucre from the car. T-Bag gets out and stumbles around before grabbing his backpack and running off. Michael watches him go in horror. Sucre tells Michael to go after him. Michael calls to the man to help look after Sucre.

Michael races through the jungle after T-Bag. Michael stops to get his bearings. T-Bag exits the jungle and finds a house. He smashes a window and unlocks the door.

Michael exits the woods and checks to make sure the coast is clear.

Inside, T-Bag finds a knife. When Michael enters, T-Bag holds it towards him. “What exactly is it that you want, Pretty?” Michael slowly turns, then closes the door behind him. “I’m turning you in.” T-Bag asks if it’s about the money and Michael replies, “You can walk, or get dragged. It’s up to you.” T-Bag reminds Michael that he has the knife now and the upper hand. He tells Michael they can either split the money, or they can find Michael dead in the house. Michael slides across the room and grabs a bottle, then smashes it. T-Bag jests, “Well, I got my answer.” Michael squares up and challenges T-Bag. T-Bag moves first and swings wildly at Michael. Michael keeps on the the defensive and uses the money pack to catch T-Bag’s blade. Michael takes T-Bag down and gains control. He grabs T-Bag’s knife and holds him down by the neck. With the blade at his throat, T-Bag begins to laugh, knowing Michael won’t kill him. But Michael strikes first and drives the knife down. T-Bag screams in agony.

Sara walks into the courtroom, Marty guides her to the table. Marty tells her how they’re going to handle her plea. Sara half listens, and she nods along to Marty’s cues. Marty says the prosecutor will ask that Sara does her time in a maximum security prison and the judge will probably agree. Sara asks Marty, “With good behavior, how many years of my sentence can I expect to serve?” Marty tells her she will serve nine of them. Marty’s Junior Counsel hurries into the courtroom and sits next to Sara. He tells Sara and Marty that a credible witness just came forward and is willing to testify, “He’ll corroborate everything you’ve said about this conspiracy.” Sara is stunned and asks, “Who?” They look over to the courtroom door, and as it opens, Paul Kellerman walks before a baliff. Kellerman looks at Sara.

Two Federales, armed with machine guns, move through the jungle until they come upon the old house. They hear the screams of a man inside. The Federales cautiously open the door and find T-Bag, screaming in pain. They look over to see what Michael did. He forced the blade through T-Bag’s right wrist, and wedged it into the floor. T-Bag was unable to remove the knife because of his prosthetic hand.

Michael, with backpack, walks back down the dock to the Christina Rose. He calls out for Lincoln, but gets no answer. Michael unfolds a satellite phone and dials the operator. He tells the operator that he needs to check the hospitals in Panama for a friend who was in a car accident. The phone beeps, telling Michael he has another call. He apologizes to the operator, then clicks over. “Linc?” Michael asks. Lincoln answers, “I’m sorry, Michael” and Lincoln hands the phone to Mahone. Michael threatens to kill Mahone, but Mahone doesn’t take him seriously. He tells Michael that Lincoln couldn’t kill a man either.

Flash back to the warehouse, Lincoln stands over Mahone with the gun pointed at him. Lincoln pauses and in that moment, Mahone spins and drives his foot into Lincoln’s knee. Mahone grabs the gun and turns it on Lincoln. Mahone tosses the handcuffs to Lincoln.

Back in the warehouse, Lincoln is handcuffed to a pipe and Michael asks Mahone what he wants. Mahone tells Michael he wants the money Michael took from T-Bag and the Christina Rose in exchange for Lincoln’s life. “Five minutes. That’s what you have…” Mahone hangs up the phone.

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