EPISODE 219 “Sweet Caroline”

Airdate: 2007-03-05

C-Note’s body sways and he begins to pass out. A passing guard walks by and sees C-Note dangling from the noose that Mahone provided him. He orders the cell open and another guard rushes to open the door. The guard storms in and lifts up C-Note long enough for the second guard to cut the rope. The guards call for a medic, but C-Note rasps, “Let me die.”Spectators and supporters gather around the entrance of a hotel, awaiting the arrival of President Caroline Reynolds. They wave flags and banners with her face on them.

Kellerman loads his sniper rifle and props it on a building ledge. He listens to the security team over his earpiece as the call out the President’s location.

Michael thanks Cooper Green for his help and sees him out of the hotel room. Michael asks Lincoln, “It’s ten minutes away, right?” Lincoln confirms and tells them they need to move fast.

Mahone races up the stairs, heading towards their hotel room.

Lincoln tells Michael that if the next step of their plan doesn’t work, they’ll need an exit. Michael tells Lincoln, “That’s on you.” Lincoln asks what Michael thinks about a man named Derek Sweeny to help them out. Michael thinks it’s a good idea. Michael and Sara agree to meet at the corner of Third and Racine at 3:15 in the afternoon. Michael tells Sara and his brother he loves them both, and exits the hotel.

Mahone arrives at the tenth floor, and then snakes down the halls. When he arrives as the room, he flashes his badge to a hotel employee and asks for the key. He turns the key and the door opens, but the chain is fixed and he can’t get in.

Sara sees the door pop open, and realizes something is wrong. She frantically looks for a place to hide.

Mahone kicks open the door, gun drawn. He moves around the room, looking for anyone. He finally lowers his gun and is frustrated that the brothers have slipped away again. He looks down to see a computer wire lying on the floor. His eyes follow it.

Sara is concealed underneath the bed and she watches Mahone’s shoes as they circle the room. She hears the hotel door close and she waits for a moment before crawling out. When she thinks it’s clear, she slowly gets up. She flips open her cell phone to make a call, and as she rounds the corner, she jumps back. Mahone is waiting with gun drawn. Mahone’s face reads disappointment again, and he orders her to sit down.

Mahone looks out the window, frantic for answers. Sara tells Mahone that she doesn’t know where Michael and Lincoln went; they decided it was for the best if Sara didn’t know the next steps of their plan. Mahone doesn’t believe Sara and begins to yell. Sara slams her cell phone down on the table and Mahone tells her that she does not want to lie to him.

At an airport in Mexico City, baggage is circling around, waiting for the passengers to claim it. T-Bag slips through the crowd, anxious to see his backpack. When he emerges, it seems to be in good shape. T-Bag takes a step forward, but then sees a familiar face. Bellick stands across the way, looking down at the bags passing by. T-Bag pokes his head out from behind a pillar, waiting for Bellick to leave. He also sees his backpack disappear behind the wall. T-Bag moves to a door marked “Employees Only” and enters. He sees a man feeding bags onto the ramp, and then races to get his. The man sees T-Bag and calls to him in Spanish, asking him what he’s doing. When he gets close enough, T-Bag hits the man with a piece of luggage and the two struggle. They land on the conveyor where T-Bag lands a punch and knocks the man out. T-Bag struggles to get to his bag, but before he can, it’s slips out and heads back to the public side of the airport. But before T-Bag can get off the conveyor and to his feet, the man’s body turns the corner and heads out too. Knowing he’s in trouble, he takes off running.

Lincoln walks through a loading dock with a small bag in his hand. He looks across the busy platforms and finds the man he’s looking for, Derek Sweeney. Derek punches in at a time clock and when he turns, he’s met by Lincoln. Lincoln pushes him back and tells Derek to keep quiet. Derek is happy to see Lincoln, but warns him that Lincoln can stay. Lincoln tells Derek he doesn’t intend too and needs help. Derek pleads with Lincoln, Derek has a family now and doesn’t want to be involved with Lincoln’s situation. Lincoln hands Derek a list and Derek agrees to help, seeing that his friend is in trouble. Lincoln tells Derek he needs the items on the list immediately, which catches Derek off guard. Derek finally agrees and heads off with Lincoln.

C-note regains consciousness in the hospital infirmary, his hands arms have been tied in restraints. He rasps to the guard that he wants to use the phone to make sure his family is okay because there is a man on the outside looking to hurt them. But the guard tells C-Note to be quiet and doesn’t believe his story. C-Note says he knows the rules, but he wouldn’t be asking the guard if it wasn’t a true emergency.

Agent Lang at FBI headquarters answers the phone. C-Note asks her if he can speak with Mahone. Lang lowers the phone and looks to Wheeler, telling him who it is. Wheeler takes the call and offers to help C-Note. C-Note instead tells Wheeler to leave a message, “You tell him that I’ll do what he wants me to do, okay? I just need a little bit more time. I’ll do it. Just don’t hurt them.” C-Note hangs up the phone. Wheeler looks dazed and he excuses himself.

Kellerman watches the motorcade come down the street through the scope on the rifle. The people cheer as Secret Service agents rush to secure the area. Kellerman waits patiently. Kellerman looks tense as President Reynolds exits the limo and begins to shake hands in the crowd.

President Reynolds reaches out and suddenly, a hand grabs hers more firmly than the others. She looks up to see Michael. Kellerman locks onto Michael with his scope, clearly this is who he came to kill. But before anything can happen, Secret Service pulls Michael away and throws him to the ground.

President Reynolds rushes into the hotel lobby and unfolds a piece of paper that Michael slipped her in the handshake. It reads, “We have the tape.” She looks around to make sure no one else saw what happened.

Kellerman packs up his rifle, opportunity missed.

The Secret Service rushes Michael, coat over his head, into an empty hotel kitchen. When they sit him down, they remove the jacket, and Agent Kim arrives. Kim asks the other agents if any press may have been able to get an image of them taking Michael down. One of the agents will make sure no one did. Kim orders everyone out of the kitchen. Kim asks Michael where Lincoln is, but Michael demands to see the President. Kim doesn’t take Michael’s request seriously and tells Michael that he is the only person he can talk to. Kim elevates the threats and tells Michael he will die if he does not reveal his brother’s location. Michael tells Kim that he’ll never find Lincoln. Kim stands up, and removes his jacket. Kim begins to taunt Michael by telling him that he attended the country’s finest military academy where he learned to value his country. But first, he learned hand to hand combat. Kim unleashes his fists on Michael, who is unable to defend himself while restrained to the chair. With every blow, Michael’s head dips and the room grows blurry.

Sucre watches the local news in bed with Maricruz next to him. Sucre stands to go get more cherries for Maricruz, but suddenly, a story catches his attention. A news anchor reports that two of the airport terminals were closed after an employee was assaulted. The television then shows a blurred image of T-Bag fleeing the scene. Sucre sinks to the bed listening to the details. Sucre can’t figure out why T-Bag was trying to steal luggage because he has the five-million dollars. The reporter also notes that there are no leads on the man’s identity. Maricruz tries to make Sucre forget that the money might be in the airport, and tells him that everything is perfect. Sucre smiles and says he’ll go get her cherries and promises to return immediately.

Mahone continues to try and get answers from Sara. He faces the window and types out a text message on his PDA. He also slips a pill from his pen and into his mouth. Sara speaks up, “You gotta know it’s not real hard for me to recognize a junkie.” Mahone defends that he’s fine and Sara asks what he’s taking. He throws her a pill. Sara examines it and whispers, “Varatril. Benzodiazepine is a hard-core tranquilizer, man. You take one of these every day?” Mahone confides in her that when he takes them, he feels like he’s walking underwater, “It’s a lot quieter down here.” But Sara knows Mahone takes the pills for other reasons now, “Now it’s the headaches, and you probably don’t sleep. You know you’re going to destroy yourself.” Mahone doesn’t care, “I haven’t ruled that out as a possibility.” He pauses a moment, “I hope we hear from your boyfriend.”

Michael chokes on the blood in his throat and gasps for air. Kim gets in his face, “There’s one difference between me and Agent Mahone. He doesn’t know the value of a bird in the hand. He just keeps beating and beating around that bush. But if you don’t give up Burrows, I don’t care.” Kim removes his gun from the holster, “One down, one to go.” Suddenly, President Reynolds’ voice calls out, freezing Agent Kim, “I need to speak to Mr. Scofield. Alone.” Michael looks up at Kim’s gun. Another close call.

Kim backs down and holsters his weapon. He pleads with the President to remain in the room while she speaks with Michael. Caroline orders him out. Kim, furious, exits the room. Caroline makes sure Kim leaves and addresses Michael. She says she is impressed by the lengths he has gone to in order to protect his brother. Michael smiles and says the same could be said for her. Michael tells her he doesn’t have the tape with him, but he can arrange to have her hear it. Michael tells her the recording is a conversation between her and her brother, Terrence. Caroline smiles and notes she has had thousands of conversations with Terrence, but Michael interrupts and tells her. “It was recorded sometime after his death.” Caroline is visibly nervous and wants to know where the tape is. Michael tells her that he’s made several duplicates and he can call Lincoln to play the tape for her over the phone. Caroline tries to get Lincoln to come to the hotel, but Michael stands firm by his deal.

Mahone is still breaking down, and Sara does her best to manipulate him. She tries to bond with him over the fact that they are or were both chemically dependant. Mahone blows it off, telling Sara that her reasons for using aren’t the same as his. Sara tells him that she too has seen people die. Mahone coldly replies, “But I’m assuming you didn’t make them die.” Sara offers help, and then turns back to the window. He pulls his gun out, unseen by Sara, “For your sake, I hope your boyfriend calls back real soon.”

Sucre returns home, but something is wrong. It’s too quiet. He calls out for his aunt and Maricruz. He slowly walks through the house, growing more and more suspicious. Sucre pokes his head into another empty room, and then turns back. He jumps when he sees Bellick waiting with a taser pistol pointed at him. Bellick tells him that his aunt and Maricruz are outside, and they’re going to return. And unless Sucre wants to see him use the taser on Maricruz, he needs to cooperate. Bellick holds out a pair of handcuffs towards Sucre.

Lincoln nervously waits in an office at the freight yard where he met Derek. The cell phone rings. Lincoln and Caroline address each other, and Caroline gets right to the point. Lincoln tells her, “It’s good to finally talk to you. Wish I had the chance, one of those 242 nights I spent on death row.” Caroline tells Lincoln to play the tape. Lincoln stands and presses play on a laptop while holding the phone. Caroline’s jaw drops as she listens. Terrence begs for his life to move on from his solitude, and Caroline reminds Terrence that she is there for him. There is pain in Caroline’s eyes as she listens to her broken promises to her dead brother. But things take a turn. Terrence continues to say he misses her, and all he thinks about it her lying in bed and her warm touch. Caroline can’t hear anymore and snaps the phone shut. She turns back to Michael and asks him if Terrence died quickly when he committed suicide. Michael tells her it was certainly faster than when his father was shot in the back and left to die in the desert, or when Lincoln was scheduled to die. Michael tells her that her brother apologized, and then shot himself. He adds, “It was quick, and his decision. Now you have to make yours.”

C-Note talks to Wheeler, and tells Wheeler with a chuckle that he can’t do something. Wheeler is trying to get C-Note to open up about Mahone and what he’s trying to do. C-Note snaps to Wheeler, “You don’t get it. You can’t stop this guy.” Wheeler begs C-Note to help and trust him. Wheeler pulls out a tape recorder and places it on the table, “Just tell me what Agent Mahone told you. You give me Mahone; I’ll give you your life back.”

Bellick escorts Sucre out of the house, reliving how he watched Haywire jump to his death. Bellick offers that if Sucre comes quietly, then maybe he’ll throw some cash to Maricruz. Sucre sees an opportunity, “Wait! Wait! What if I know where you can get five-million dollars?” Sucre’s eyes light up and Bellick knows this is the money that slipped through his fingers before. Bellick wants to know where it is, and Sucre bargains with him. If Bellick doesn’t turn Sucre in, he’ll take Bellick to the money. Bellick asks again, and Sucre replies, “T-Bag’s in town.”

Caroline tells Michael that she made a commitment to bring the country together many yeas ago. She thought she was doing something great and that she would be rewarded. Caroline tells Michael that she’s just another pawn in a bigger game too. She can’t stop it. Michael wants her to unlock Michael and arrange for him to walk away without being followed. Caroline agrees. And finally, he asks for a Presidential Pardon clearing himself and Lincoln of all their crimes. And he wants it immediately. Caroline tries to tell Michael she can’t just grant pardons. Michael tells her that is fine, she will sign it and file it with the Attorney General, but that’s still not enough. Caroline doesn’t know what else she can give. Michael demands that she go on live television and announce the pardon to the world. Caroline gives in, and asks for something back from Michael. “And how do I know you won’t release the tape an hour later,” she asks. But all Michael can do is give her his word. “Caroline. It’s time. Make your choice.”

The President steps into the hallway and addresses another agent; Kim stands nearby, “Adams. I need you to uncuff the detainee and bring him here to be released.” Agent Kim steps up, baffled by this move. Caroline continues, “I’m going to make an announcement pardoning Mr. Scofield and his brother, and he will walk away unharmed.” Kim is enraged and tries to change her mind. But Caroline tells him Michael has evidence that has left her no choice. Caroline also reminds Kim that she is the Commander in Chief and he is only a “corporate lackey.” The door opens behind them, and a beaten Michael walks out. Several large agents surround Michael and Caroline tells Kim, “These men are going to see that Scofield walks away without the interference of you or your pitbulls.” The agents and President walk away, while Michael amongst them walks backwards, starring at Agent Kim.

There’s a knock at the office door. Lincoln makes sure Derek is alone, and lets him in. Derek returns with, “Three tickets, one cabin, one way.” He hands the envelope and a six pack of beer. Inside the envelope, Lincoln finds a fifty dollar bill, “What’s this?” Derek tells him that a buddy of their bet him one-hundred dollars that Lincoln would be caught in a week. Derek figured he would split the winnings with Lincoln. Derek wishes Lincoln luck and shakes his hand. Derek walks out and heads back to work. Lincoln, determined, heads back to the desk.

Michael moves quickly through the streets, checking his back along the way. He looks up at some street signs, he’s at the corner of Third and Racine, but Sara isn’t there. Michael can’t lay low any longer and knows something is wrong.

Mahone looks down at Sara on the couch, “I don’t want to do this. I really don’t.” Sara begins to squirm, knowing that she’s losing her control on the situation. Mahone tells her that she didn’t give him any other choice. Mahone puts his gun down and reaches for his pills and fumbles trying to open the pen cap. Sara’s cell phone rings, Mahone orders her to pick up the phone. Sara throws the phone and Mahone dives for it, but Sara moves for his gun. She orders him not to move. Sara asks for the phone and backs out of the room. When she’s gone, Mahone opens his jacket and removes the clip from the gun. Sara is carrying an empty weapon. He dials his phone and calls Agent Lang to make sure she got his earlier message.

Agent Lang stands in the hotel lobby, watching Sara walk out. Lang plans to follow Sara to Michael.

Agent Kim hurries down the street and gets into a limo with Pad Man. Kim tells him that in a few moments, the President is going to announce the pardon for Scofield and Burrows. Kim tries to get an answer on his next move from Pad Man. Pad Man throws down a file so Kim can see. It’s boldly labeled, “SONA.”

Michael, in pain, finds a payphone and calls Sara’s number. Sara is waiting in a car, and nearby, out of sight, is Agent Lang. Michael tells Sara that their plan worked and tells her where he’s at. She drives off, followed by Agent Lang.

Lincoln waits nervously, there’s a knock at the door. Lincoln walks in and Michael slowly enters, he’s grunting in pain. “We did it,” he tells his brother. The two laugh, and Lincoln asks what happened to Michael’s face, “If you wanna take the ride, you gotta buy the ticket.” Lincoln tells him that Derek hooked them up, got them on a freighter that will take them out of the Great Lakes and to South America. Michael says they won’t need that now, and takes a beer from Lincoln. The brothers smile, happy to be at the end of the road.

Caroline moves to take the stage, but Kim cuts her off and tells her not to announce the pardon. Kim whispers to Caroline that The Company knows Caroline’s secrets too. Kim threatens, “You need to ask yourself who you fear more. Michael Scofield? Or us?” Kim sends Caroline on her way.

Caroline takes the podium and addresses the media. She thanks Illinois for its support and prepares to make her big announcement. She tells the media that a situation has come to light and she needs to take action in order to protect the country. “So, after much consideration, I regret to inform you that I have been diagnosed with a highly malignant form of cancer.” She continues to tell the crowd that because of her illness, she is stepping down as President of the United States.

Michael and Lincoln sit frozen, watching everything they just worked so hard for vanish.

Kellerman looks on, and his head sinks when he hears the news.

Lincoln mutters, “If she isn’t the President, the tape is useless.” Michael watches with devastated eyes, “She can’t pardon anyone.” Lincoln throws his beer against the wall. Michael can’t move and whispers, “There’s only one thing we can do. We’ve gotta disappear…forever.”

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