EPISODE 213 “The Killing Box”

Airdate: 2006-11-27

Lincoln holds himself up, and Michael kneels on the ground. Sara’s voice speaks out from the cell phone. Mahone motions to Michael with the gun, “Get up!” Lincoln begs Mahone to take him and let Michael go, Mahone screams out, “I don’t want either of you! I just want my life back!” Suddenly, a swarm of United States Border Patrol SUVs roll up behind them. Over a loud speaker, and officer orders Mahone to drop the weapon. Mahone calls out that he is with the FBI, but the officer doesn’t care and orders Mahone to drop his weapon. After some thought, Mahone complies, and the Border Patrol moves in.
Above the U.S. and Mexico border, Sucre and the pilot race towards their destination. However, the DEA has sent a plane after them and hails them over the radio. The pilot tells Sucre that Border Patrol is on them, but it’s too late to land the plane. The pilot shoves a parachute into Sucre’s chest and tells him, “Pull the chord, and pray.” The pilot jumps and Sucre hurries into his chute. Sucre shakes his head, and jumps out the door.

Agent Kim watches a breaking news report describing the capture of Lincoln and Michael. He shakes his head.

Kellerman sits in his car, listening into radio reports of the capture.

A handful of C.O.s at Fox River sit around a small television, watching the conclusion of the hunt.

FBI agents applaud at their office when the news reports declare Lincoln and Michael captured.

Back in Agent Kim’s office, and aide walks in and tells Kim, “Sir, he just heard.” A look of concern washes across Kim’s face.

T-Bag sits on the end of a dumpy bar. He toasts a shot glass to the news report, “God speed, gentleman.” T-Bag turns to look at the other people in the bar when a man with a prosthetic claw takes a drink. T-Bag saunters over to a group of war vets who are drinking and playing pool. He asks one of the men where he might be able to get a similar hand. The vet sends him down the street to the VA.

The Border Patrol guards drag Michael and Lincoln into their New Mexico hold facility. Michael’s eyes dart around, looking for another way out.

Reporters stand alongside Warden Ed Pavelka, the new Warden of Fox River Penitentiary. The Warden tells the reporters that when Lincoln returns to Fox River, he will be given a quick execution. Above that, the Warden tells them that Michael can expect to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Agent Wheeler congratulates over the phone. Mahone paces inside the Border Patrol facility, asking what is being sent his way. Wheeler tells him that Illinois Department of Corrections is sending a massive group to make sure nothing interferes with their return. Mahone tells Wheeler that he needs to be allowed to sit in the prison vehicle, alone. Just himself, Lincoln and Scofield.

Lincoln keeps thinking about Aldo, and how he put his life on the line for them. Lincoln grumbles to Michael, “It’s tough to go down swinging when you’re locked in a box.” Michael says he’s going to use his phone call to contact Sara. If she has the info they’re looking for, she can go public with it, and Michael and Lincoln go free. Michael barks to a guard and demands his call, but the guard tells him not yet. They’re not officially in custody. They have to wait until their return to Fox River to make the call. Lincoln notes to Michael that there’s a lot of ground between New Mexico and Fox River. A lot of things can happen.

Mahone talks to Agent Kim. Agent Kim tells Mahone that Lincoln and Michael were more alive than he had hoped. He tells Mahone that if he can see them right now, he needs to finish the job. Behind him, is a much older man, keeping quiet, but his gaze on speaks volumes. Mahone is weary to do it in an office full of armed guards. Kim doesn’t care. Michael and Lincoln cannot be allowed back to Fox River.

T-Bag leans against a bus stop shelter, holding a newspaper in an all too familiar prosthetic hand. He looks back behind him occasionally, until a woman walks out that catches T-Bag’s eye. He pauses a moment, then trails her.

At a local diner, T-Bag sits next to the woman, who is eating her lunch. T-Bag tells her that she has a little food on her face. He reaches over and wipes it off, then apologizes for being so forward. The two chat for awhile, T-Bag works his charms on the lady. T-Bag asks if she would like to spend the rest of her lunch with him.

In a Kansas courthouse, Bellick sits as a local prosecutor asks a judge to deny Bellick bail. Bellick’s face shows that he knows this isn’t going well, and the judge denies bail.

Mahone hides in the dark corner of the holding facility. He knows what he has to do and there’s clearly torment building. He reaches down and pulls a small revolver from an ankle holster. He points the small gun towards himself, and wrestles with the thought of ending it right there. He shakes it off, and forces the pistol back into the ankle holster.

Michael’s disposable cell phone buzzes on the countertop of a nearby desk. Michael hears it and Lincoln snaps up. There’s only one person who has that number.

Sara walks down a small town street, leaving Michael a message. She doesn’t know they’ve been captured. She leaves a message just asking if he’s okay. She tells him that she didn’t leave him in Gila, but was interrupted. Sara fights to hold it together. “And…I need you…please…”

A massive caravan of SUVs pull into the belly of the Border Patrol offices. Mahone looks over the room again, trying to do what he has been ordered to do by Agent Kim. He walks up to the officer in charge of the transport and demands to ride with the prisoners. The officer tells him that Mahone will have to ride along side in another vehicle. No one is permitted to be in the transport with Lincoln and Michael. As he tries to bargain with the officer, Lincoln and Michael are escorted to the transport.

The older man watches the news reports along with Agent Kim. Kim’s cell phone rings and he picks up without looking, “There’d better be a damn good reason those brothers are still alive.” Kellerman cheerfully answers, “Bad day, Bill?” Kim threatens to kill Kellerman if he calls Kim’s number again, but Kellerman offers information that Kim wants to hear. Kim places the phone on the fireplace mantle and sets it on speakerphone so the older man can also hear. Kellerman tells him that the transport van is exactly where the brother should be. Kellerman bargains with Kim, if Kim wants Kellerman’s help, then Kellerman wants his job back and direct access to President Reynolds. Kim asks what Kellerman’s plan is. Kellerman has an associate inside the Illinois Department of Corrections, and if Kim allows him, Kellerman can ensure that getting on the van is the last thing they’ll do.

The transport van pulls out of the well protected Border Patrol facility. Michael looks out the window, his eyes still scanning.

T-Bag checks himself over in a bedroom mirror. Behind him, Denise lays on the floor, motionless. Suddenly, she springs to live, “I have never, done that before.” Denise scurries to get dressed and asks T-Bag what his true intentions are. She tells him usually the men she ends up with are looking for something else. He tells her that he cares deeply about her. Denise says she has to stay late at work, and they agree to meet later for dinner.

The guarded caravan rolls along the highway. Michael looks out at Mahone, riding in a nearby SUV. Kim calls Mahone, tells him that Kellerman is coming to clean up Mahone’s mess. Mahone wants to know where that leaves his standing with Kim. Kim follows that when Kellerman’s ambush begins, there is going to be chaos and bullets flying. Mahone needs to make sure that Kellerman takes a bullet. Mahone is slow to agree, but Kim talks him into it and hangs up.

Kim looks down at a piece of paper in his hand that reads “RETIRE KELLERMAN.” Kim speaks to the older man who promises that everything will be over shortly. The man faces Kim and scowls.

Lincoln asks Michael if he regrets their escape. Michael knows that Lincoln would have done the same for him. Michael says, “I don’t regret the act. Just how it turned out.”

Bellick walks down the hall of the local jail. He’s cuffed and wearing the familiar orange jumpsuit. Bellick’s lawyer goes over the mistakes Bellick made in his case. Bellick doesn’t understand why this is happening if he’s not guilty. The lawyer says the District Attorney is willing to make a deal of twenty-five years. When Bellick argues, his lawyer reminds him that if this case goes before a jury, he could face the death sentence. Bellick stands stunned and begins to break down. He tells his lawyer, “Part of the deal’s gotta be I do my time in Illinois, so I can be near my mom.”

The convoy continues on its long journey. Lincoln remembers a time when he and Michael were younger. The two boys aren’t happy about going to another foster home, and climb into a family services van. Young Lincoln apologizes to his little brother for not being able to keep them safe because he kept getting in trouble. Present day, Lincoln shakes his head and tells Michael he’s sorry for always getting him into trouble. Lincoln’s head hangs and he looks at the van floor. Something with the shackles catches his eye. He whispers to Michael, the loop that should be attached to Lincoln’s chains, is open. Michael’s mind races.

Kellerman touches base with Mahone. Kellerman tells Mahone that once this is done, they can all go back to their lives. Mahone asks, “So what do I need to know?”

Sara continues down the street when she walks passed a store window. A television in the window reports the capture of Michael and Lincoln. Her heart sinks as she the news sinks in. She shakes off the feeling and hurries off.

The caravan roars into a tunnel. As they come around a bend, a jackknifed truck blocks their path. The caravan slows to a stop and officers jump out to see what’s going on. The driver of their transport van also exits. Michael and Lincoln watch with curiosity. Mahone asks the officer in charge if there’s another way out, but the officer tells Mahone that it will take time to secure a new route. Mahone looks back at Michael, the two square off. The transport van driver returns and tells the guard that they need his help. When the guard stands, he’s left his keys on the seat. Michael and Lincoln are alone in the van with freedom only inches away. Michael whispers to Lincoln, “Okay, let’s say we get the cuffs off. Where do we go?” Lincoln looks to his right where a service door in the tunnel has been left open, “There.”

Mahone keeps looking back, seeing if the brothers have taken the bait.

Michael knows this is too easy. Michael and Lincoln scan their surroundings. Michael tells Lincoln that this is their only chance to kill them, they can’t be killed unless Michael and Lincoln give them the chance.

Kellerman calls Mahone for an update. Kellerman tells him that if the brothers don’t move soon, “fix” the truck and release traffic.

T-Bag heads into a United States Post Office, Denise is inside waiting. Before they leave for dinner, T-Bag asks Denise for a small favor.

T-Bag looks over Denise’s shoulder as she punches through a computer system. She tells him that forwarding addresses are confidential and she shouldn’t be helping him. Denise smiles and says, “I’d image your cousin will be pretty surprised to hear about the money her uncle left her.” Denise gets quiet for a moment, then asks T-Bag about his hand. T-Bag covers it up quickly. Denise apologizes for making him uncomfortable, but she wants to know everything about him. She looks over his shoulder and her voice trails off, “Oh dear God.” T-Bag turns to see a wanted poster with his face, square in her sights. “I really wish you hadn’t seen that,” he says.

T-Bag closes the office door behind him, and checks the print out Denise gave him. As he exits, one can barely see Denise’s lifeless legs emerging from under her desk.

Bellick carries a box of his belongs inside a Fox River hallway. He’s now a prisoner and walking alongside C.O. Patterson. Bellick tries to convince Patterson to give him the easy jobs and playing games with the other guards. Bellick said the only reason he came to Fox River is because as a former C.O., he’d be killed anywhere else, but at Fox River he has people to watch his back. Patterson interrupts Bellick and tells him that the new Warden cracked down on C.O. behavior and the Warden is making an example out of Bellick. He’s being put in gen-pop.

The iron door slides shut behind Bellick and he puts his belongings under his bed. Avocado, Tweener’s former cellmate, slides off the bed and looks Bellick in the eye, “Welcome home, Boss.” Bellick turns to face the tiers, he knows he’s made a grave mistake.

Sara turns on the faucet in a public restroom and pulls a razor blade out of her purse. She taps it on the bathroom mirror, fighting to get the courage to end it. She runs the razor under the hot water, then taps it on the mirror again. She lets the warm water run across her hands.

In the Mexican desert, Sucre stands over the body of the pilot. Sucre landed safely, the pilot’s parachute never opened. Sucre takes a moment, then turns and heads off toward the horizon.

The officer in charge of the caravan tells everyone they’re moving out. Mahone glares back at Michael, then turns his back. Lincoln and Michael continue to weigh their options. If they run now, they’re giving Mahone permission to kill them. If they stay, they’re back in Fox River where Lincoln is dead within a week. Michael says staying at Fox River will give Sara more time to go public, but Lincoln doesn’t have faith in her right now. Lincoln tells Michael, “Let me get us out of here the only way I know how…” Michael whispers, “Fighting.” Michael takes a deep breath and tells Lincoln to get the keys.

Mahone calls Kellerman, tells him the brothers are taking the bait. Kellerman notifies the guards and gives them the heads up.

Lincoln scrambles to remove Michael’s cuffs. They have no way of knowing what’s behind that door, but they know they can’t stay in the van now.

The brothers make their move.

Lincoln opens the side door and slides under the railing, followed closely by Michael. The guards open fire as Michael closes and locks the door behind them. The guards swarm the door, but Mahone slips out the back of the tunnel.

Michael and Lincoln race through the belly of the tunnel with no idea where they’re going.

Mahone slides through the corridors, right behind them, gun drawn.

Michael and Lincoln sprint on, changing directions when they can.

Mahone calls Kellerman, who is aiming a high powered rifle at an exit door. Kellerman tells Mahone to keep moving, the brothers are running towards him, they have them trapped.

T-Bag walks through a quiet suburb, checking the addresses of the surrounding homes. He finds the one he’s looking for and walks to the front door. He removes his hat, and does what he can to fix his hair. T-Bag rings the door bell. A woman behind the door shouts, “Can I pay for the food with a check, I don’t seem to have enough…” The door opens, and Susan Hollander sees T-Bag standing on her doorstep. “Hello, Ms. Hollander,” he says. Susan backs away, her face has gone pale. “Don’t be frighten,” he muses, “Teddy’s home.” T-Bag closes the door behind him.

Michael and Lincoln continue through the access tunnels. Michael pulls Lincoln back and the two find another exit. Mahone turns the corner and calls Kellerman, “They’re improvising. Heading toward the surface.” Kellerman rolls from his position and draws his pistol, then runs into the access tunnels.

Michael makes Lincoln promise that if they get separated, or if anything happens to him, to find Sara. Lincoln swears nothing is going to happen to them, and promises.

Sara forces her way through a busy street to a garbage can. Her hair is cut shorter and dyed. She opens her purse and dumps her belongings, cell phone and all forms of identification into it. She finds her Fox River badge and pauses for a moment, then throws it in.

Kellerman and Mahone race towards each other. And finally pin Michael and Lincoln in. Kellerman and Mahone have their weapons pointed at the brothers. Mahone moves forward and Michael spins around. Kellerman fires his weapon and Lincoln turns to Michael. But the bullet didn’t hit Michael. Mahone staggers backwards, then collapses to the ground. Kellerman shot Mahone. Michael and Lincoln look at Kellerman in disbelief. Kellerman speaks up, “President Reynolds ruined your life. She ruined my life. You wanna take that bitch down? You just found your inside man. But it’s gotta be right now.”

Kellerman sprints up the stairs from where he came, Michael and Lincoln chase after him.

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