EPISODE 212 “Disconnect”

Airdate: 2006-11-20

“It was you!” Michael shouts at Aldo. Michael backs away from Aldo as he slowly walks towards him. Memories crash into Michael’s head. An older man drags Michael as a boy into a small, dark closet and shuts the door.

Aldo keeps walking toward Michael, and Lincoln wants to know what’s going on. Michael says that after their mother died, Michael was living with a foster family who would force him into the closet with the water heater as punishment. Michael recalls using objects inside the closet to escape, but the older man catches him and beats him to the ground.

Sara fights for air inside the water filled tub as Kellerman unpacks a bag containing a tarp and a saw to cut bone. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. Kellerman opens the door slightly and the manager pokes his head in. Other guests have been complaining about the volume of the television. Kellerman quiets the TV, but Sara splashing in the tub draws attention from the manager. Kellerman tells the manager that his daughter thinks bath time is play time.

Sara manages to snag the drain plug with her teeth, and pulls it from the drain.

Lincoln pushes Aldo back trying to straighten out the details. Michael is starting to unravel.

Michael remembers that Aldo was the one that saved him from the abusive foster father. A younger Aldo takes Michael’s hand from the closet. As they exit, young Michael looks back to see his foster father dead in a pool of blood.

Aldo tells Michael it’s going to be okay.

Kellerman hears the sound of water gurgling down the drain. He grabs his gun and quickly enters the bathroom. He sees the tub empty, and then Sara springs from behind a wall, forcing the scalding iron into Kellerman’s chest. Kellerman wails in pain, then collapses to the floor. Sara pushes the screen from the bathroom window on the second floor. She looks back and sees Kellerman grab his gun, then she leaps. She crashes down on the windshield of the car. Kellerman regains his footing and rushes to the window. When he looks out, Sara is gone.

Mahone makes his way to the shack where Michael met Coyote and his men. He looks around inside. He sees Coyote’s blood, and the vials of fishing reel oil. Mahone sees a trail of bloody foot prints, and follows them out of the shack.

Michael wants to know why it took Aldo so long to track Michael down as a child. Lincoln hangs back, letting the men work it out. Aldo tells Michael that he had to leave his children because The Company would have come for them first to get to Aldo when he turned on them. Aldo tells Michael about the tape recording of President Reynolds speaking with Steadman. Lincoln tells Michael they think Sara has it.

Kellerman holds a bag of ice to his chest and calls local hospitals looking for Sara. Agent Kim calls and asks for a status on Sara. Kellerman is forced to lie and tells Kim that she’s dead. Kim asks that Kellerman send him a photo of Sara’s body for confirmation. Kellerman tries to stall, but it won’t work.

C-Note reads a book to his daughter next to a quiet lake in North Dakota. Kacee watches from the camper, happy to see her family together again. C-Note stands up and walks to Kacee. C-Note tells her that this moment, with his family, was worth it.

Bellick paces inside Detective Kathryn Slattery’s office. She enters and apologizes for making him wait. She asks him what he and Geary were doing in Kansas. Brad tries to lie, but she doesn’t buy it. Slattery doesn’t care why Bellick was in town, she just wants to know who he might have had contact with that would have killed Geary. Bellick pauses and takes a deep breath. He tells her that they were tracking Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell. Bellick tells her that he and Geary split up and there’s a possibility that Geary may have run into T-Bag.

Aldo tells the group that the government thinks Sara has the tape. Michael says he saw her yesterday but doesn’t know where she could be now. He tells them that they bought cell phones to stay in contact. Sucre begs to call her from Panama because they have to make the flight. A rock tumbles down a wall behind them, Michael tells them to stay quiet. Mahone marches up to the top of the rock face, and opens fire on the group. The four men scatter, and Aldo takes the gun from Sucre to give the guys cover. Lincoln, Michael and Sucre find Aldo’s care above a ridge as Aldo shoots it out with Mahone. They reverse the car, open the door and Aldo sprints to it, Mahone firing his pistol. Aldo makes it to the car, leaving Mahone empty handed.

Sucre cheers, and Michael notices Aldo is slumped forward. He leans him back to see he has taken a bullet to the belly. Aldo is bleeding bad. Michael screams for Sucre to take them to a hospital. Aldo apologizes to Lincoln and Michael for leaving them so many years ago.

C-Note’s family makes lunch around a barbeque. Dede says her stomach hurts. Kacee asks C-Note if he grabbed her backpack from the school because it had Dede’s pills inside. Kacee frantically tears her purse apart looking for Dede’s prescription. C-Note has to find a pharmacy.

Bellick grabs a donut from the police station. Slattery tells Bellick that when they capture Bagwell, she’ll be sure to tell everyone that his help was invaluable. But she also says the other officers at the station had concerns because they felt that he wasn’t being upfront about his head wound. Bellick smiles a little, and tells Slattery he’ll tell her the truth. He says that Geary and himself had a fight about finding T-Bag. After the fight, they split up. Bellick works up some fake tears to sell the story.

C-Note waits in the camper outside a pharmacy. Inside, Kacee is getting the prescription filled. The pharmacist bags the medication, but sees Kacee’s photo, along with C-Notes, on the front page of a newspaper. Kacee pays the pharmacist with two one-hundred dollar bills. The pharmacist tells Kacee that she has to go in back to make change for them. Kacee watches suspiciously.

Sucre races the car along the highway, Aldo is fading fast. Aldo tells them to find Sara, she’s the only one that can end what was happening. Aldo weakly whispers, “It’s up to you now.”

Mahone puts a call in to have an APB put out on Aldo’s car. When he hangs up, his phone rings. He answers and after a moment asks, “What hospital?”

A local officer escorts Mahone into a hospital room. The officer tells Mahone there’s a man with a gunshot wound, and he has two federal drug smuggling warrants under his name. Coyote lays on a hospital bed, recovering from the gun fight. He has information for Mahone. Mahone tells the officer to leave him and Coyote alone. Coyote will only give up the info if he can cut a deal.

Far off the road, Lincoln and Michael kneel next to a makeshift grave. Sucre sits on the car, letting the brothers mourn their dead father. Michael is grateful that Aldo saved his life, but they wish they could have been part of his.

Mahone hangs up the phone and tells Coyote the deal, “Here’s the deal. All charges dropped and the government picks up medical costs until you’re fit to be deported. All contingent on your information being accurate. Now, where’s Scofield?” But Coyote wants U.S. citizenship, and he wants the deal in writing. Mahone is growing increasingly frustrated. He starts unplugging Coyote’s machines, hoping to force the information out of Coyote.

Slattery hangs up her phone. She confirms that an intruder was seen at the Hollander’s house, but no one was inside. Slattery finds it strange that Bellick didn’t just go to the Hollander’s house because it was listed in the phone book. Another detective knocks on her door, holding a folder, the two share a look. She stands up, grabs the folder and returns to her desk. She asks Bellick if he’s ever been to the Fauntleroy Hotel. Bellick begins to squirm. Slattery tells her that a receipt was found in Geary’s hotel room with Bellick’s credit card number on it. Slattery thinks that Bellick was the one that killed Geary. The receipt was found in Geary’s dead hand with his finger pointing to Bellick’s name. Bellick gets defensive and unravels. He tells her about roughing up T-Bag, and Geary taking the five-million in cash.

C-Note is getting anxious and the pharmacist is doing what she can to stall. Kacee grabs her change and heads for the parking lot. A local officer pulls into the lot. Kacee stealthily drops Dede’s medication into a garbage can so C-Note can get it. The officers confront Kacee and arrest her. C-Note looks to her and mouths the words, “I’m so sorry.”

Kim calls Kellerman and asks for the photo. Kellerman tries to stall, but Kim knows Sara escaped. Kellerman tries to cover, but Kim hangs up.

In a bathroom stall, Sara sanitizes a needle to stick up a deep cut on her arm. She grits her teeth as she forces the needle through her skin.

Michael’s eyes focus on Aldo’s grave. He mutters to Lincoln, “Too many people died because I wanted you to be free.” Lincoln tells him that there is no way Michael could have known it would have ended up this way. Lincoln tells Michael this doesn’t end here. Sucre slowly walks over and tells them it’s time to go.

Mahone’s car races down the desert streets. He’s requesting Border Patrol and the Navy Reserve Air Station, he wants planes in the air to stop Michael and Lincoln.

The small plane touches down on a narrow airstrip. Lincoln, Michael and Sucre hurry to meet it. Sucre is thrilled to see the plane, and he begs Michael and Lincoln to join him. Michael tells him, “We’re staying.” Sucre can’t believe it. Michael tells him that they’ll meet again, but Sucre needs to go. He hugs Michael and thanks him for his help. Sucre jumps on the plane, and it races down the airstrip. Lincoln grumbles, “Panama would have been good.” Michael doesn’t banter and asks Lincoln, “Are you ready for this.” Lincoln replies grimly, “Been waiting years.” Michael watches the plane go out of sight, “Good to hear it. Because today is the day we stop running.”

The plane takes off, and crosses over Mahone’s car, “Where the hell are those jets!?” he screams. A car is approaching in the distance, Mahone locks on it with curiosity.

Lincoln and Michael drive back down the road. They hear something roaring in the distance. Lincoln pulls the car over and they get out just as a military jet races low over their heads. They know the plane is going after Sucre. Lincoln’s eyes look out at the horizon and sees Mahone’s approaching car. They jump back into the car and head back in the direction they came from.

Bellick paces in Slattery’s office, everything is falling apart. Slattery returns and Bellick spills his guts. He tells her that they’ve got nothing on him except a receipt and their history of fighting. But Slattery pulls out a small tape recorder, and plays a voicemail message that Bellick left for Geary. “You thieving son of a bitch, you better get down on your knees and pray to God that I never find you. Because if I do, mark my words: I will gut you bow to stern.” Bellick rolls his eyes at the poor timing of this. Slattery wants Bellick to admit to Geary’s murder, but Bellick explodes. Two other officers pin Bellick to the desk as Slattery reads him his rights.

Kellerman dials a number from a payphone. He asks the person on the other end to speak with President Reynolds. But the receptionist says “this Administration is not familiar with Agent Kellerman.” Kellerman knows what’s happening. He hangs up and calls Agent Kim. He leaves a message begging Kim not to remove him from the picture.

Kim stands over a man at a computer. The man is highlighting photos of Kellerman. Kim states, “Every photo. Every file. Get rid of it all. Make him a ghost.”

Lincoln doesn’t see Mahone’s car behind them, but Michael warns it doesn’t mean he’s not out there. Michael hangs his cell phone out the window, but isn’t getting a signal. Michael tells Lincoln to stop the car next to a radio tower. Michael hopes to piggyback on the analog signal of the tower. He calls Sara as Lincoln speeds along.

Suddenly, Mahone’s car emerges from the darkness and impacts their car on the passenger side. The cars spin and screech to a stop. Michael and Lincoln slowly emerge from the car. A few feet away, Michael’s cell phone is ringing, he crawls towards it. Mahone steps out of his car, gun drawn. Sara answers the cell phone, but Michael can’t answer. Mahone points his gun at the brothers.

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