EPISODE 211 “Bolshoi Booze”

Airdate: 2006-11-13

T-Bag screams and frantically tries to break the zip-cuff holding him to the radiator. The police knock on the door and T-Bag freezes, looking down at his barely-live hand. The police kick in the front door, guns drawn. But T-Bag is nowhere to be found. However, tucked behind the radiator, is T-Bag’s detached hand.

Michael stands at the counter of a small town sporting goods store. The store owner returns from a back room holding a box of fishing reel oil. Michael opens the box and examines a small vial from inside. It resembles the vials of Nitroglycerine the FBI confiscated from the botanical gardens. Michael also purchases a GPS device. When the store owner tells him the price, Michael counts his cash and he’s short. He offers to just take the reel oil. The owner gives him his change and heads off to help another customer. When the man’s back is turned, Michael grabs the GPS and tries to leave. The old man manages to get a hand on the GPS and they struggle over it. Michael shoves the old man into a display of coolers and the man begs Michael not to hurt him.

Michael hurries out of the store and turns down an alley. Michael spins and lingers on all the pain he’s caused since he entered Fox River.

Lincoln’s father, Aldo, walks with Lincoln and LJ through the Colorado safe house. Aldo explains to them that they’re a small group of people just trying to expose the President for what she really is, a shill working for major corporations. He tells Lincoln that an NSA Analyst working closely with Aldo’s group, was able to get clearance to the NSA’s secret Echelon program where all e-mails and phone calls are catalogued. The Analyst was able to get a copy of a conversation between the President and Terrence Steadman two weeks after Lincoln allegedly murdered him. But the Analyst was stopped before he could leave the building.

Leon, the man who spoke with Agent Kim, approaches a guard at the front door of the house. He fires a silenced handgun, killing the guard, and keeps moving.

Aldo explains that the recording of the conversation is still out there, even though Governor Tancredi is dead and the Analyst is missing. Aldo’s group believes that Sara is now in possession of the recording.

Leon slides through the halls and fires his gun again, killing another guard. The single shell casing bounces on the floor. Lincoln knows that sound. He tells Aldo and LJ to keep quiet and move. Leon enters the room, firing the weapon. But Lincoln charges and tackles him. Lincoln wrestles with the man and they knock a knife set to the floor. Leon is able to grab one of the knives and forces it towards Lincoln. Leon throws Lincoln to the floor and gets his footing. When he lunges for Lincoln, Lincoln stabs Leon with a smaller knife. Leon moves to make his second attack, when a gun fires from behind him. Jane stands, smoking gun in hand. LJ and Aldo behind her.

At a motel, Kellerman uses duct tape to bind Sara to a chair. When finished, he sits on the bed, “As you can see, hi. My name is not Lance and I’m not an addict.” He tells Sara that if she cooperates, he will let her go. He removes the gag from her mouth. Kellerman tells her that he believes her father gave her something before she left. Sara denies knowing anything. Kellerman threatens, “There’s a next step involved in this. You don’t want to experience it.” She defends that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but he doesn’t believe her. He takes off his jacket and heads to bathroom. Sara hears the sound of water filling the bathtub.

Michael’s face is shadowed within the walls of a church confessional. He tells the priest that this is his first confessional. Michael tells the priest that he has broken several laws to save someone’s life, but also allowed others to do horrible things. He continues to say that when he was a kid, he watched a man bleed to death, and that he was glad. The priest asks Michael to surrender to God, but he can’t.

Lincoln washes the blood from his hands and tells LJ that the attempts on their lives will never stop. A cell phone rings from Leon’s pocket. Lincoln finds the phone and flips it open. Agent Kim on the other end asks, “Is it done?” Lincoln coldly replies, “You are.” Kim closes his eyes, knowing yet another mission failed. Lincoln tells Kim that he’ll stop anyone else Kim sends at him and this will end with Lincoln looking into Kim’s dead eyes.

Kim looks out the window. Perhaps Lincoln’s words hit too close to home.

A pickup truck drops Michael off along some back, desert road. He carries the box of reel oil and walks into a wide open area, GPS in hand.

Mahone stands, still trapped in the cage at the abandoned factory. When he hears footsteps, he grabs his pistol and turns to face the approaching person. Agent Kim puts his hand out, “Agent Mahone. Bill Kim. I’m here to pick you up.” Mahone is puzzled and says he called for Kellerman. He asks Kim to open the gate and if he can get a new car. Kim tells Mahone that he doesn’t like being in the field. He only does it when there has been an error. Kim tells Mahone that Lincoln is heading to Bolshoi Booze and that he needs to crack the code before Lincoln and Michael get across the border. Kim then tells Mahone when this is all over, Mahone can go visit his son Cameron. Mahone snaps, and grabs Kim by the neck. Kim smiles, knowing he has Mahone under his thumb.

Lincoln and Aldo pack a car. Aldo is leaving LJ with Jane who promises to look after him. Lincoln tells LJ they’ll see each other again soon, and they hug.

Michael, his shirt soaked with sweat, continues on through the desert heat.

Mahone frantically works on breaking Bolshoi Booze, and he’s growing increasingly frustrated. He steps out of the car to collect his thoughts. He calls a number on his cell phone and leaves a message, “Hey, it’s me. Call me when you get this. It’s important.” He snaps the phone shut and walks back to the car. He looks in the window and sees the Bolshoi Booze tattoo photo upside down. He lets out a slight laugh when sees that the words are actually numbers, “32’0’09 104’57’09.”

Michael looks at his GPS, then looks up to find a dilapidated old shack.

A pickup truck races through the desert towards Michael. A man, Coyote, gets out of the passenger side and approaches Michael, “Is that my payment? Medical Nitroglycerine?” Michael nods and asks where the plane will be. Two other men exit the truck, Michael looks suspicious. Coyote says everything is okay and motions for him to enter the shack.

Kellerman drags Sara into the bathroom, telling her that her father made three calls to her from his cell phone. Sara says that he was telling her that he was coming back to Chicago. Kellerman is happy she’s being honest. He then tells her that there are thirty minutes of her father’s day that is unaccounted for and he’s trying to fill in the blanks. Sara focuses on her keys resting on the counter. Sara remains silent and Kellerman is getting angry. He snaps his arm out and grabs her head, then forces her face down into the bathtub. Sara struggles, then Kellerman pulls her out and dries her off. “Look, Sara. We’re going to have to come to an understanding,” Kellerman softly says.

Mahone phones the FBI office to confirm his findings. Agent Wheeler tells him it’s a spot in the New Mexico desert. When Wheeler presses for more info, Mahone hangs up.

Inside the shack, Michael paces. Coyote sees he’s nervous, and Michael says he just wants to get out of the country. Coyote says they know who Michael is but they can’t go anywhere due to the fact that they have their own warrants against them. Coyote is amazed Michael has done all this for his brother. Michael taps the table nervously, “Shouldn’t they have called by now? About the plane?” But Coyote calls Michael’s bluff on the Nitroglycerine. “I thought this stuff came in glass vials, not plastic.” Michael explains that the man he bought the Nitro from explained that it made the Nitro safer to transport. Coyotes wants to do a quality test.

T-Bag rocks himself back and forth in a dark alley, bandaging the area where his hand was. He groans like a wounded animal. He pulls a small black device from his pocket, looks at it, then takes off running.

Bellick sits on the corner of a hospital bed, frustration in his voice, “For the last time, some black male, early 20s, jumped me from behind. I didn’t get a good look at his face.” Detective Kathryn Slattery is trying to find out exactly what happened to Bellick and she knows he’s lying. After Bellick ducks her questions, Bellick asks her for a little “professional courtesy.” Slattery leaves Bellick be, and he flips open his cell phone. He gets Geary’s voicemail, “You thieving son of a bitch, you better get down on your knees and
pray to God that I never find you. Because if I do, mark my words: I will gut you bow to stern.”

Geary saunters about his luxurious hotel suite when there’s a knock at the door. Geary opens the door to find three very good looking hookers.

Lincoln and Aldo drive in silence until Lincoln speaks up, “For the last thirty years, I’ve hated you.” He’s disappointed Aldo never saw Michael and that he spent his life trying to figure out what kind of man abandons his family. Aldo says he’ll see LJ again, he promises.

Coyote starts the test on the Nitro, and Michael is getting anxious. Coyote’s cell phone rings, it’s the location of the plane. One of Coyote’s men, Carlos, dips his finger in the vial, and taps it to his tongue. He tells Coyote that it’s sugar water. Michael winces, and just wants to get out of the shack. He tells Coyote to name a price, but Coyote doesn’t care. All he wanted was the Nitro. Coyote puts a gun to Michael’s head.

Coyote’s man, Ernesto, patrols outside the shack. He looks over the horizon, then looks back. When he does, something smashes across his face, knocking him out.

Coyote asks Michael how long until his brother arrives, and Michael realizes they were planning to turn Michael and Lincoln in. Through the tarp draped over the front door, Sucre flies in, leveling his gun to Coyote’s head. Coyote swings his gun towards Sucre, but Sucre fires, knocking Coyote to the floor. Michael rushes for Coyote’s gun and hold Carlos at bay. Michael looks over to Sucre and the two share a smile.

Kellerman moves about the hotel room, he’s getting fed up with Sara. He walks back into the bathroom with an iron, plugs it in and turns it on. He methodically puts on a pair of rubber gloves as he lectures Sara about helping the escaped cons. Sara asks him if he’s shocked to find people who will stand up to his abuse. Kellerman grabs her hair and forces her head back underwater. Then he forces the entire iron into the tub, electrocuting Sara.

Geary does his best to impress his hookers, and he ends up repulsing most of them. He heads to the closet to grab more cash in hopes to sway them. When he moves the money around, he finds T-Bag’s tracking transmitter. There’s a knock at the door, but before Geary can answer it, the door slams open. T-Bag, with a ghastly look on his face, slowly walks in. He points to the women and tells them to leave. T-Bag grabs a bottle of champagne and walks towards Geary, who is now begging for his life and trying to bargain with T-Bag.

Coyote and his men are tied to chairs. Sucre does his best to find out where the plane, but they’re not answering. Carlos begs to take Coyote to the hospital; he’s losing too much blood. Sucre offers that if they give the location of the plane, they’ll let them go. Ernesto tells Coyote to tell them everything to save his life. Coyote gives up the information, “Finley Road. Off of Highway 8. There’s an airstrip.” Sucre wants to leave immediately and leave the men tied, but Michael is torn. He can’t let them suffer.

Kellerman’s phone rings, Agent Kim is checking in. Kim wants Kellerman to kill Sara, but Kellerman thinks Sara is still holding info. Kim is fed up and gets forceful with Kellerman, “You disobey me, you are done. Do you understand me? Put her in the ground, Paul.”

T-Bag lounges in the hotel room, eating and drinking wine, the bag of money at his side. He looks through the pack and finds a receipt. His eyes look over it, and something about this receipt makes T-Bag very happy.

Michael paces the shack, and cuts Coyote loose. Sucre tells him that they need to go. Carlos goes to start the truck and Ernesto helps Coyote leave. Before they exit the shack, Coyote turns to tell Michael he lied about the plane location. He tells him the true location is at the “seven mile marker on Route 4 at sunset. It’ll be on the ground for five minutes.”

Bellick walks out the back door of the hospital and passes a couple of EMT’s talking about the man they’re bringing in. A nurse asks for the victim’s ID, an EMT says, “Roy Geary.” Bellick pauses, and turns back. He tells the EMT that he knew Geary. Detective Slattery walks up behind Bellick and says he has a few more questions for him.

Mahone readies his gun inside his car and his cell phone rings. It’s his ex-wife, Pam. Mahone starts to apologize about how he behaved near the end of their marriage. Pam asks why he’s apologizing now, but Mahone remains cryptic. He’s gearing up to do something, but Pam doesn’t know what. Pam wants to know what he’s talking about, and Mahone replies, “I love you. Give Cam a kiss for me, okay?” And he hangs up the phone. Mahone exits his car, and walks the same path Michael did to get to the shack.

Michael checks his watch, 5:45PM. Michael says he’s glad he told Sucre about Bolshoi Booze, and Sucre said he’s glad he figured out how to use a GPS. Lincoln then jogs out from behind the shack, and shakes hands with Michael and Sucre. Michael says they need to leave, but Lincoln interrupts, “I brought someone…Dad?” Their father steps out and looks at Michael. Michael mutters, “We met before…”

Kellerman sits in the hotel room, he’s breaking down. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to kill Sara. He finally gears himself up and storms back into the bathroom. He begs Sara to tell him what he wants to know. Sara wimpers, “Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you.” Kellerman screams, and begs her to tell him. Sara clearly tells him, “Go to hell.” Kellerman grabs her head again and holds it over the water. Last chance.

Kellerman forces her under. She struggles, fighting for her life.

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