EPISODE 210 “Rendezvous”

Airdate: 2006-11-06

T-Bag sits bound to the chair, his head hanging and drool coming from his mouth. Geary blasts a stereo to cover up the sound of torture coming from the home. Geary tells Bellick they need to change plans because beating T-Bag isn’t working. As Bellick works T-Bag over, the bus locker key slowly slips from his sock.At the FBI office, they get the word that Lincoln has been captured in Arizona. After a round of a applause, Agent Lang asks Wheeler is he has contact Mahone. Wheeler says he only gets voicemail when he calls.

Kellerman tries Mahone from the backseat of a car, his call also goes to voicemail. Agent Kim calls immediately after Kellerman hangs up. Kim orders Lincoln to be brought to them immediately and to send Mahone. Kellerman says he’s taking care of it himself.


A police car roars down an Arizona back road with Lincoln and LJ in the back seat. A black van moves in and rear ends the squad car until it is forced of the road. The car slams against a tree, and Lincoln kicks open the door. LJ and Lincoln take off running, followed by men from the black van. They tackle LJ and wrestle with Lincoln. Lincoln demands to know who they are, and a blonde woman named Jane Phillips tells him, “We’re on your side. We’re with your father.”

Kellerman hustles through an airport on the phone with Mahone. He orders Mahone to get to Arizona immediately. Mahone tells Kellerman that he knows Scofield’s rendezvous with Sara is happening today, and he’s already looking over Gila, New Mexico.

At the Sundown Hotel, Sara gets ready to meet up with Michael. She goes through her purse and finds the key her father left behind. She attaches it to a key ring.

The black van approaches a large house in Colorado. A man opens the doors and Lincoln exits, followed by LJ. Leon, who works with Jane, stares at Lincoln as he walks by.

Inside the house, Lincoln wants answers. He won’t do anything Jane says until he sees his father. Jane tells him his father’s plane is landing in an hour and she needs Lincoln to cooperate with her.

Mahone shows Michael’s photo at a local hotel, but the man at the counter hasn’t seen him. He tells Mahone that there’s another hotel down the road.

There’s a knock at Sara’s door, the hotel manager tells Sara she has received a fax and she tells him to slide it under the door. She lifts it up, and all that it says is, “ONE HOUR 16871 BUTTERFIELD ROAD.”

Sucre stands next to his car, the hood is open and he’s reaching around inside the engine. He’s clearly not having any luck getting the car started, and takes off jogging down the road.

Sucre makes his way to a gas station and finds a payphone. He tears down a poster for the “FOX RIVER 8” posted next to the phone. Sucre calls Theresa, Maricruz’s sister, looking for answers. Theresa tells Sucre that he can’t talk to her because they’re going to Mexico, they’re using the honeymoon package that Hector had bought before Maricruz called off the wedding. Sucre begs Theresa to take down the phone number and have Maricruz call the payphone before they leave.

Sara’s rental car crawls down a dirt road. She checks the addresses on the mailboxes until she finds 16781. There’s nothing there, just a mailbox. No house, no cars. Sara opens the mailbox and finds nothing inside. A white car slowly moves toward the mailbox. Sara, frustrated, gets back in her car and gets ready to leave. The other car pulls up behind hers, and Michael gets out. “Hello, Sara,” Michael says.


Michael slowly makes his way toward Sara, unsure how to handle the situation, unsure where she stands. Michael tells her this isn’t going to be easy and Sara wants to know what Michael’s “plan to make this right,” is.

Mahone speaks with the hotel manager of the Sunrise Hotel. He shows the man a picture of Sara and the manager and he confirms that not only is she staying there, but a man tried to call her early that morning. The manager says the man was going to send her a fax. Mahone jumps behind the counter and prints the last fax from the memory. It’s Michael’s note to Sara. Mahone charges out the front door.

Michael tells Sara that they’re meeting Lincoln in Panama. Sara pauses, and asks Michael, “That’s…your plan?” Sara is stunned. She doesn’t understand why Michael would want her to run away with the two most wanted men in America. Michael pleads that right now, this is the plan, it’s all they’ve got. Sara is furious knowing that she helped put T-Bag on the street again. Michael begins to choke up and apologizes for what he’s done to her and her life. Michael says he doesn’t want Sara to be alone in this. The quiet sound of an approaching car distracts them. Down the dirty road, a car is approaching and quickly.

Michael and Sara jump into Michael’s junker car and being racing towards the other car, Mahone behind the wheel. The two men look beyond their windshields, neither willing to back down. At the last moment, the cars slide by each other, their sides grinding and showering sparks. Michael races on and Mahone swings his car around. Michael crashes through the fence of an old factory, Mahone’s car only feet behind theirs. Mahone manages to gain ground and forces Michael’s car off the road and into an old shed. Mahone’s car slides on and Michael and Sara flee from the crashed car.

Geary heats up a metal skewer over a flame from the stove. Bellick drags T-Bag into the kitchen, intending to continue the torture. T-Bag sees his opportunity and breaks free from Bellick’s grip. When Bellick tackles T-Bag, the locker key slides across the floor. T-Bag and Bellick struggle to get to the key first. T-Bag lunges out and snags it from the floor, then forces it down his throat. Bellick’s eyes are lit with anger.

Bellick throws a cooking strainer into the toilet and forces T-Bag down on it. Then Bellick secures T-Bag to the toilet with duct tape. With a smirk on his face, Bellick grumbles, “We’re gonna see that key again, friend. We’re gonna see it real soon.” Geary walks in with a grocery bag full of prune juice, cigarettes, chewing tobacco and sliders. Bellick grabs a handful of tobacco and crams it into T-Bag’s mouth.

Sucre paces around the gas station, trying not to be noticed and waiting for Maricruz’s call. Just as the phone rings, a police car pulls into the station. Sucre watches from around the corner as the phone keeps ringing. The phone stops ringing and Sucre knows he missed his chance.

Sara and Michael duck inside the factory. Sara says they need to get back to her car, but it’s too far. Michael knows that Mahone won’t call for back up. He’s not trying to capture him, he’s trying to kill him.


Lincoln tells LJ the story behind his father. That he’s the reason that he was set up for Steadman’s murder. Jane enters the kitchen and tells Lincoln his father will be arriving soon. Jane tells Lincoln that she used to work with his father for The Company. Lincoln begins to lash out at Jane, asking if she too abandoned her family to work for The Company. Jane tells him that his father really wants to see him and Michael and that he hasn’t seen Michael since he was ten years-old. One of her associates informs her that Lincoln’s father has arrived.

When Jane and the men leave, Lincoln grabs LJ and they hurry down a hallway. Lincoln thinks it’s a set up and tells LJ that Michael never met their father. Lincoln and LJ are quickly surrounded by guards, and Lincoln’s father walks in.

Michael and Sara run deeper into the factory, looking for an exit. But Mahone is close behind, his gun drawn. Michael finds a large pipe and hides around a corner, waiting to get the drop on Mahone. Michael looks across the way and sees Mahone closing in on Sara. He motions for her to hide and she quickly ducks down. Mahone scans the area, waiting for anything to move. Michael creeps closer and knocks another pipe down to draw Mahone away from Sara. Michael continues to move deeper into the factory.

Kellerman hurries into the accident scene where Lincoln and LJ were run off the road. He calls Agent Kim to inform him of the situation. Kellerman wants to get on the hunt immediately but Kim tells him to relax. Kim tells Kellerman that he’s a soldier in an army and there are many more soldiers to lend a hand. Kim wants Kellerman to go back to tracking down Sara. Kellerman is furious and hangs up on Kim. He gets to business quickly and returns to Sara’s trail.

Sara makes her way back to the entrance of the factory and runs out to Mahone’s squad car. Michael keeps moving and bumps into a jagged pipe, gashing his arm. He knows Mahone is on his heels. Sara looks for Mahone’s keys, but can’t find them. She dives under the dash board and pulls down a handful of wires to hotwire the car. Michael finds a propane gas value and turns to find himself at a dead end. He breaks the seal on the propane valve and turns the handle until the gas pours into the air.

Geary and Bellick talk about what they plan to do with the money, while T-Bag sits in agony. T-Bag lets out a whimper and Bellick knows it’s time. He tells Geary to grab the strainer from the toilet seat.

Geary cleans of the key, “It’s from one’a them lockers at the bus station,” and tosses Bellick the key. Bellick moves into the empty living room where T-Bag is zip-cuffed by his severed hand to the radiator. Bellick dials 9-1-1 on the phone and tells the officer that someone broke into his house. T-Bag begs them not to leave him behind. Bellick and Geary leave and T-Bag strains to break the zip-cuff.

Mahone slithers into the dead end. He cautiously walks into a supply cage and realizes he’s walked into a trap. Michael quickly closes the door behind Mahone and locks him in the cage. Mahone points his gun through the fence, but Michael warns him that if he pulls the trigger, he’ll ignite the propane and they’ll both die. Mahone bounces around the cage, looking for an exit. Michael asks Mahone where he stands, if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. Mahone says the propane will kill him anyway so he might as well blow them both up. Michael smashes a nearby window to allow air in and countering Mahone’s point. Michael tells Mahone that he needs to stop chasing Michael because Michael will win the battle every time. But Mahone replies that he knows Michael isn’t willing to kill, and that’s what it’s going to take to stop Mahone. Mahone rants, “So whether it’s today in Gila, or tomorrow in Albuquerque, or two months from now in Panama, I will get you.” Michael freezes, Mahone knows too much. Michael walks away, and Mahone whispers, “I don’t have a choice…”


Sara pulls up in her rental car and Michael climbs in.

Bellick and Geary hurry through the bus station. Geary finds the locker and Bellick shoves him aside. They open the door and smile, then look around to make sure they aren’t being watched. They hustle into an alley beside the bus station and open the duffle bag. When Bellick’s back is turn, Geary slides a meat tenderizer from the Hollander house, out of his pocket. Bellick celebrates the money, and Geary tells Bellick to hand over the bag. Bellick warns Geary to drop the tenderizer. Bellick starts to argue with Geary, but Geary strikes Bellick over the head and knocks him out. Geary grabs the bag, and walks away from the station.

Sara walks from a convenient store, a hat pulled low over her head. She has a bag full of first aid, disposable cell phones and tooth brushes. She also says the hotel they found charges by the hour so they didn’t ask for ID. The two walk away from the car.

Sucre paces near another payphone, he’s desperate to talk to Maricruz. When he calls, all he gets is the answering machine. When he hears the beep, the begs with the machine, hoping that Maricruz will hear. He tells her that he knows that his current situation is the reason she doesn’t want to talk to him, but he has family outside Mexico City and he’ll be waiting for her in the Ixstapa airport. He tells her that he’ll be there, no matter what. He reaches into his pocket and looks at the piece of paper that Michael gave him when they bought their used cars. The paper reads, “BOLSHOI BOOZE.”

Hector storms into Theresa’s apartment, demanding to see Maricruz. Theresa’s roommate, Kalinda is there alone and says she doesn’t know where Maricruz is, and Hector finds her itinerary. Hector growls, “She went to Mexico? Didn’t she? On our honeymoon, paid for with my money!”

Sara cleans Michael’s wound. In a moment of clarity, she realizes that Michael isn’t a diabetic. She sighs and adds it to the pile of Michael’s lies. Sara asks if there’s a part of Michael that likes being on the run because of the danger. She says he’s chasing a high and that she knows what it’s like. Michael swears to her that it won’t always be this way. He has people to help them across the border and Mahone can’t follow them there. He just wants one more day. Michael goes to clean up, he turns to her and says, “I’m glad you came.”

LJ stands to meet his grandfather. Lincoln grumbles, “LJ, this is your grandfather. Aldo Burrows.” Aldo says he has arranged a safe place for them to get to, but Lincoln says they have to meet Michael. Aldo offers to get Michael, but Lincoln won’t let him. Aldo defends that they’re close to clearing Lincoln and revealing the conspiracy. Lincoln is fed up and just wants to meet Michael. Lincoln’s father faces his son, “You don’t understand, Lincoln. You don’t need to go to Panama. You don’t have to run anymore.”

Leon, Jane’s right hand man, watches the Burrows family from a nearby doorway. He flips open his cell phone. Agent Kim’s voice is heard, “Tell me you have good news.” Leon says he has all three of the Burrows men and Kim replies, “Take care of them.” Leon notes that Michael isn’t there, but Kim doesn’t care. He wants it done.

T-Bag fights with the radiator, trying to break free. In the background, sirens approach.

Michael walks out of the bedroom and calls for Sara, but she’s gone. There’s a note on the dress, “This time I know better. I’m sorry.” Michael sits down and breathes.

Sara walks back to her rental car. She climbs in, starts the engine and pauses. She’s wondering if she’s doing the right thing. Sara takes a deep breath and puts the car in park. She takes off her seat belt and opens the door. When she steps out, Kellerman is waiting, his gun pointed at her. “Hi, Sara,” he says.

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