EPISODE 208 “Dead Fall”

Airdate: 2006-10-22

Sucre keeps the gun trained on Michael, T-Bag and C-Note. Michael pleads with him but Sucre doesn’t care, “This is about business. Five million dollars worth of business.” Michael hangs his head and tries to stall Sucre, but Sucre demands the bag. C-Note tells Sucre that he’s out numbered, Sucre tells them he’ll manage to kill two of them before they get near him. He fires a round into the hole and takes off running. Michael buries his head in his hands and C-Note begins freaking out. T-Bag screams furiously, it’s all over.Michael and C-Note walk back into the kitchen where Jeanette and Ann still sit bound to the chairs. Michael places a butter knife in Jeanette’s hand, “It should take you about an hour to cut through with this.” Michael tells C-Note he’s not going to let T-Bag loose on society again.

When they walk back into the garage, T-Bag is gone. C-Note knows it’s time to go and heads out the back of the garage.

Michael grabs Ann’s police radio from the counter and moves to leave. Ann tells him, “They’re going to get you.”

Sara huddles over her coffee table, examining the half empty bottles of morphine and used syringes. A man in a suit sneaks up behind her and Sara jumps, “Ms. Tancredi, I didn’t mean to startle you.” The man claims to have worked with her father and moves towards Sara. Sara puts the puzzle together, this man killed her father. She begins smashing items around the apartment to make it look like a struggle took place. Sara lures the agent into the kitchen, and she is able to spray him in the face with bug killer. The man stumbles backwards and Sara quickly exits down the apartment’s fire escape.

Michael sprints through the woods, following the sound of a humming engine. Sucre huddles over the motorcycle. He turns and pulls the gun on Michael. Michael growls, “Adios amigos…” Sucre cracks a smile, “Too much?” The two fooled C-Note and T-Bag in order to take the five million dollars from the garage. Michael tells Sucre that they’re going to split the money between himself, Sucre, Lincoln, Westmoreland’s daughter and maybe send some to C-Note’s family once they reach Panama. Sucre drops the pack and opens it up only to find it’s full of the magazines that T-Bag had been reading earlier.

T-Bag sits behind the wheel of a beat up pick-up truck with a giant grin on his face. Beside him, on the passenger seat, is a duffel bag containing five million dollars.

A detention center van pulls to the curb in Kingman, Arizona. The street is empty except for a few wandering locals. The van doors open and a detention center official helps LJ out. He hands LJ a list of possible places to stay and even job openings. In the distance, Lincoln peers out around the corner, keeping an eye on LJ and scanning the area trouble. A homeless man catches Linc’s eye. An unmarked squad car slowly rolls up, and Lincoln tucks back. The center official asks LJ if there is anywhere he’d like them to take him, but LJ declines. LJ walks off. Once out of earshot, the official dials his cell phone. On the other end is Kellerman. The official tells Kellerman the kid didn’t take the bait, but Kellerman isn’t concerned and tells him, “Have your men shadow. Remember, it’s the father we want.”

Michael kicks the duffel bag in frustration. Michael tells Sucre that they at least have the five thousand dollars they pocketed. The police walkie-talkie hisses to life and a voice reports that they have identified the cons and the police are closing off all roads in the area.

Sucre pushes the bike through the woods and Michael walks alongside. The sound of a siren grows closer from a nearby road and Sucre and Michael duck. Michael knows they’re never going to escape town on the roads.

Wheeler meets Mahone in the hall and tells him he has a visitor. Mahone angrily mutters, “I can’t believe they’re calling me back here when my escapees are out there.” Wheeler tells Mahone the visitor’s name is Sullins, and Mahone freezes. Mahone marches into his office and looks Sullins in the eye. He demands to know why Internal Affairs is keeping him from the manhunt. Sullins has questions and isn’t leaving until he gets answers.

Bellick and Geary stumble into a local bar looking exhausted. Bellick asks the bartender to use the phone. Bellick calls his mother and asks her to come get them. But Geary interrupts and points to the television. A local reporter recaps the story of the cons digging up Jeanette’s garage in Tooele. Bellick’s tone changes and he asks his mother for some extra cash instead.

Sara rushes across the street to a payphone. She hurriedly dials a number and ducks behind it. Bruce Bennett, one of her father’s aides, answers the phone. Sara begs for Bruce’s help. She tells Bruce that her father was looking into Lincoln’s case and he must have found something someone didn’t want him to know. Bruce tries to calm her down and asks where she’s at. She looks around, “I’m in a phone booth on 3rd and Harper.” Bruce says he’s sending someone to that location.

Lincoln rummages through Jeanette’s car and finds a bag of golf clubs.

Lincoln takes the clubs to a pawn shop and tries to bargain for cash with the shop employee. The man offers eighty dollars. Lincoln is frustrated with the price, but sees a nearby plastic cooler. “Throw in the cooler and you got a deal.”

Michael looks out over a river. He tells Sucre they need to lose the bike. The roads are sealed and there’s no way to get it across the river.

Sucre leads the way, balancing on a fallen tree. Michael is only a few feet behind. Suddenly, Sucre slips and falls below the water line. Michael leaps in after him. Sucre surfaces, but his foot is lodged between two massive logs. Michael pushes, but it’s no use.

Sara stands around the corner from the pay phone and does her best to clean herself up a little. A brunette woman in business clothes walks passed her and picks up the phone. A black SUV slowly drives down the street, the woman’s back is turned. Sara turns the corner to a passenger in the SUV fire a silenced machine gun and shoot the woman.

Sara rushes over and tells some witnesses to call for help. She checks the woman’s license, her name is Kelli Foster. Sara tells Kelli that she’s going to be okay and begins to treat the wounds. But it’s too late and Kelli dies quickly.

The water runs across the bottom of Sucre’s jaw, he asks Michael, “It’s gonna be okay, right?” Michael silently works on the log, doing everything he can to remove it from Sucre’s leg. The roar of a low horn echoes down the river. Michael tells Sucre it’s a signal from a nearby dam and they’re going to open the locks. That should raise the water level of the river and cause the log to float off. The walkie-talkie comes to life again and reports that canine units have picked up the scents. Michael tells Sucre that they have hours until the dogs find them.

Sullins walks around Mahone’s office, the two are talking about how Abruzzi’s capture was handled, or mishandled as Sullins tries to point out. Sullins wants to know why two of the convicts are dead, and why Tweener was shot at point-blank range even though he was unarmed. Sullins walks Mahone through how Tweener disarmed him in the SUV, looking to make Mahone slip up.

Sara sits in the darkness under a Chicago bridge, clutching Kelli’s wallet and looking over her driver’s license. She reaches into her bag and finds the three origami swans Michael sent her in the mail. She begins to unfold them.

Agent Kim asks Kellerman, “What does an origami bird have to with any of this?” Kellerman reminds Kim that the birds came from Scofield. Kellerman tells Kim that Sara will lead them to Scofield, they need to crack the code on the birds.

LJ walks out of a bus stop and sits on a bench. Across the way, an agent watches from his car. The agent’s phone rings, it’s Kellerman asking for a status. The agent doesn’t believe Lincoln is coming after LJ, but Kellerman notes that Lincoln split off from the group after news of LJ’s release went public.

Lincoln watches LJ from a rooftop, and also keeps an eye on the agent’s car down the street.

The homeless man Lincoln spotted earlier approaches LJ, asking for spare change. LJ tells him that he just got out of lockup and would help if he could. LJ gets up to leave and the homeless man becomes belligerent. He walks up behind LJ and when LJ turns back, the homeless man lands a punch directly above LJ’s eye.

Lincoln watches the fight from the rooftop, checks the car, then disappears.

The water is rising and Sucre is growing depressed. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to escape, find Maricruz, and raise their baby far away. Sucre tells Michael the longer he stays, the less chance he’ll have to make it Panama, and there are more people counting on him. Sucre asks about Sara, “She’s meeting you down there, isn’t she.” But Michael doesn’t know and he scans the forest for a way to save Sucre. The walkie-talkie reports that they have found the spot where Michael’s trail merged with Sucre’s. Michael refuses to leave Sucre, and the sound of dogs howling is growing louder.

Two agents enter the hospital and ask to see LJ, a nurse tells them that he’s getting stitches. Two local cops walk through the lobby holding the homeless man by the arms. The guy shouts out that some guy paid him to beat up LJ. The FBI agents dash down the hall.

“How you feelin’ slugger,” Lincoln says as he enters LJ’s room. LJ knows exactly who it is and jumps off the table to hug his father. Lincoln tells LJ they have to keep moving.

The FBI agents move through the hallways, guns drawn. When they get to LJ’s room, he and Lincoln are gone.

Sara still sits beneath the bridge, shuffling the flattened origami birds. Sara’s cell phone rings, it’s Bruce. Sara tells Bruce that the killers knew exactly where Sara was going to be standing. And then it hits her. Bruce set her up. She tears the battery from the phone, killing the call. She breathes for a moment and glances at the open phone. Her eyes move across the keypad and she grabs for the origami papers.

Michael does his best to keep Sucre afloat, but time is running out. Michael sticks close to Sucre, keeping him above water.

Bellick and Geary pull up to Jeanette’s house. Bellick flashes his C.O. badge and declares that he’s on the “follow-up investigation team.” He asks Jeanette if the convicts found what they were digging for. Jeanette replies, “I don’t know but it sure sounded like they did.” Jeanette tells them that T-Bag had a backpack in addition to the one she saw Sucre with, and he was moving slower since the pack was heavy. T-Bag returned and placed a one-hundred dollar bill down her blouse to “pay for damages.” Bellick keeps the money and thanks Jeanette for her time.

Sara scribbles away furiously under the bridge, trying to decode Michael’s message.

Kellerman stands behind a man at a computer, who is analyzing the numbers from the birds and doing the same thing Sara is.

The dogs close in on Michael and Sucre. Michael turns to listen to the walkie-talkie and sees and old tire swing. He tells Sucre to hold his breath and moves to the river bank. Michael gathers the rope, then moves back into the river. Michael lifts Sucre’s head above water, then tells him he needs him to go below water again, and raise his arm high. When he starts to run out of air, he should wildly move his arm. Michael dashes back up the river bank to the motorcycle. He tosses one end of the rope up around a tree trunk, then ties the other to the bike.

Sucre begins frantically waving his arm, but Michael doesn’t notice and has trouble getting the bike started. Finally, the bike starts and Michael revs the throttle.

Michael sees Sucre is gone and races the bike towards the river. Michael and the bike are catapulted into the river, but the force of the bike snapping against the rope is enough to free Sucre. Sucre comes above water, gasping for air. Sirens roar up behind them and the two run across to the other side.

The computer tech sits with Kellerman, explaining Michael’s code. He explains that there’s one possibility, but it’s almost too easy. “We know we’re not looking at a phone number, but maybe we’re not looking at numbers at all,” the tech states.

Sara begins to piece the code together herself and spells out the first word, RENDEZVOUS.

Kellerman sees the word too, “The question is where.”

Sara opens another bird and begins to decode the numbers.

Michael and Sucre arrive at a local car dealership. Michael begins buying a car while Sucre calls his friend Petey, the guy who loaned him the motorcycle. Petey tells Sucre that Maricruz didn’t marry Hector, she left him at the altar. Sucre walks back to Michael and tells him that he can’t go to Panama, he has to go to Maricruz. Michael knows this is what Sucre must do and he hands Sucre a note and tells him it’s in case he gets into trouble. When the salesman returns, Michael tells him they need another car.

Bellick and Geary begin their hunt. T-Bag is their target.

T-Bag continues to drive in the pick-up truck. He flips the visor down to reveal Susan Hollander’s address.

LJ admires his stitches in the passenger side mirror and Lincoln explains it was the only way he could get him away from the feds.

Sara decodes the second note and writes “SUNDOWN/HOT” on the paper. She scans the three birds, something is missing. She suddenly remembers the fourth bird Michael sent her is still in her apartment. He heart sinks, “There’s on more bird.”

Kellerman marches into Sara’s apartment and orders two other agents to clean the place. He kicks at some pieces of mail and finds Sara’s fourth bird. An evil grin stretches across Kellerman’s face.

Sullins continues to chip away at Mahone and dives into his history. Mahone tells Sullins to get to the point, Sullins snaps, “How does a guy go from infantry grunt with less than stellar marks, to the Gulf 1 special-ops, to the Federal Bureau of Investigations leading the largest manhunt this country’s ever seen. See, I got all these dots, and no way to connect them.” The tension in the room brings both men to their feet. Sullins wants answers. A lower agent interrupts and tells Sullins he has a phone call. Mahone listens in, Sullins is being called off the hunt. Sullins, defeated, quietly leaves Mahone’s office.

Mahone walks down the street and slides into a car. In the driver’s seat is Agent Kellerman, presenting the fourth bird. He tells Mahone what the numbers mean and they believe this is the one with Scofield’s rendezvous point. Mahone quietly questions his directives with the manhunt, he’s clearly afraid of Kellerman. Kellerman raises his voice, “You’ve been hired to do a job. The reasoning doesn’t concern you. You don’t ask any questions about us and we’ll continue to make sure no one asks any questions about you. Are we clear?” Mahone pauses a moment and whispers, “They all die.” Kellerman nods and Mahone exits the car.

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