EPISODE 204 “First Down”

Airdate: 2006-09-11

A car shoots down the rural highway, Lincoln at the wheel, Michael sitting shotgun. Nika’s in the back and asks Michael, “What happens when you get to Mexico? Where will you go?” Michael doesn’t turn around, “It’s best if you don’t know. Best for everyone. We’ll drop you off in the next town. And I’ll wire you that ten thousand like I said. Shouldn’t take more than a week or two.” Lincoln glances in the rearview mirror and notices a car on their tail, coming up really fast. He alerts Michael, who turns and sees the front end of an old beat up four-door sedan and then BAM! Nika’s little economy car is jolted forward from the impact, as Lincoln fights to maintain control. The sedan steps on the gas, comes up beside them; Bellick pokes his mean mug out the window and sneers at them. Lincoln’s shocked, “It’s Bellick!” Geary turns the wheel, and slams the sedan into Nika’s car again. Lincoln’s doing his best to get away, and as Nika screams, he floors the accelerator. Geary continues to bash against them, and Michael, desperate and frustrated asks Lincoln, “Can’t this thing go any faster?!” Linc, equally upset, “What do you think?!” An oncoming truck forces Geary into Lincoln’s lane, but just as soon as it passes, Geary jumps out again to broadside them. He noses the big old sedan into Nika’s little car and, with a thrust on the gas pedal, shoves them clean off the road. Nika’s car takes out a bouquet of mailboxes, and crashes head on into a large tree. The radiator hissing, Lincoln, Michael and Nika get out of the crushed and smoking car, only to be greeted by gunshots. Bellick’s on them in a flash, and fires two warning shots, “Nobody move! Nobody move!” Lincoln and the rest put their hands in the air, as Linc adds “No need for anyone to get hurt, Boss.” Bellick tells him there’s no need for formalities; he’s no longer an employee of the state, thanks to them. Michael: “I think somebody wants that reward…” But Bellick wises them up, “Your pal Manche told me all about your little treasure hunt for Westmoreland’s stash.” Michael and Lincoln look concerned, and they should be, cause Bellick gives them the bad news, “Get in the car. We’re going to Utah.”

At gunpoint, Bellick and Geary push Linc, Michael and Nika into the car, all the while Bellick gloating, “All the cops lookin’ for ya all over the country, when all ya had to do was tail the tail, ya know?” He leers at Nika, “Move the moneymaker, sweetheart.” Geary pushes Linc hard, and he lands on the sedan and looks down, noticing the headlight is broken. He surreptitiously takes a shard from it, and slides it under the wheel of the sedan as Michael tries to reason with Bellick, “If you know about the money in Utah, why do you need us?” Bellick admits that Manche didn’t hear everything Westmoreland had to say before he kicked the bucket, but he heard Utah and five million. He figures Michael and Lincoln can fill in the blanks. Bellick roughs up Nika, as he shoves her into the car, and Michael tries to intervene. But Bellick’s not having it, “Don’t even think about getting cute, smartass. Now you and your brother are gonna take me right to where that money is, or the whore gets dead real fast. Ask me if I’m bluffing.” The car drives off, and we see the tire drive right over the shard of headlight that Lincoln had put into place.

Mahone’s at his desk, staring at the case file of Oscar Shales – the one that got away – as Wheeler enters; they’ve found a hard drive in the riverbed. Serial numbers match an order Scofield put in at Dell a few months before he was incarcerated. They’ve recovered about twelve percent of the data so far. Mahone grabs the folder, starts sifting through it – eyes searching, searching – among the papers in the file is a newspaper article. He grabs a paper clip, rushes out to the bulletin board, and pins the article onto the board. Wheeler’s confused, “And this is helping us, how?” Lang approaches with the blood test results from the car crash – B negative all over the site, and Scofield and Burrows are both B negative. Lang says she’s going to reach out to the media, but Mahone stops her. “If it gets out that the guy who mastered this whole thing is possibly dead, the other six cons are gonna get their guard up even more.” He’s agitated and brings the whole command center into it now, “It is our policy,” Mahone raises his voice to get everyone’s attention, “Excuse me, it is our policy NOT to announce deaths until they’re confirmed!” Lang’s confused, “We’ve got an exploding car and a blood match…” But Mahone’s adamant “Well then run more tests.” “On what?” asks Lang. Mahone doesn’t do much to hide his frustration, “On the bumper. I don’t know, I don’t care! Just delay. I want those guys out there getting more complacent, not more careful.”

Tweener stares out the passenger side of Debra Jean’s car as they make their way to Utah. News radio is on in the background, and the reporter starts to give details on the Fox River eight, but Tweener jumps on the dial and changes it – to a John Denver song. Debra Jean protests a little, “I was listening to that-” Tweener says he really wants to hear that John Denver song, and Debra Jean seems amused, “Really. You like John Denver.” Tweener insists he does, and to prove it to her, he’s going to sing it: “Country Ho, let’s go home, to your place, I’ve got cash.” Debra Jean can’t help but laugh, Tweener’s charming in his tomfoolery. Debra Jean tells him not to quit his day job though, and Tweener tells her he needs a little tequila to get his karaoke on. They’re laughing and smiling and Tweener is definitely flirting with her -until he notices a cop on the side of the road with a speed gun. He tells her to slow down, Debra Jean says she’s only going sixty-five, but Tweener starts to freak, “Slow down!” Debra Jean rolls her eyes, “Alright, Dad,” and slows the car down. Tweener rubbernecks the cop until they’re clear, and then relaxes, “We can’t be having that, tickets are like two-hundred bones.” “Yeah,” Debra Jean replies, but she seems a little suspicious.

Geary and Bellick have pulled off to the side of the road, and Bellick says he never thought he’d say it, but he thanks God for the day Michael walked into Fox River. Geary chimes in, “and out of it.” They have a good chuckle over this while Michael tries to calm Nika down, “It’s gonna be okay.” But she’s upset; Michael promised her nothing would happen, and now they’re being kidnapped at gunpoint. Nika goes to sit back inside the car, and Bellick comments her behavior, “That’s one pissed off commie you got on your hands there Scofield. Didn’t your momma ever teach you how to treat a lady? Or was she a whore like this one.” Lincoln flips out on Bellick, no one disses his momma. Bellick and Geary level their guns at Lincoln, and remind him they only need one of the brothers to take them to the money. Michael knows there’s no point in fighting right now, so he puts his hand on Linc’s shoulder to try and calm him. “Let’s go buddy, let’s go.”

Sara’s at her daily Narcotics Anonymous meeting; it’s winding down, and the leader asks if anyone would like to share before they wrap up for the day. Kellerman pipes up from a rear pew in the church, and asks to share with the group, if there’s time. He introduces himself, “I’m Lance, and I’m an addict.” He tells the group his mother died of MS last week, just like his grandfather, just like his sister, and just like he probably will. Sara jumps in, telling him “M.S. isn’t necessarily always genetic.” Lance/Kellerman is completely sarcastic when he replies, “Really? What are you, a doctor?” Sara recoils at his harsh tone, “Actually, I am.” Kellerman finishes his share, and Sara turns around in her seat, hurt, –she was only trying to help.

A mobster thug enters the back door of a restaurant kitchen, barking orders, “Everyone face the wall and look straight ahead.” Apparently accustomed, the workers face the wall without protest. The thug gives the “all clear” on his walkie-talkie and two more thugs enter followed by John Abruzzi. He’s prettied up since we last saw him, and wears an expensive overcoat and designer shades. They walk and talk, and Abruzzi asks the thug if everything is ready. The thug fills him in, “We’ve got a container ship down at the Navy Yard. The Captain’s one of ours. He’s got a state room listed as a cargo hold on the manifest. You and your family will be on it when it sets sail tomorrow. Six days from now John, you’ll be in Sardinia.” Abruzzi is pleased to hear this and tells his co-hort good work. Abruzzi enters a back room where his wife Sylvia, son and daughter wait for him. His children run into his arms and he scoops them up. Sylvia touches his face tenderly and tells him that she missed him -he tells her he missed her too. Sylvia is emotional, and as they kiss, Abruzzi assures her, “It’s over, it’s over.”

A weak and ashen-faced T-Bag pulls Dr. Gudat’s SUV into a service station in Friend, Nebraska. In the less than sanitary restroom, he takes the goodie bag the doc gave him and dumps it in the sink. There are a bunch of pills, a stethoscope, and a nasty looking scalpel. T-Bag swallows a handful of pills, and then punches his reattached hand with his good fist, willing some life back into it. He grunts with pain as he does so, but his hand remains unresponsive. He takes the scalpel and punctures a hole in the middle finger of his bad hand, looking for something. The finger yields blood, but the hand is without reflexes. A hippie looking dude walks into the bathroom and catches a glimpse of T-Bag’s suspect activities. The hippie asks him what he’s doing, and T-Bag just gathers the stuff from the sink, stuffs it in the little black bag, and tells the kid to mind his own business. T-Bag exits, heading towards his car, only to find a couple of cops checking out his SUV. He presses himself up against the wall, absconding himself from their view while he decides what to do next.

The tire on Geary’s car has finally gone flat, and Bellick chastises Geary, “What kind of son of a bitch doesn’t have a spare tire in his car.” Geary’s not amused, “The kind that already used it.” Bellick informs Geary that “he’s just the sad sack that has to go back into town to get a new one.” Geary heads down the road to start his three mile trek, and Bellick herds everyone else out of the car and into the woods. Michael tries to guide Nika over the rocky terrain, but she doesn’t take kindly, and tells him not to touch her. Michael tells Nika to “just relax” but she’s still ticked, “You know I believed everything you told me. I did everything you asked. I risked my life for you. For what? For ten thousand dollars I risked my life? And this entire time you’ve had five million dollars just waiting there. You’re a bastard Michael.” Bellick’s grinning like a Cheshire cat, as he listens to the whole thing. “For all your aggravation I hope you got to hit that a few times Scofield.” He ushers them into an abandoned shack, and tells them they are going to wait there till Geary gets back. Nika lingers by the doorway and tells Bellick she needs to speak to him alone. He’s looks suspicious and asks her what she wants. Nika is determined, “To ruin his life, like he ruined mine.”

The cops question the gas station attendant and a customer at the gas station in Friend, Nebraska about what they saw. Neither of them have much to say. T-Bag walks out from behind the building, and one of the cops spots him immediately, “Hey Buddy. Where’d you come from?” T-Bag plays it cool, “Who me? Just hittin’ the head boss.” The cop asks T-Bag what his name is. T-Bag limps over to the policemen, “Clyde. Clyde May.” The cops ask him for I.D., and T-Bag says since he doesn’t drive anymore, he doesn’t have an I.D., per se, and raises his damaged hand, telling them “Camel jockey left a big box of Boom Boom under my jeep in Kandahar.” The cop asks him if he’s military, and T-Bag says he was. Then the cop asks him “which one’s your vehicle?” and T-Bag indicates his feet, “these two sleds right here, that is in between rides…” The cop notices the small toiletry bag in T-Bag’s hand, “Not much of a bag to be hitchhiking with.” But T-Bag rolls with the punches, “I travel light.” Still though, the cop’s not convinced, “you’re just hoofing it out here, middle of nowhere?” T-Bag plays hurt, asking the Cop if he doesn’t have the right to see a little bit of the country he lost his hand for. Why don’t the officers tell him what this is all about? One of the cops says they’ve got a vehicle without a driver, and right now he’s the only person without a car. T-Bag smiles, “Is that what this is all about? Why didn’t you say so? Dirty hippie kid dropping a deuce in the facilities, came in with that car not two minutes ago.” The cop sends his partner to check it out, and once he’s gone, continues to grill T-Bag, still not sold on his veracity. “What were you, Army?” he asks. “Hell no,” says T-Bag, “Corps.” The Cop smiles “Semper Fi, brother. What outfit were you?” Egads, T-Bag has no idea, and shoots into the wind “196th.” The Cop’s radar is up again, “196th? Never heard of it. Where they out of?” Before T-Bag can formulate another whopper, the other cop comes out of the bathroom, with the hippie in tow. The hippie is indignant, “I didn’t do nothing, man.” But the cop thinks he knows better, and throws his partner a set of keys, Dr. Gudat’s keys to be exact, “Found these in his knapsack, after he said he had no car.” T-Bag sneaks a little smile as they throw the hippie in the back of the squad vehicle. The Cop sends T-Bag on his way with another “Semper Fi, brother.”

Michael and Lincoln are tied to a pipe in the shack. As Lincoln struggles to free himself Michael tells him to stop stressing, it won’t do any good. Lincoln tells Michael that maybe he ought to start stressing if they (Bellick and Geary) are going to put a bullet in their heads. Michael assures him, “They need us. They need us to get that money.” Lincoln shakes his head, “I admire your optimism. She’s rolling man, I can feel it.” In another room in the cabin, Bellick speaks privately to Nika, “So you want to ruin Scofield’s life, well get in line. What are you really looking for?” Nika responds “Same as you. Money.” Bellick says if she wants to make some money, he’ll give her ten grand, they just have to do it now on the floorboards. Nika smiles at him, “Not in a thousand years.” Bellick tells her to beat it then, she’s got nothing else he needs. Nika smiles again “Typical man. I’m talking about millions of dollars, and you’d piss it away for sex. And I was hoping you wouldn’t let Michael outsmart you too.” Bellick says Scofield isn’t outsmarting anyone. “You think that tire goes flat by accident?” Nika says. Bellick asks her what she’s offering. She says she can find out where the money is because Michael trusts her. And what does she want in return, asks Bellick. Nika says she just wants her fair share. Bellick says if she finds out where the money is, she’ll get her fair share, two-hundred thousand dollars. Nika balks, “Out of five million?” Bellick smiles, he’s got the gun, she’s lucky he’s even letting her be a partner.

A thug comes in and tells Abruzzi, who’s sitting with his family, that they’ve found Fibonacci in D.C. But Abruzzi’s heard it all before, “Yeah, he’s in Denver, Atlanta, Miami-” “No, no, no, this time it’s for real.” The thug assures him, and tells him that Fibonacci is testifying again, he’s in Washington right now, at the Globe Hotel in room one sixteen. Abruzzi asks him once more, is this information legit? The thug tells him it’s from New Jersey, Fish Head Tommy wants to pay tribute. Abruzzi tells the thug to get the car. Sylvia has overheard the entire conversation and is not pleased. She slaps Abruzzi soundly across the face, “Look at this room, John. Look! We can be a family again. But you’re willing to risk it all, disrespect us…for what? For vengeance?” Abruzzi can’t help himself, Fibonacci betrayed him. Sylvia doesn’t care. Abruzzi tries to break it down for her, “You will never understand what happens when you’re in prison.” Sylvia says he could go right back to prison. Abruzzi looks her dead in the eye, “I swear to God, I’d rather die then go back. There’s no going back. Never, ever again.” Sylvia’s really pleading now, “Christ saved you, John. Don’t turn your back on him,” she presses her crucifix into his hand, “don’t turn your back on us.” Abruzzi takes his wife into his arms and holds her. But you can see on his face that he’s already made up his mind.

Somewhere in rural America, Debra Jean is on her cell phone sounding a little exasperated, “I don’t know, about twenty miles from Gunnison.” Debra Jean sees Tweener coming back from the bushes, and tells the other party on the phone that he’s coming and she has to go. She hangs up the phone, and Tweener asks her who she was talking to, “Nobody,” she says, “Just my dad.” She asks Tweener if it would be okay with him if they stopped at the next motel. Tweener complains – it’s only four o’clock, if she’s tired, he’ll drive. But Debra Jean is adamant, it’s her car and she’s tired of being in it. She just wants to stop – “Okay, Scott?” Tweener knows he’s losing this particular battle, “A’iight.” But internally he’s starting to worry. Has she called the cops on him?

We quickly cut to the FBI command center, where Mahone tells Lang, “Can you believe it? Of all the players in this thing, the rat could give us our first collar.”

Back at the shack, Bellick ties Nika up next to Michael and Lincoln, and leaves the room. But not before putting in his two cents. If the boys have to use the facilities they can hold it, but he’ll watch Nika “tinkle” any time. Once they’re alone, Lincoln turns to Nika, cold, “You took your time.” Nika explains, “It takes time to gain a man’s confidence,” and then to Michael, “You were right, he’ll bite on whatever I say. You just tell me where we trap him, and that’s where I’ll tell him the money is.” Michael smiles, but Lincoln looks uncertain.

As T-Bag walks across a bridge, the guy in the blue station wagon from the gas station pulls over to give him a ride. He wants to help T-Bag for all he’s done for his country. T-Bag is a little wary at first, but accepts, and the guy introduces himself as Jerry Curtin. T-Bag uses the alias, Clyde May again. Jerry tells him his kid Danny is ridin’ shotgun, so he hope he doesn’t mind sittin’ in back. T-Bag walks over to the car and sees a beautiful teenage girl in the passenger seat, “Hi I’m Danielle,” she says. T-Bag smiles back at her with all the charm of Satan, “Hi yourself.”

Nika calls for Bellick, she has to go to the bathroom. Bellick yanks a knife off a side sheath on his belt, cuts her binds and takes her into the side room, “Well?” She tells Bellick they’re planning to trap him. “The big one’s got friends in Utah, criminals, a town called Panguitch. They grow drugs on a farm there. They’ll tell you that’s where the money is, but no money. Just old friends with guns…waiting for you.” Bellick doesn’t seem too concerned. “Easy enough, we’ll just take a pass on Panguitch.” Then he asks where the money really is, and Nika tells him she’ll find out soon enough. “But…two hundred thousand was the old price for this information, I want a new price.” Bellick’s not amused, “She’s trying to negotiate.” But Nika points out that if it wasn’t for her, he’d be face down in a marijuana farm. Nika names her new price, “one-third.” Bellick tells her it’s going to take a lot more than information for a million six, sweetpea. He wants a little piece of Nika whenever he wants it. Nika smiles, that’s all? Bellick asks “what happened to ‘never in a thousand years?'” Nika confesses, “that was negotiating,” and moves in, so that her lips almost touch Bellick’s, “Deal?” she asks. “Deal” says Bellick. They seal it with a kiss.

Sylvia’s in the kitchen counting money, “We’ve got a hundred and fifty grand, with Vittorio’s place in Solanas, we’ll be able to live off the interest.” She walks into the other room where the kids are coloring at a table, “Where’s your father?” she asks. The kids say nothing, but Sylvia knows the answer.

Abruzzi is in a sedan, checking the clip on his weapon, and one of his thugs asks if everything’s alright. “Yeah.” Abruzzi says, “Let’s get this over with. So I can get back to my family.”

In the shack, Lincoln expresses more concern over Michael trusting Nika, and Michael tries to allay his fears, “She’ll get it done. Nika and I’ve come too far together.” Lincoln says that when money’s on the line you trust no one. Michael disagrees, “Sometimes you have to.” Lincoln shakes his head, “Not if you want to survive you don’t.” Michael has a sad realization here, “You really don’t trust anyone do you?” Lincoln is stalwart, “Do you blame me? After all that’s happened?” Michael speaks quietly, “No, I mean before that. Before prison.” Linc is quick to respond, “Every time I put my trust in someone, I got burned. Every time I got close to someone I got screwed. I know better, so should you.”

Debra Jean is on her cell phone again, telling someone her location — the Lotus Motel. She tells the person on the other end that she needs to go just as Tweener enters the motel room. Tweener puts a couple of sodas down on the table with the ice bucket. He doesn’t mean to be forward, but wants to ask her something, “You got a man? A boyfriend?” He turns away embarrassed, “Aw man, what am I thinking… you’re Mormon-” Debra Jean cuts him off, “I’m not Mormon, you think all girls from Utah are Mormons?” Tweener: “They are, aren’t they?” Debra Jean rolls her eyes at him and goes into the bathroom, Tweener follows her, asking, “Yo, then you can party, right?” Debra Jean closes the door in his face.

Mahone’s on the move, packing up his materials as he barks out orders “When I land I want twelve armed agents waiting for me on the ground. Tell them I want to go straight to the hotel from the air strip.” Mahone’s team is on it.

Sara’s considering a piece of pie in the church reception area after the NA meeting. Kellerman’s next to her making himself a cup of coffee as well. “I was an ass before. I apologize.” he says. Sara stays pretty quiet, and Kellerman realizes he’s going to have to try a little harder. “I was a huge ass. I apologize.” Sara says she’s not going to argue with him. He tries to play a little humor into the situation, “I mean what were the odds that you were actually a doctor.” Sara softens a little, “Alright. Fair enough. Not good, but I shouldn’t have interrupted you and I’m sorry.” Kellerman says he’s sorry too and apologies are accepted all around. Sara recommends the blueberry pie and walks away.

T-Bag’s ride has stopped at a motel for the night. He sees young Danielle sitting by the pool reading and approaches her, “Hey there, Danny. Sure was nice of your daddy to buy me a room for the night.” Danny says her dad’s always helping out war vets. T-Bag looks at the magazine she’s reading, “Young Miss,” he says, “That’s kind of insulting, isn’t it? I mean, you’re a grown woman.” He laughs, and Danny looks at him oddly. T-Bag says adults are always trying to infantalize girls her age, treat them like children. Danny agrees, her dad won’t let her get earrings and she’s fourteen. T-Bag’s got her now, “See that’s what I mean, you are more than perfectly capable of making your own decisions.” Danny smiles, “Tell my Dad that…” T-Bag continues, “Yeah, but he don’t want to hear it right?” then he goes in for the kill, leaning in with a whisper, “Because he wants to keep you as a baby, right? Even though you’re more than old enough to choose how you wanna dress, ” he sneaks his arm around her, “or how you want to accessorize.” But Danielle is onto him in a flash, “What are you doing? I’m going to tell my Dad!” And she’s off, T-Bag chasing after her towards the hotel room. When he arrives Jerry’s in the room, arm around his daughter Danny and if looks could kill, T-Bag would be dead. T-Bag tells Jerry that Danny’s got it all wrong, but Jerry’s not buying it. He tells his daughter to go wait outside, picks up a clothing iron, and wraps the cord around it menacingly, “You and I are going to work this out,” he says. T-Bag warns Jerry in earnest, “You really don’t want to do this.”

Back at the shack, Nika’s giving Bellick a sultry lap dance. Bellick tells her he likes her determination. Nika says she’s got family in Klando waiting for her to send for them. Bellick asks her if they know what she does, and she says they think she works at Starbucks. As she kisses Bellick, her hand reaches for his gun. But Bellick’s way too smart for that, and pushes her off of him, snatching his gun away from her. He throws her back in the room with Lincoln and Michael. “My daddy always said, ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice and I put you in the ground.’ No more games or I stop the hooker’s air, understand? ” He refastens Nika’s ties to the pipe, and thanks her for the dance. As Bellick walks away, his hand reaches for his sheathed knife, and he’s stunned to find it’s gone, though he knows who took it -“Bitch.” Lincoln grabs him from behind, the knife gripped in his hand, ready to slice open Bellick’s throat. “Fooled ya.”

Geary shows up rolling a new tire into the shack, “I carried it, the cons can change it.” He enters the main room to find that Lincoln has Bellick’s gun trained on him. “Aw you suck Bellick, you know that?” says Geary as he turns to Bellick, who’s all tied up. They tie Geary up next to Bellick. Michael thanks Nika, she saved their butts again. Bellick tells Nika that she’s as stupid as the prison doc, Michael made her fall in love with him and what did she get for it? An overdose, and a shot at 30 years on the inside. Michael looks confused, and wants to know what Bellick’s talking about. Bellick’s only to happy to tell him that the cops found Sara fishbelly white. Michael’s shaken and tells him to shut up, but Bellick won’t stop, “What do you care – as long as she left that door open for ya.” Michael’s furious with Bellick, “Shut up!” Bellick’s pleased, “Hit a sore spot, didn’t I?” Michael kicks Bellick in the face, and walks out of the shack. Michael’s strong reaction to Bellick’s comments about Sara do not go unnoticed by Nika.

Danny exits a convenience store and sees her Dad’s car rolling out of the motel parking lot. But her Dad isn’t driving, it’s T-Bag, and he’s wearing her father’s baseball cap. He’s a little worse for wear, a few cuts and iron shaped bruises on his face but clearly he’s won whatever battle transpired. Danielle looks at T-Bag with horror, wondering what happened to her Dad.

Outside the church, Sara and Kellerman sit on the stoop, eating their pie. Kellerman says it’s about the best pie he’s ever had. “You know what it needs though,” he says, “Some crack.” Sara can’t help but laugh a little. “You know not a lot, a pinch.” he says. Sara chimes in, “A pinch of crack…” and Kellerman knows he’s on a role. “A pinch of crack. A pinch of crack, a dollop of smack, mmmmm, that’s good pie.” Sara’s starting to like this guy’s sense of humor, “That’s so wrong,” she says licking her fingers. Her cell phone rings and she answers; it’s Michael. She stands and walks away from Kellerman, “What do you want?” she asks. He tells her he doesn’t have much time, and that they’re probably listening to the call right now, but there’s a lot he wants to say, “Please don’t hang up on me,” he says with tears in his voice. Sara is flustered, but firm. “I don’t want to talk to you.” Michael goes on, “I heard about what happened. I want you to know. I want you to know how sorry I am. For everything.” Sara says ‘sorry’ is not going to do a whole lot of good with what she’s up against right now. Michael tells her to listen, “Anyone with any ties to me or my brother is in danger now.” Sara says she has no ties to either of them anymore, but Michael’s not hearing her – he tells her that there is a way he can protect her. He tells her it’s already in her possession. Sara’s head is about to explode, “What are you talking about?” she asks. “It was real Sara. You and me. It’s real,” Michael urges, as an eavesdropping Nika turns away. Sara loses her connection, “Michael? Michael?” Kellerman looks grimly into the distance from the stoop. He’s heard enough. Sara was talking to Michael Scofield.

Mahone’s on the road with his people, forces out – twelve black SUVs all with Feds in them. “How long to the motel,” he asks his driver. The driver tells him it’s approximately ten minutes. “Let’s make it five,” says Mahone.

Tweener’s all clean and shiny, fresh out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. Looking pleased, he tells Debra Jean he hasn’t taken a shower like that in forever. He notices that Debra Jean has her purse on her shoulder. “Where you going?” he asks. She tells him she was going to surprise him with tequila and limes. He says to hold up, he’ll go with her, but she tells him to relax, she’ll be back before he knows it. Tweener says she looks nervous, and she admits that she is. Tweener says, “Trust me girl, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I’m one of the good guys.” Debra Jean smiles but still looks apprehensive, “You seem like it.” She walks out of the room and Tweener is left alone looking a little apprehensive himself.

A black sedan pulls up outside The Globe Motel. Abruzzi gets out, and tells his driver to wait for him. The driver tells him that the motel manager left the door unlocked. Abruzzi walks to room 116, draws his gun and enters. No one’s there. He points the gun toward the bathroom, and is heading towards it when he hears tires squeal and car doors slam. Abruzzi looks confused for a moment, and then Mahone’s voice fills the room, “If you’re looking for the Rat, John, Fibonacci’s two-thousand miles from here.” Abruzzi goes to the window, asks Mahone who he is, local cops or Feds? Mahone says Feds, they only roll out the best for someone of Abruzzi’s stature. Abruzzi wants to know who turned on him, insists he deserves to know. Mahone says the man was facing a RICO rap, and didn’t want to go to prison, “And I’m sure you can appreciate that, knowing what you know about the place now. Whatever you’re thinking about doing, don’t. You are going back to Fox River today, – or the morgue, that’s your call.” John has his wife’s crucifix in his hand and he’s staring at it, “I’m coming out,” he says as he kisses the cross. “Weapons come out first, John.” But John has no intention of going back to Fox River, not today, not any day. Abruzzi whispers to himself, asking God forgiveness for what he is about to do. He walks out of the hotel room, Mahone telling him to go “easy” all the while. John reveals that he has a gun in his hand and Mahone tells him these are serious men here and they have instructions to shoot at the first sign of aggression -please, I’m asking you respectfully. Drop the weapon, kneel and put your hands on your head.” Abruzzi refuses, “I kneel only to God. And I don’t see him here.” Abruzzi raises his gun, and the men fire. Abruzzi is caught in the storm of bullets, and clutches to his wife’s crucifix. As the last life leaves his body, the cross drops to the pavement, and Abruzzi is left dead and bloody on the grass.

Debra Jean and Tweener drink tequila as Debra Jean confesses, “I think I screwed up. My dad’s an Air Force Colonel, total Nazi. One of those nightmare overprotective types. Well I called him, told him I was traveling with you, told him that we were staying in the same hotel room.” Debra Jean breaks into a fit of drunken giggles and Tweener shakes his head. “Girl, you’ve gots to learn how to lie, what were you thinking?” he tells her. She’s still laughing, “I know, I know, but for some reason I just don’t know how. He was mad enough when I told him I was staying in a hotel with a guy, but when I told him I was staying in a hotel with a guy I maybe sorta liked, well – he lost it.” Tweener is taken aback for a beat, and the two stare at each other across the bed intensely. Then Debra Jean leans in, and they kiss.

Michael and Nika stand next to Geary’s car. “At least let us take you into town,” Michael says. Nika shakes her head, if she’s seen with them, it’s only trouble for her, she can walk, it’s only a mile. Michael tells her that they never would have made it this far without her. Nika says “and now you’re crossing the border, without me.” Michael’s said this a hundred times, he’s going to say it again, “You can’t go where we’re going. It’s not a life for you.” This isn’t the answer Nika wanted, but it’s the one she knew she’d get, “Well, that’s it then,” she says, “so long for good.” They hug each other as Linc watches closeby. Done hugging Michael, she walks over to Linc. “Good luck,” she says, and as she wraps her arms around him, she grabs the gun tucked into the back of his pants. Michael is astounded as Nika turns the gun on them, telling him she loved him, “I thought I was going to get that back, but you just used me.” Michael tells her it’s not true. Nika says she deserves more than just being the girl that he calls when he needs something. Lincoln asks her if she really thinks she’s going to find the money in Utah, and she yells back, “I don’t care about the money in Utah. I don’t want any more crime. I turn you in, I get two-hundred thousand dollars,” she says, “Legal money.” She takes the cell phone from the dashboard of the car, “You’re the policeman’s problem now.” Michael’s eyes are trained on her face as he walks toward her and she begins to panic, “Don’t come any closer or I will shoot you,” she says. Lincoln steps forward, “No you won’t,” he pulls the gun’s clip out of his pocket and waves it in front of her. He takes the gun and the cell phone out of her hands and gets in the car. Michael stares at her for a moment, sadly, “Good luck to you,” he says, and gets in the car. The two brothers drive away leaving Nika standing on the side of the road all alone.

It’s night now, and Mahone’s back in the Command Center. Wheeler says that HQ called; they’re wondering why he didn’t intercept Abruzzi when he was walking into the hotel. Mahone replies confidently, “The man was a mob boss, the right move to do was to get him trapped.” But Wheeler and HQ aren’t done with Mahone, “They’re saying the way you played it, there was only one possible out come.” Mahone’s resilient, “HQ has a problem with the way I do things, they can pick up a gun and follow me into the field next time.” Mahone walks over to the bulletin board – and underneath the picture of Abruzzi, is an article about Fibonacci, (the article that he pinned there at the beginning of the episode). “Michael always knew that the Rat was the key to Abruzzi. We just put it out on the wire and Abruzzi bit.” Mahone takes a red marker and sloppily x’s out Abruzzi’s face. Wheeler hands Mahone a folder, “Speaking of Scofield, that crash was staged.” Mahone opens the file and reads. His expression is stony as he says, “Pig blood. Smart kid. The problem with being that clever is that sooner or later you end up getting too clever for your own good.” Mahone walks over to the board and stares at Michael’s mug shot. As he does, for just a split second, Michael’s photo becomes Shales’ photo. Wheeler says goodnight and leaves. Mahone continues to stare at the picture, as it once again morphs into Shales and then back again to Michael. Mahone violently rips the photo off the bulletin board, and leans against it, trying to catch his breath. We stay on Michael’s crumpled mug shot on the floor as Mahone informs it ominously, “You have no idea what you’re in for.”

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