EPISODE 121 “Go”

Airdate: 2006-05-08

Pope, the jagged blade aimed steadily at his throat, barks that Michael just added ten years to his sentence. Michael’s determination is undaunted. A walkie-talkie crackles on a nearby table as C.O. Mack radios in from the parking lot to inform Pope that Bellick’s truck is parked at the prison.Michael grabs Pope to tell Mack that Bellick is taking some personal time. Pope tries to stall Michael, prompting Michael to move closer, threatening, “Do you really want to find out how badly I want to get my brother out of here?” Pope radios back to Mack that Bellick is fine. Michael asks for one more thing.

“Have Lincoln transferred to the infirmary. He needs to be there overnight,” Michael says as he restrains Pope to his office chair. Pope radios the request and Michael puts a gag in Pope’s mouth. Michael apologizes as he wheels Pope into a closet. He tells Pope they can find Bellick under the guards’ room, and then knocks him unconscious with the walkie-talkie. Michael closes the doors, turns to the desk and dials out on the phone. He places the receiver on the desk and exits.

Smiling on his way out, Michael innocently tells Becky that Pope is on the phone with the Department of Corrections. He doesn’t want to be disturbed. Becky nods her understanding and tells Michael, “I hope he’s told you how highly he thinks of you. There’s no way he would have finished the Taj Mahal in time for their anniversary without your help.” Michael turns to leave.

Bellick, still hidden underground, continues to furiously rake his restraints against the jagged bolt.

Michael walks back into his cell. Sucre waits nervously on his bunk. Michael checks his watch, five minutes until tier-time and then an hour to get as far away from Fox River as they can.

Westmoreland puts the case for his glasses in his mouth as he cleans his bleeding wound. He puts a clean sock on the wound, the pain making every movement excruciating.

Counting down the minutes until the cell doors open, T-Bag glares across the tier and locks eyes with Abruzzi.

Tweener uses the peroxide on this P.I. jumpsuit to bleach it white. He panics when he sees that there are still blue spots on it. His late start may cost him the chance to get out tonight.

C-Note hops off his bunk and sees Trumpets watching him closely. Trumpets slides his thumb across his neck, showing his intentions for C-Note.

Michael asks Sucre, “You unscrewed the toilet, right?” But Sucre sits dazed and apologizes. “That’s five minutes we don’t have,” Michael snaps. Michael grabs the bolt and moves to dismantle the toilet, but Sucre dives to the bowl and vomits. A silence passes between them as each considers the consequences if the plan fails. The buzzer interrupts their thoughts as the cell doors in A-Wing slide open. Michael hands Sucre the bolt. “There’s no going back now.”

The inmates shuffle out of their cells. Michael and Sucre stay close to their cell door. Abruzzi is the first to arrive, and hands Sucre his white jumpsuit. Sucre stashes it under the bed. The rest of the team arrives, each con working to appear casual while also aware of the time constraints. C-Note hovers over the railing knowing that Trumpets is after him. Tweener arrives and passes his suit to Sucre. Angry about the conspicuous blue spots remaining on the garment, Sucre throws Tweener’s suit under the mattress. Michael asks them to block the door so he can finish unhooking the toilet.

Trumpets’ crew gathers around him. Someone slips a sharpened nail into Trumpet’s hands. “I want him dead. Anybody gets in the way, gets run over.” Trumpets marches to the stairs.

Bellick finally cuts through the restraints that tie his hands and feet together. He hears voices from above. C.O. Mack and C.O. Patterson fill their coffee cups in the break room above him. Bellick tries to cry out but he’s muffled by the tape across his mouth and the carpeted floor above him.

C-Note hovers next to Michael, knowing that Trumpets is on his way. C-Note whispers “How many more screws?”

Trumpets pushes his way up to the second tier and the cons see him coming. As Trumpets moves to enter Michael’s cell, Abruzzi cuts him off, casually telling him he hasn’t seen C-Note. Trumpets tells the cons that they need to clear out and his thugs move in. Abruzzi steps aside and lets him enter the cell.

Michael sits on the bottom bunk and looks up at Trumpets. “Something you need?” he asks. Trumpets looks under the bed, but C-Note is nowhere in sight.

Behind the wall, C-Note sits quietly.

Nick sits across from Veronica, his gun on the coffee table between them. S the realization sinks in that Nick has been lying to her all this time, Nick justifies his actions. He explains that he was working to prove Lincoln was innocent and that Abruzzi’s men approached him after he took up the case. In exchange for watching her, Abruzzi’s people had someone already doing life in prison confess to the murder that his father was accused of. Nick tells her that no one is going to get hurt in this as long as Michael gives up Fibonnaci’s location. Veronica is stunned at Nick’s naiveté, give all they’ve gone though. Nick’s cell phone rings. He grabs the gun and forces Veronica to her feet.

As Westmoreland climbs through the wall, Michael hands him a white. Sucre drops a sheet across the cell door to provide cover as the rest of the team follows.

No longer hog-tied, Bellick struggles to his feet, doing his best to get attention.

Michael reaches past T-Bag and hands the next suit to Abruzzi. “Age before beauty,” T-Bag hisses as Abruzzi disappears. Sucre is last and asks Michael if he has the key to the infirmary. Michael replies, “Not exactly.” He empties some foot powder into his pockets.

Sara stands along Lake Michigan, the weight of Michael’s request on her mind.

Behind the wall, Michael pulls the toilet back into position, covering their tracks.

The other cons have moved a shelf in the boiler room to reveal the hole Michael started during the riots. Michael moves tells them they’re ten minutes behind. He jumps into the wall and the other inmates follow.

Bellick rubs the duct tape on his mouth against the edge of the hole, hoping to get it loose.

Michael moves through the now-familiar tunnels. Suddenly the pipes fill with Bellick’s cries for help. Michael halts and listens for a moment as Bellick yells again.

Patterson and Mack walk past the Guard’s Room. Mack stops and looks back, “Did you hear that?” They go back to the Guard Room to investigate.

T-Bag rushes up behind Bellick and clamps his hand over Bellick’s mouth as Mack and Patterson enter the room above them. T-Bag holds a blade close to Bellick’s face and they wait.

Mack and Patterson look around the Guard Room. They don’t see anyone. Mack swears he heard something, but the guards return to their rounds.

Michael tells T-Bag he needs Bellick’s hat and jacket. T-Bag drags Bellick through the pipes.

Sara sits in her car, collecting her thoughts. When she steps out, she’s at Fox River.

Where the underground pipes meet, Bellick is on his knees while the cons wait for Michael to get his uniform. The venom in Bellick’s voice is palpable as he observes, “Brains of the outfit, huh Scofield? He’s leading you off a cliff boys,” Bellick’s eyes grow wide when he sees Tweener emerge from the pipe. Bellick locks eyes with him. He’s about to tell the cons that Tweener betrayed them, but Tweener punches him and forces the duct tape back into Bellick’s mouth.

Veronica begs for her life in Nick’s car. Nick repeats his mantra that she’ll be fine as long as Michael tells them what they need to hear. Nick forces himself to move on and pulls a pillowcase over her head.

Michael orders the men to put on their bleached coveralls and that he’ll be back in a moment. C-Note wants to know where he’s going and shouts down the pipes, but Michael is already gone. Frustrated, the cons put on their jumpsuits.

Michael walks through the prison bowels until he finds a small utility box. He takes a handful of the foot powder from his pocket and blows it on the keys. When he leans in, he sees the powder has stuck to keys 1, 3, 5, and 8. Michael presses the numbers at random and between each sequence watches to see if the red light above the box will turn green. Each combination he tries doesn’t seem to work.

Charles moves his hand over his jacket; he’s bleeding through his clothes. C-Note notices but says nothing.

Far from Fox River, two men sit at a conference table. The first man suggests that they deal with the Vice President in simple terms and fire her. He continues on to say, “She’s plummeting in the polls. If we keep her as our candidate, we are handing the Presidency to her opponent. And then everything we hoped to gain with Caroline in office, it’s all gone.” The second man asks how can they be sure that Reynolds will stay quiet about what she knows.

Samantha Brinker steps in, offering her opinion of the Vice President. The only thing she desires is to become President. Without that, she has nothing to lose, and if they try and take her down, she might come clean on everything and everyone.

Sara walks down the infirmary hallway and the elevator opens. Lincoln is marched past Sara into the examining rooms. Sara’s face registers what this means; it’s happening tonight. She unlocks her office door and walks in. When she looks up, she looks at the vials of morphine across the room.

As the cons wait helplessly for Michael to return, Manche begins to panic. “Are we supposed to just stand here?” Sucre tells him that he doesn’t know. They have no choice but to wait.

Becky looks at the phone on her desk. Warden Pope’s line is still lit.

The buzzing of an alarm goes off across the yard. The cons look up, worried. At the utility box, Michael, too, is startled by the siren.

“We’re screwed!” T-Bag cries as Michael returns to the group. He tells them to move forward. The team is panicked, assuming the alarm if for them, but Michael explains, “It’s the fire alarm to the Psych Ward. I set it off.” Michael pushes past the escapees and up the ladder to the grate outside Psych Ward.

Due to the alarm, the inmates from Psych Ward filter out into the dark yard. Michael peeks up as a herd of white jumpsuits draws near.

A jet plane lands and taxis onto a remote airstrip. The pilot steps out with Maggio, saying, “We’re in the sticks. You know how many people must have heard a jet like this land?” Maggio isn’t concerned and holds a police scanner close to him.

A Psych Ward orderly walks out and tells the inmates that it was a false alarm and guides them in back inside. When the inmates far enough away from the grate, Michael and the cons climb out and follow. What they don’t know is that someone else is watching them from a distance.

Michael leads the men into Psych Ward, “Hold up!” he barks to Sklar, the orderly who mans the front desk, “Got some stragglers.” The cons slide through the doors. Sklar singles out Tweener, whose uniform still betrays the blue of the PI unit. “Wait a second. That ain’t whack shack-issued.” Michael plays the roll of C.O., ordering everyone to stay put. Sklar pulls Michael aside and whispers, “That’s John Abruzzi right there.” Michael agrees, feigns cooperation and asks Sklar if he has any sedative he can use to put John down. Sklar hands Michael a syringe who turns to Abruzzi, but instead sinks the needle into Sklar’s neck; he collapses on the floor. The cons take off down the hall.

Veronica begs Nick to stop. He pulls the car over and yanks the pillowcase off her head. He tells her that she needs to get to the airport and go to Blackfoot. He puts her in a cab, and as the cab pulls away, Nick flips open his phone, “Dad, you still got the key to my apartment? Meet me there.”

In the Psych Ward basement, the cons open the access hatch and drop into the tunnels that will lead them to the infirmary. Michael stops Tweener as the other cons climb down. Michael, calmly but intensely, tells Tweener, “I know what you did.” He makes it clear that once they’re on the outside Tweener will go his own way.

Sara hurries to leave the infirmary. Nurse Katie catches her on the way out and tells her about the fire alarm from Psych Ward. When she tries to continue the conversation, Sara just lowers her head and hurries out.

The men rush down the concrete tunnel, but Westmoreland drags behind. C-Note notices and doubles back. “Look, maybe it’s not worth it if it’s going to kill you,” he tells him. Westmoreland insists that he’s fine.

Again, someone stands nearby them, invisible, but closely following.

Sara walks through the secure lobby of the infirmary with Katie behind her. A C.O. locks the metal bars behind them, then disappears around the corner. Michael sticks his head out then darts down the hall. Once clear, he motions to the men and they file down the hall.

Vice President Reynolds throws her drink glass into the fireplace. Agent Kellerman thinks she’s overacting to the news that she was uninvited to a literacy fundraiser. The Vice President believes the Company is giving up on her and thinks she’s no long their candidate. Kellerman disagrees, thinking instead that the Company is doing this to test her and she needs to be strong.

Lincoln sits on an examining table while a C.O. rambles about how he plans to modify his truck. The C.O. sees Lincoln’s eyes move and turns to see Michael and the cons circling around. The C.O. puts his hands up, “I ain’t a hero for fourteen dollars an hour. You do what you will.” Michael makes him uncuff Lincoln, and T-Bag knocks him out with one punch. He hovers over the C.O. and notices the handcuffs locked to the table.

Charging in the front door of his apartment, Nick calls for his father. Nick’s father enters the living room followed by the man in the trench coat who spoke with Nick at the cell phone store. The man stands confidently, gun in hand.

Becky looks over at Pope’s line again. Too concerned not to, she reaches for the phone, but has second thoughts. She hesitates, presses the intercom button and hears the call. A voice on the line announces, “Welcome to Laugh Line! Just $2.99 a minute!”

The man in the trench coat asks Nick where Veronica is. Gone, Nick tells him. Now frustrated, the man raises his gun to the head of Nick’s father. Nick tells him he can find Veronica. “And will you have her here in front of me in the next two minutes?” the man asks. Nick pauses, then tries to explain why he can’t. The man fires a single shot and his father collapses. The man again asks Nick for Veronica’s location. Nick doesn’t answer. The man fires his a bullet into Nick’s shoulder. He moves closer and asks one more time. Nick laughs, “She’s about a million miles away from here. You’re never going to find her.” The man fires his gun directly at Nick.

The cons move through the halls to the infirmary door. Michael’s shoulders tense as he reaches out and grabs the doorknob. Michael turns to the gang, then turns the knob. Michael smiles, “We’re in.”

Sara sits in her car devastated about what she’s just done.

The cons move into action, “First we gotta get that window out, then we have to get the bars off.” Michael moves back out the door and down the hall.

Westmoreland turns away and hunches over, blood soaking through his jumpsuit.

Michael grabs a fire hose from the wall and unrolls it. He hands one end to C-Note and Abruzzi hurries to unravel the rest.

Becky knocks on the Warden’s office door and walks in. She looks around the office but doesn’t see him.

Sucre ties the fire hose to the bars on the window while Abruzzi ties his end off inside the elevator. Michael presses the down button, and the door slides shut, but, due to the hose, it bounces back open. Michael presses the button again; again the same result. T-Bag reminds Michael that they have fifteen minutes to get over the wall. Tweener pushes through the group, into the elevator, and presses the down button. The cons hurry for cover and watch the bars pull free from the window – the weight of the elevator blows them off easily.

Becky and C.O. Stolte walk into Pope’s office. She tells Stolte that she is certain she didn’t see Pope walk out.

The cons remove their white jumpsuits and hand them to Michael. Michael looks up and sees an unwelcome guest. Haywire creeps in with a C.O. radio in his hands. Michael tries to keep Haywire calm and Haywire demands to be part of the escape or he’s calling for the guards. Lincoln doesn’t hesitate: Haywire is in. They need to move.

Lincoln climbs out the window and grabs the thick cable leading from the infirmary to the far wall. Abruzzi piles the jumpsuits on Lincoln’s upside-down body. Lincoln climbs for the wall.

Stolte asks another C.O. guarding the hallway if he saw Pope leave. The C.O. says no and that he’d know – he hasn’t left his post since he punched in.

Lincoln moves across the cable and almost slips, but he regains his grip and makes it to the barbed wire lined wall. Lincoln throws the jumpsuits on the barbed wire, creating a gap. He signals Abruzzi who climbs out and begins to cross. Once on the other side, Abruzzi shimmies down a pipe and to the street below.

Westmoreland gasps and collapses to the floor. Michael and C-Note rush to his aid. C-Note pulls up his sweatshirt to reveal the wound. Michael tells him he only has a short way to go before he’s out. Westmoreland’s face is white as he clings to life. As the inmates continue their escape, Westmoreland makes Michael promise to take care of his daughter once he’s over the wall. Michael promises. Westmoreland reveals his secret, “The money’s buried under a silo at the Double K Ranch, just outside of Tooele, Utah. There’s plenty to split.” C-Note and Michael listen closely, “The government didn’t want any more embarrassment when I took off with that money, so they low-balled it in the papers. Truth is, Michael, it’s not one million under that silo, there’s five million dollars there.” C-Note and Michael look around; T-Bag heard.

Becky walks into the Warden’s office again, followed by C.O.s Stolte, Patterson and Mack. They’ve checked the prison; Pope isn’t anywhere to be found. Patterson suggests trying Pope’s cell.

Michael clenches Westmoreland’s hand, “Give Anna her Poppa’s love.” Michael smiles and says he will. T-Bag, meanwhile, grabs the cable, and starts his climb. Michael helps Charles be more comfortable as C-Note’s turn comes up and he goes out the window.

Becky, phone to her ear, stands silent. Suddenly, they hear the quiet chirping of a cell phone from inside the office. They turn and follow the sound: the closet. Becky opens the doors and gasps as the C.O.s call for back up. Becky removes the gag and Pope mumbles out, “Sound the alarm!”

Manche tells Michael they need to go. Westmoreland gives his last piece of advice to Michael – don’t look back. Once Michael stands, Charles’ eyes glass over. He’s gone.

Manche, seeing the fragile cable, sends Michael ahead. Once Michael grabs it, alarms and spotlights fire up across the prison. Lincoln calls for his brother to hurry. Manche watches nervously from the window, but can’t wait any longer. He grabs the cable and climbs out.

With only inches to freedom for Michael, the cable tears free from the wall under Manche’s weight. Michael crashes against the wall, Manche lands in the yard. Lincoln reaches down to grab his brother’s hand but can’t reach it.

Manche stands and hobbles towards the wall. Several guards charge towards him with shotguns poised. After securing Manche, one of the C.O.s notices the cable. He looks up to the see the white jumpsuits across the razor wire. Michael is gone.

He made it over.

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