EPISODE 111 “And Then There Was 7”

Airdate: 2005-11-14

Another day begins in the grim confines of Fox River. Michael walks over to his cell’s sink, splashes water on his face and takes a deep breath.He flashes back to a few months ago. Inside a high-end jewelry store, Michael removes his sunglasses and indicates, “That one.” A salesman removes a platinum wedding ring from the display case. The salesmen comments, “She’s a lucky woman.” Michael holds the ring up and observes it. “Yes. She is.”

Back in the present, Sara shines a flashlight into Michael’s eyes during his infirmary visit. Michael notices that she still has the origami flower he made for her. She claims she kept it because she’s a “pack rat,” but Michael smiles as he sarcastically notes the lack of clutter in the doctor’s office. The joking takes on a flirtatious tone as Sara notes, “Well, you should see my apartment.” Michael replies, “Haven’t even had our first date and already you’re inviting me in. And here I thought you were a nice girl.” Sara puts a stethoscope to Michael’s chest and asks him to breathe in and exhale. The two lock eyes, the sexual tension between them escalating until Katie, Sara’s nurse, interrupts their intimate silence. “Sara, we’re backing up out here.” Sara snaps back to reality and leaves the office to get Michael’s insulin shot. As soon as she’s gone, Michael removes two tubes of toothpaste from his pockets and squats near the grate on the floor. Michael squeezes the Copper Sulfate and Phosphoric Acid into the drain. When that’s done, he stands up and looks into out the window. His eyes follow the telephone wire hanging over the yard and then down to a pair of C.O.s walking their rounds. He focuses on a section of the grass directly underneath the infirmary.

Frustrations are running high in the cabin. Veronica’s fear for their safety is increasing and she notes that all she wants is to free Lincoln. Nick tells her there are now larger issues to deal with besides Lincoln. While exonerating Lincoln is what prompted their involvement, the situation has escalated and there is more at stake now. The Vice President used millions of dollars from Ecofield research grants to fund her campaign for the Presidency. This battle no longer ends with saving Lincoln Burrows. But Veronica tells him that for her, it does. Nick walks off, fed up with Veronica.

Outside the cabin, Quinn looks in from his hiding spot among the trees. He raises a piece of sandpaper and begins to press it hard against his face, scraping a large section of his cheek.

Inside the guards’ room, on P.I., the team furthers their progress digging the hole. Abruzzi orders C-Note to stop working in the hole and to switch with T-Bag. T-Bag can’t pass up a chance to take a racially motivated verbal stab at C-Note and the two get in each other’s face. Lincoln plays referee and steps in before the two can throw any punches. C-Note wonders aloud why Abruzzi hasn’t had to do any of the hard work yet. Abruzzi tells him it’s because he’s handling things on the outside. That makes him management. C-Note isn’t entirely pleased with this structuring of authority, but before he can do anything, Sucre swings in through the front door and tells the gang that a C.O. is headed their way. They quickly take their positions and cover the hole in what has become a well practiced dance. The C.O. walks in and looks around until he sees Michael. “Scofield. Move it. It’s time for your conjugal. Your wife is here.” The rest of the crew, including Lincoln, share a confused look, but Michael just coolly walks outside.

Bellick stands in the frisk room, eyeing the mysterious “Mrs. Scofield” with interest, but she doesn’t respond to his attempts at small talk. A female C.O. gives the all clear and Mrs. Scofield, a.k.a. Nika, walks by him. Bellick asks, “She look familiar to you?” But the female C.O. hasn’t seen her before.

Nika walks into the conjugal room where Michael is waiting. He smiles when he sees her; there’s warmth and compassion between the two. Michael notices she’s still wearing the ring he gave her. Nika responds that she’s worried about him and wears it as a reminder. Nika asks if there’s anything more she can do to help, but Michael asks only what they agreed on. She nods, reaches under her blouse and removes a gold credit card. She hands it Michael, wondering, “Why would you need a credit card in prison?”

Sara and Katie walk down the stairs of the infirmary building discussing the latest budget cuts. The governor has taken additional money away from the prison’s health care, and Katie comments sarcastically, “Maybe he thinks he cuts enough, they won’t be able to afford you.” When they reach the bottom, Sara turns down the hall and halts in surprise when she sees Michael embracing Nika. Nika gives Michael a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Sara, stunned, quickly walks the opposite way.

Back in the frisk room, Michael endures the post-conjugal frisk procedure as Bellick looks on, shooting disrespectful remarks Michael’s way in an effort to provoke him about his wife. Bellick goes so far as to taunt Michael with, “Damn if I don’t recognize her from somewhere. Maybe she visits some other con? Killing two birds with one bone, catch my drift?” The other C.O. finishes his search of Michael. Michael keeps his mouth shut. He grabs his clothes and walks out of the room.

T-Bag swings his shovel in the hole while the rest of the men pour the concrete rubble behind the newly lain sheetrock. T-Bag continues to bait C-Note. C-Note’ retort, claiming that T-Bag has won the “redneck trifecta.” Earns a laugh from the entire crew. T-Bag throws down his sledgehammer in frustration. “You know, it vexes me that somehow I’m made out to be the bad guy in the room. Not like the rest of y’all are incarcerated for stealing Girl Scout cookies.” Abruzzi notes, “None of us murdered the Girl Scouts in the process.” Sucre jumps in the front door again with a giant grin on his face, he tells them that Michael is coming back from his conjugal. Sucre asks Michael why he never said anything about a wife, but Michael silences Sucre with a sternly toned, “Later.” The others have concerns, too. Upset that Michael scheduled a conjugal in the middle of P.I., Abruzzi asks, “While we’re digging this hole, what are you doing?” Michael smiles. “Goin’ shopping.”

Back in their cell, Sucre makes sure the coast is clear and Michael reveals the credit card from the stitching in his jacket. Sucre warns Michael that if the guards catch him with that, he’ll be done for. But Michael isn’t worried, they won’t be catching him with a credit card. Michael peels the backing off the credit card leaving only a piece of white plastic with a magnetic strip. Michael flashes back to his apartment where several instruction manuals to security systems are spread across the desk. Michael places a white card into machine that allows him to program a pin number onto the card. When the programming is complete, he applies stickers to the card to make it look like a credit card.

Back in the prison, Michael goes about his routine of surreptitiously climbing up through the catwalks. He makes his way until he reaches a door at the end of the hallway. Through the door’s window, he looks across the way to another door with a sign that reads, “RECEIVING AND DISCHARGE.” When the coast is clear, he opens to the door and removes the card from his pocket. He swipes it through a security device on the wall that resembles the device Michael studied in his flashback. The Receiving door pops open. Inside the room are rows upon rows of shelves, each one with labeled boxes on them. The boxes each contain the belongings of the inmates that were taken off of them the day they entered prison. Michael begins to scan the boxes, looking for his.

Veronica starts, hearing a knock on the cabin door. She walks into the living room and wakes Nick and LJ up. Before they can discuss what to do, a voice cries out from outside the door. “Help! Please! I was…I was in an accident!” Nick, Veronica and LJ whisper between them, trying to decide on a plan of action. Veronica finally convinces Nick and LJ to let the stranger in. Nick keeps his gun close to him and opens the door to find Quinn, bloodied and limping. He claims that he was in a massive car accident. Nick turns his back to get a medical kit and Quinn shoots Nick in his right shoulder. As Nick’s body lies motionless on the floor, Quinn tells a shocked LJ and Veronica, “No one’s going anywhere.”

Veronica’s eyes are wild with fear; her mouth is taped shut with duct tape. Across the room, LJ is bound in the same fashion. Quinn digs into Nick’s pockets, removes the pistol, then drags LJ into the bedroom and closes the door. Quinn slowly moves back to the couch and begins his interrogation of Veronica. “Do you know how many pints of blood the human body has? The answer is ten. Ten pints. And how many do you think prince charming over there on the floor has left? Eight? Going on seven?” Quinn tells Veronica that if she tells him everything they know about Lincoln’s case and anyone else they might have told about the findings, he might consider letting her go in time to save Nick. “You decide whose life is more valuable. The man waiting to die on death row… or the man wishing he’d die out in the woodshed.”

Hidden safely in the prison bowels, Michael begins going through the bag from Receiving and Discharge. As he removes the items from the bag. he flashes back to his first day at Fox River. As a C.O. recites the things he’s placing into Michael’s bag, Michael, in the present, sets them down on the floor of the bowels. “One suit, black. One pair of socks, black. One pair of shoes. Shoelaces. One small tape recorder. One gold watch.” Everything is there… except the gold watch. Michael crumples up the empty bag in frustration.

In the cabin bedroom, Quinn strips the tape off LJ’s mouth. In a very paternal manner, he promises LJ that he will gladly clean up this mess that LJ has made. Quinn goes on to ask if Lincoln, a convicted felon many times over, is a man worth dying for. If he’s a man worth putting Nick and Veronica’s lives on the line for. LJ refuses to give Quinn any information, so Quinn puts the tape back on LJ’s mouth and exits the room.

Walking along the yard’s fence line, Westmoreland tells Michael about his new cellmate. “Some new fish. Ran a bump and swipe on an off duty cop. Fast hands, faster mouth.” Then, speak of the devil, Tweener bounces towards them. Westmoreland introduces Michael to Tweener, who immediately asks to be part of P.I.. Michael tells him it’s full right now and Tweener, disappointed, heads off. Once Tweener’s out of earshot, Michael asks Westmoreland if he’s ever heard about things being stolen from Receiving and Discharge. Westmoreland laughs. “Bulls steal from the personals all the time.” Michael presses for more information, but Westmoreland wants to keep his nose clean of whatever Michael is up to. C.O. Patterson yells to Westmoreland from outside the fence, “Pope wants to see you.” Before Westmoreland walks away, he tells Michael that there is one C.O. who is a notorious thief.

C.O. Geary walks down the hall with a file in his hand, and Michael’s gold watch strapped to his left wrist. He hands the file to Bellick; inside is a copy of Michael’s marriage license. Bellick studies the file with relish. “Says here they got married the day before Scofield robbed that bank.” He wonders why Michael would do that.

Through the fence line of his pen, Lincoln worries about how long it’s been since his last communication from LJ and Veronica. Michael doesn’t respond; he trains his focus across the yard on Geary and the watch on his wrist.

Nick is propped up in the woodshed, a pool of blood on the ground. Quinn sits next to him, still trying to glean exactly what evidence Nick and Veronica have gathered. Nick’s fingers slowly creep towards a loose log on the ground. Quinn notices and tells Nick that the bullet damaged the muscles in his shoulder and there’s no way he’ll be able to move his arm enough to hit Quinn with the log. Nick makes his move anyway and immediately screams in pain. Quinn smiles. “Come on, Nick. Mr. Project Justice. We both know why you’re really here… don’t we? And it ain’t to save Lincoln Burrows’ life.”

Michael walks into Westmoreland and Tweener’s cell where he finds Tweener rapping out a song he has written about his experience in Fox River. Michael asks Tweener if he wants in on P.I. work. Tweener says of course and Michael asks for a favor. He knows Tweener has fast hands and hopes he might be able to steal the watch back from Geary. Michael fills Tweener in on the type of watch. Tweener reveals that it’ll be a hard swipe, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do the job. “That just means I’m gonna have to get whimsical on this ficky.”

Westmoreland enters Pope’s office and sits down. Pope removes his glasses and heaves a sigh. “Your daughter is very sick, she’s got esophageal cancer,” Pope grimly tells Westmoreland. His daughter only has a few weeks to live, but the Department of Corrections won’t let Charles see her because they feel he might still be a flight risk. Westmoreland is stunned, and Pope continues to say that Westmoreland will only be granted a furlough to see her at her funeral. Westmoreland can’t believe this logic. “You’re telling me I’ve got to wait until she dies before I can see her?”

Michael sits in the infirmary. Nurse Katie enters and begins to prepare Michael’s shot. As Michael looks to the infirmary waiting room where Sara averts his gaze, Katie explains that she will be taking care of him today. Suddenly, there’s a commotion in the hallway. Katie and Sara greet Geary, who brings Tweener in on a gurney. There’s food all over his chest and he appears to be having a seizure. Then, in the middle of the chaos, Tweener locks eyes with Michael through a window and gives a wink and a smile. Michael looks to Geary, his wrist now bare. Michael smiles.

Veronica has moved her chair closer to a wood burning stove inside the cabin. She holds the plastic cuffs that bind her hands as close as she can, hoping to melt them. When she hears the bolt on the door, she quickly moves away from the furnace, and Quinn enters. Quinn begins his interrogation anew, telling her that it’s her fault that people around her are dying. “If you had just minded your own business, people like Leticia Barris wouldn’t have a mouthful of maggots right about now. Your fiancé wouldn’t be lying in his apartment waiting for the smell of his rotting corpse to let the neighbors know something has gone horribly wrong.” He stands and grabs an oil lantern from the wall, threatening to light her on fire if she doesn’t cooperate. He unscrews the cap, but before he can turn back, Veronica stands and smashes the chair against Quinn’s face. Quinn collapses to the ground.

Veronica charges into LJ’s room and frees him from the chair. The two scramble into the wood shed to find a barely conscious Nick. Veronica grabs Nick’s car keys and throws them to LJ who turns and sprints to get the car started. He jumps in the driver’s seat, but the ignition wires have been ripped out. BANG! The rear window shatters. LJ looks back to see Quinn standing 20 yards away, gun raised. LJ takes off into the woods.

Westmoreland taps the gold watch on the door or Michael’s cell, “A gift from my cellmate.” Westmoreland then tells Michael, “I want in.” Michael tells Westmoreland in a measured tone that everyone involved in the escape is bringing something to the plan. Westmoreland offers to bring money. Michael replies, “I seem to remember several conversations that ended with ‘I am not D.B. Cooper.'” Westmoreland claims that he was lying. But Michael says he’s already researched Westmoreland’s earlier claim that he was in jail during the time of the Cooper hijacking and found it to be true. Westmoreland informs Michael, “Turns out my father and I shared more than a weakness for easy money. We also shared a name. Charles Westmorland senior was the one locked up that day. Now do you want the money or not?” Michael doesn’t respond, not quite ready to believe a man who has no proof other than his word.

In his cell, Michael makes sure the coast is clear, then begins to assemble a strange device using the gold watch, the shoelaces, the black socks and the mini tape recorder.

The dig continues inside the guard room. This time T-Bag is harping on Sucre and the laziness of “the Latino population.” Sucre notes that the lazy people aren’t the ones working two jobs; the lazy ones are the people at home collecting unemployment. T-Bag turns to C-Note, “You gonna let him talk about your people like that?” But C-Note doesn’t take the bait. He simply walks up to T-Bag and warns, “We may be a team in here. But just so you know, it’s every man for himself.”

Out on yard P.I., Michael sneaks away from his work group over to a spot beneath the infirmary window. He squats down and digs a small hole. He slips the tape recorder device from his pocket and puts it in the hole, but before he can finish burying it, a C.O. barks orders for him to return to the rest of the group. As Michael walks away, he looks back and sees a piece of the device poking out above ground.

LJ and Veronica each run through the woods, trying in vain to find the other. Veronica stumbles into a clearing. Quinn emerges from the woods, gun trained on her. As he walks towards her, he explains that the Russian mafia doesn’t kill their target, but kills their friends and loved ones instead. “Speaking of people you love… what exactly is Michael Scofield doing in Fox River anyhow?” Veronica tries to keep Quinn walking towards her because between them is a concealed well opening. Quinn sees it, amused at Veronica’s feeble attempt to lure him into the well. But mid-sentence, LJ explodes from the woods and shoves Quinn from behind, sending Quinn down the well.

Michael paces in his cell. In the ground beneath the infirmary, the watch strikes ten. This triggers the mini tape recorder to begin recording. Above the device, a couple of guards walk over it, and narrowly miss stepping on it.

Bellick sits at his desk, holding Nika’s file open and looking closely at her photo. He looks up and smiles.

Later that night, Bellick struts into a strip club. A scantily clad woman greets Bellick by first name. He nods and continues into the club as an announcer invites patrons to welcome Jasmine to the stage. Bellick halts as Jasmine emerges. A smile spreads on his face as he finds what he came in search of: Nika, a.k.a Mrs. Scofield.

Quinn looks up out of the well and makes a call on his cell phone. He barks at Kellerman, “Come get me! I’m in New Glarus!”

Nika strolls to a dark corner of the club where Bellick is sitting. She offers Bellick a private dance but he wants to chat. He asks if her husband knows about her working there, but Nika claims she’s not married. Bellick leans forward. “I hope you’re lying for the sake of titillation, otherwise your little visit to Fox River this morning would have been breaking the law, Mrs. Scofield.” Nika, a bit rattled, says that it’s better for business if she says she’s not married. Bellick isn’t interested and wants to know more about what Michael wanted in exchange for her green card. She continues to mislead him, but Bellick threatens to have her deported. Nika cracks, saying that all he wanted from her was a credit card. She gets up and walks away, disgusted. Bellick mulls this piece of information.

In the chapel, Westmoreland sits next to Michael in a pew. Westmoreland whispers, “Dorothy Andrews Elston Kabis. United States Treasurer in 1971, the year of the DB Cooper hijacking. DI19258A, first number in the series of bills used for the ransom drop.” Michael, still unimpressed, tells Westmoreland, “All that proves is that you did the research – same as me.” Westmoreland stands up and passes Michael a Bible before walking out. Inside the Bible, Michael finds a one hundred dollar bill with a serial number that matches the one Westmoreland just recited.

In the yard, Michael digs up the device. Sara calls to him from the other side of the fence. “So you’re married.” Michael tries continue his flirtation from the other day, but Sara cuts him off. Sara wants to know all of Michael’s secrets, but Michael stands silent. She tells him that being a prison doctor, she expects to get attention from inmates. But she’s enjoying it with Michael, and that’s dangerous. There are too many questions surrounding Michael. She can’t trust him and therefore she demands that all their interactions from now on remain strictly doctor/patient. As Sara leaves, Michael tells her, “The questions you have about me, there are answers.” Sara just keeps on walking.

“Quinn!” Kellerman yells as he and Hale approach the well. Quinn calls back and asks what took them so long. Hale explains that they tried to call him to get an exact location, but they couldn’t get through. Quinn apologizes, revealing that his phone’s battery had died. Quinn attempts to reconcile with Kellerman, but Kellerman is not one to forgive a grudge. He drags a large piece of wood over the top of the well. Quinn begs for Kellerman to stop, but his cries soon become muffled. Hale tells Kellerman that they can’t leave him in the well. Kellerman responds, “He’s the only one who knows we don’t have the Burrows kid. The only one.” When Hale tries to argue, Kellerman threatens to put Hale in the well too.

In their cell, Sucre looks on as Michael pulls out the mini recorder, checks his watch and pushes play. There’s nothing but the sound of wind as Sucre paces the cell. After a seemingly unending silence, the sound of keys jingling is picked up by the recorder. Michael explains the significance. “Footsteps. Guards’ footsteps. And eighteen minutes is how long we have between each time the guards pass underneath the infirmary window during their rounds at night.” Michael leans back, another item on his list checked off, “It means four days from now, on the night of the escape, we’ll have eighteen minutes to get the bars off the infirmary window, and get all seven of us across the wire and over the wall.” Sucre looks worried. Seven people over the wall in eighteen minutes. “Is that doable?” Michael answers, “Yes.” But doubt darkens his expression.

Inside the guard room, Michael stands off to the side. Lincoln approaches him and asks him what the problem is. Before Michael can answer, Sucre strikes the metal pipe that they’ve been working so hard to reach. The team sets aside their differences long enough to celebrate having taken one more step toward freedom. Lincoln presses Michael about what’s on his mind. Michael says there is good news and bad news. The good is that Westmoreland and his money are now part of the plan. The bad news, “I did the math. I figure it’s going to take at least five minutes to get the bars off the window in the infirmary. And two minutes each for us to make it across the wire and over the wall. We’ve only got eighteen minutes. We’ve got too many people. One of them has to go.”

Michael looks over the elated faces in the guards’ room, one of which will not be able to go on the escape.

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