EPISODE 102 “Allen”

Airdate: 2005-08-29

In the yard, Michael and Westmoreland square off in a game of checkers. Michael’s intelligent play earns praise from Westmoreland. Michael hints to Westmoreland about his plan to escape. Westmoreland chuckles, “Three days inside and he’s already thinking about turning rabbit.” Westmoreland tells Michael that there are more immediate pressures to worry about; racial tension is dividing the prison population and the pot threatens to boil over soon.In his cell, Michael examines part of the tattoo on his forearm… it appears to be a design. After a moment, he lifts a mirror and the design becomes words and numbers. It reads: SCHWEITZER ALLEN 11121147 which Michael jots down on a pad of paper. Sucre stands at the toilet but it won’t flush. Sucre looks at Michael with alarm. “That means only one thing, Fish.” The voice of an unseen C.O. roars through the prison, “SHAKEDOWN!”

Prisoners jettison a storm of contraband from their cells onto the prison floor below. Several heavily armed guards march into the wing and they begin shaking down cells. Sucre tells Michael to look under the table; Michael reaches under it and finds a well-crafted metal shank. “What the hell is this?” Michael says and slowly turns around. Before Sucre can answer, Bellick is standing at the cell door. Bellick barks at a nearby C.O. to open the door. “So, tooling up for the race war, are we?” he asks Michael. Warden Pope walks up. “Is there a problem here, Deputy?” Bellick tells Pope about the shank and Pope asks Michael if it’s his. Michael doesn’t respond. “You’re not a good liar,” he tells Michael. “Come on Sucre, you’re going to the SHU.” The Pope orders Bellick to move along. Bellick, upset that he has to move on, tells Michael that although Pope runs the prison during the day, “I run it at night.”

In the chapel, Michael tells Lincoln that they are going to escape through the infirmary. That’s why he’s pretending to be diabetic and that’s why he needs to get the PUGNAc from C-Note in order to continue the charade. Lincoln thinks the whole plan is a mistake. After all, Michael can’t even get out of his cell. Michael assures him that he can. Lincoln asks, “You’re gonna get your hands on a key?” “Something like that,” Michael replies.

As the inmates file out into the yard, Michael breaks from the group and heads to a set of bleachers. He feels along the edges, his eyes casing the yard to make sure that no one is watching. His hands find the top of a bolt. He takes a moment to rub a finger across it a few more times. We see the bolt’s serial number: 11121147.

Flashback to Michael’s office, he’s sitting at his desk looking over the schematics for a set of bleachers. The detailed plans are for the same set of bleachers that sit in the prison yard. Michael makes a note on the blueprints: 11121147.

Back in the yard, Michael sits on the top riser of the bleachers, directly above the bolt. He slowly reaches into his pocket and reveals a quarter. He inserts the quarter into the slotted head of the bleacher bolt and loosens it. An inmate on the bench warns Michael that he’s on T-Bag’s turf. Michael inquires who T-Bag is. The inmate responds that T-Bag is responsible for the rape and murder of several boys and girls in Alabama. Just then, T-Bag walks up to the bench. A step behind, and holding an outward turned pocket on T-Bag’s pants, is May Tag, T-Bag’s submissive partner. T-Bag assumes that Michael is seeking protection in the upcoming race war. Michael stalls, quietly unscrewing the bolt. T-Bag offers Michael protection when the race war comes; all Michael has to do is take T-Bag’s pant pocket, which T-Bag rips out of May Tag’s hand. May Tag is not pleased with T-Bag’s new fascination with Michael. Michael rejects T-Bag’s offer and T-Bag forces Michael from the bleachers. As Michael walks away, the bolt is left half-unscrewed from the bench.

Inside a courthouse lobby, Veronica tracks down Tim Giles, Lincoln’s public defender. When Veronica inquires about the case, Tim tells her, “The man was guilty. The prosecution’s case was a slam dunk.” Veronica posits that the federal government forced the case through because the victim was the Vice President’s brother. Tim takes exception and recounts the evidence. ” Lincoln worked for Steadman’s company. He gets into a public altercation with the guy, so he gets fired. Two weeks later, Steadman’s shot dead. The murder weapon is found in Lincoln’s house and the victim’s blood is all over his clothes.” Veronica asks about a man named Crab Simmons, who could have exonerated Lincoln. Tim tells her he was a five-time felon. Veronica asks if he’d mind if she asked Crab a few questions.

Lincoln sits alone in his dark cell. He finds comfort in a frail ray of sunlight and he flashes back to a bedroom, after Veronica graduated from law school. The two are lying in bed and Lincoln notes that this is the first time in a long time that his life is making sense. He wants to take a picture to remember it. Veronica demurs, but after some playful protests, allows Lincoln to take the photograph.

Michael walks with C-Note in the yard. Michael asks about his PUGNAc. C-Note says he working on it. Michael makes it clear that he needs it soon which prompts C-Note to ask why. “What’s up there in that infirmary that you need so bad?” Michael smiles and walks away but not before T-Bag takes notice of his interaction with a black inmate.

Michael goes to the bleachers to retrieve the loosened bolt. T-Bag and his crew, however, catch him in the act. Michael tries to conceal the bolt, but T-Bag makes him hand it over. Assuming Michael will use the bolt as a weapon, T-Bag questions Michael’s target. After all, Michael was just fraternizing with a black inmate. Across the yard, C-Note watches angrily as Michael talks with T-Bag and his militant white cohorts. A C.O. outside the fence steps in and breaks up the group. T-Bag hands the bolt to May Tag and Michael walks away empty-handed.

Bellick walks by Michael and Sucre’s cell. He proceeds to do the shakedown that the Pope had prohibited him from doing earlier. He flips the mattresses and shakes out the books, but finds nothing. He discovers the pad of paper Michael was using earlier and uses a pencil to rub across the top of the paper, revealing the SCHWEITZER ALLEN 11121147 that Michael had written.

Michael goes to Abruzzi, hoping for help in getting the bolt back from T-Bag. Abruzzi tells Michael he will only help him if Michael reveals Fibonacci’s location. Michael tells him he will, but not until they’re both standing outside the prison walls. Abruzzi, fed up, walks away.

In visitation, Abruzzi finds Philly Falzone waiting for him. “It’s an honor,” Abruzzi tells him. Next to Falzone is Smallhouse, who talks down to Abruzzi. Falzone is aware that someone in the prison knows where Fibonacci is and Falzone wants something done before Fibonacci testifies at a congressional hearing in a month. If Fibonacci does testify, a lot of mobsters, including Falzone, will join Abruzzi in prison. Falzone threatens Abruzzi, “Our kids go to the same Catholic school. Be a shame for anything to happen to your kids, you know.” Abruzzi reassures Falzone that they will get Fibonacci.

Sucre paces in the SHU. He wants to use the phone so he can call Maricruz. The C.O. makes fun of him and denies his request.

Bellick has another C.O. look through the prison manifest for the name, Allen Schweitzer. There is no Allen Schweitzer in general population, nor is there one in the SHU. Bellick is frustrated.

The lead-up to the race war intensifies and inmates of all colors prep their weapons.

On the way back out to the yard, another inmate threatens Michael. “Hear the trumpets, Fish? I know you hear ‘em. That’s Judgment Day. It’s comin’. Real soon.”

The inmates line up inside the cell block. Michael sees his chance to go through May Tag’s bunk and find the bolt. T-Bag catches him, but Michael thinks fast. “I want in,” he says. C-Note stops doing sit-ups in his cell and looks out to see Michael acting very friendly with T-Bag and May Tag. Michael explains to T-Bag that that’s why he wanted the bolt – to use as a weapon in the race war. T-Bag is happy to have Michael aboard, but doesn’t trust Michael with the “heavy artillery.” May Tag slips a popsicle stick into Michael’s pocket and Michael again leaves without his bolt.

Tim Giles visits Veronica in her office and apologizes for being short with her at the courthouse. He has brought a tape, the surveillance video the parking garage where Lincoln allegedly killed Terrence Steadman.

Veronica immediately watches the tape. The video shows a car with tinted windows pull into a parking space, shortly followed by Lincoln in a leather coat, arm pointed forward with a gun. When he arrives at the driver’s window, he fires once. Lincoln runs to the passenger side of the car, crawls in and rummages through the glove compartment. Then he runs from the view of the camera. Veronica turns away in horror, her worst fears now confirmed.

Michael stands with his back against a fence, Bellick comes up behind him and grumbles, “Allen Schweitzer. That name mean anything to you?” Michael plays dumb, replying “Never heard of the guy.” Bellick walks away, unsatisfied.

As Michael gets dressed after his shower, C-Note shows Michael a medication bottle. Michael follows C-Note around a corner, but Michael is immediately pinned against a wall by C-Note and some thugs. C-Note is furious that Michael has been hanging out with T-Bag. C-Note empties the bottle of PUGNAc and the group walks away with the threat, “You chose the wrong side.” Michael hits the wall in frustration.

Lincoln enters the visitation area where Veronica is waiting for him. She tells him he’s ruining people’s lives with his lie. Lincoln seems confused; Veronica sets him straight by telling him she saw the tape. Lincoln tells her the tape is false, but Veronica knows what she saw. “I know what I saw. I was there,” Lincoln says forcefully. In a flashback, Lincoln approaches that car, clearly nervous about what’s about to go down. When he looks in the driver’s side window, the driver is already dead, bloody and slouched forward against the steering wheel. Lincoln tells Veronica he never pulled the trigger. He tries to convince Veronica that he was set up. Veronica doesn’t know what to believe. Lincoln pleads, “If what we had meant anything, find out the truth.”

In the SHU, Sucre checks his watch and shouts to the officer outside. It’s Maricruz’s birthday and Sucre is desperate to call, but he has nothing to offer the C.O.. The C.O. ignores his plea and Sucre slumps to the floor.

A limo pulls up to a nightclub and Hector greets the several lovely women who pile out of it. But one woman remains inside: Maricruz. Maricruz tells Hector that she’s thinking about going home. Hector knows it’s because Sucre didn’t call her on her birthday and with gentle persuasion, Hector coaxes Maricruz out of the limo and into the club.

Tim Giles walks through a metal detector at the courthouse, where he’s intercepted by Hale and Kellerman. Kellerman flashes his government badge, then tells Giles they know he made a copy of the garage surveillance tape and wants to know why. ” It was for one of Burrows’ old girlfriends. She was under the impression that the guy was innocent. Figured it’d, you know, help her with closure.” Before they let Giles leave, they ask for Veronica’s name.

Veronica walks up to a run-down tenement building. She asks a woman outside if she knows Crab Simmons. “Crab’s my son.” An unseen woman parts the second-story curtain and eavesdrops on the conversation. Veronica asks Ms. Simmons where Crab is. Ms. Simmons replies, “He’s dead.”

The cell doors open and the inmates line up. A large Caucasian inmate steps forward. The C.O. orders him back, but he doesn’t respond. Westmoreland, cradling Marilyn, slowly creeps back into his cell. Another C.O. immediately calls for back up, and then all hell breaks loose. Michael tries to stay out of it, but an African-American inmate grabs him and tosses him from the second level. Michael hits the ground hard and rolls for cover. Seeing a moment to rid himself of his rival, May Tag charges Michael, bolt in hand. Michael wrestles May Tag to the ground, and rips the bolt from his hand. May Tag lunges forward, but before he can reach Michael, another inmate steps in and fatally stabs May Tag in the chest. May Tag falls into Michael’s arms. T-Bag sees this and assumes that Michael is responsible. The C.O.s fire tear gas into the hall, sending the inmates scattering. Michael finds his way back to his cell, coughing and covered in blood. T-Bag hovers over May Tag’s body shouting, “You’re a dead man, Scofield!”

The Pope paces the floor, lecturing the inmates. He had faith that they could behave like men, but they’ve disappointed him. The warden puts the prison on 48 hour lockdown, no food, no showers, and no visits. The Pope warns that if the inmates don’t learn to get along, the subsequent lockdowns will get longer. Michael sits against the cell wall and begins to rub his bolt against the floor.

T-Bag stands over May Tag’s body bag, a vengeful look in his eye.

In her office, Veronica gets a call from Leticia Barris, Crab Simmons’ ex-girlfriend. Leticia tells Veronica that she will give her some information, but only if they meet in a public place.

Leticia Barris walks in front of Veronica outside at Chicago’s Millennium Park. Leticia is already paranoid. ” We stay out here in the open. Where they can’t get to us. Where they can’t do the things they do.” Leticia says she has only agreed to talk to Veronica because the government is going to kill Lincoln just like they killed Crab. When Veronica raises the point that the coroner’s report showed Crab died of an overdose, Leticia shoots back, “Crab didn’t use. He had a bad heart. If he touched the stuff, it’d kill him. I mean, don’t you think it’s just the slightest bit of a coincidence he OD’d a week after your boyfriend’s crime?” Crab was killed because he knew too much about what was going on. Leticia becomes spooked, convinced she was followed. She runs away before Veronica can get more answers.

In an undisclosed office, Kellerman reluctantly picks up the phone and makes a call. At the other end of the line, a woman chopping garlic picks up. Kellerman begins, “We have a small complication. There’s a lawyer poking around.” But the Garlic Cutter at the other end already knows about Veronica and she has faith that Veronica can be dealt with. Before Kellerman hangs up, the voice says, “Do what you need to do to make this go away.”

Michael continues to rub the bolt against the cell floor. T-Bag heckles him from his cell, “You still there, pretty? I just want you to know I’m coming for you.” Michael hears T-Bag’s eerie taunts, but forces himself to concentrate on sharpening the bolt. A flashback reveals Michael looking over the blueprints of Fox River and the details of the Schweitzer toilets used in the prison. His eyes focus on “Steel Angle Brackets with 1/4″ Allen Bolts.” Back in the cell, Michael rolls up his sleeve to reveal the tattoo again. He presses the bolt against a small hexagon tattooed on his forearm. The sizes match. We finally understand Michael’s obsession with the bolt from the bleacher; he has created an allen wrench from it. He crawls over to the toilet and finds an allen bolt. He inserts the wrench and begins to turn it.

In the infirmary, Sara asks who her one o’clock is. The nurse replies that it is Scofield.

C-Note hands Michael his PUGNAc in the yard. He admits he was wrong about Michael and apologizes for the late delivery. Michael just hopes it didn’t arrive too late. A C.O. yells to Michael and leads him to the infirmary.

Sara pricks Michael’s finger and draws a sample of blood. She places the sample into a small device to measure Michael’s glucose. Michael nervously awaits the results. Sara sighs, “Bad news, I’m afraid. 180 mg/dl. You’re definitely diabetic.” Michael smiles. After Michael leaves, Sara comments to her nurse that it’s strange. Michael looked relieved when she told him he had diabetes.

Bellick escorts Michael back to his cell, pausing for a moment to get sugar for his coffee. The moment Bellick leaves Michael alone, three of Abruzzi’s thugs grab him and lead him into a gardening shed where Abruzzi waits. Abruzzi is fed up with the little dance he and Michael have been doing over Fibonacci’s whereabouts. The goons grab Michael and pin him on a table. One of the goons removes Michael’s boot, exposing his foot and then grabs a pair of pruning shears. The goon opens the shears; Michael’s two small toes rest in the blades. Abruzzi gives him one more chance to tell him where Fibonacci is. Michael, sweating and tense, replies, ” I’ll tell you the moment we’re outside those walls. Not a second before.”

Abruzzi counts to three. One… Two… Michael doesn’t waver. Three. The man closes the shears. Michael screams.

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