Coupons, coupons, coupons

Okay friends, this is as much for me as it is for you. I have become lazy when it comes to using coupons at the store. I don’t spend much time tracking them down. The few I have, I forget to take to the store with me most of the time.
So I’m gathering a list of websites to visit while I’m creating my grocery list. These are websites that offer coupons on the foods that I buy — some frequently, some infrequently. You can save up to 30% on healthy staples such as milk, yogurt, meat, and more. Of course, how much you save depends on the prices at your local grocery store.
These are sites that offer access to coupons immediately, but in some cases you need to register to get access. Once you register, you’ll likely receive email newsletters, but those newsletters might have more money-saving offers in them.
There are many other manufacturers that don’t have immediate coupons on their sites, but they send out coupons in newsletters if you sign up for them. I’ll leave them for another blog post.
  • Arm & Hammer – A while back, home blogger Matt told us how to clean naturally with Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda. You can get coupons for Arm & Hammer products after registering on this site.
  • Bordon – Organic milk coupon.
  • Brown Cow – Register to get e-coupons on Brown Cow’s yogurts.
  • Coleman – Complete a quick survey and get $5 in coupons for Coleman’s natural and organic meats. Save around 17% on bacon depending on where you live.
  • Earthbound Organics – You have to work for this one. Take a quiz about organics, score 100 percent, and get a coupon. Save up to 26% on salad mixes depending on the prices at your local store.
  • Earth’s Best – Coupons for organic baby food, infant formula, and toddler snacks.
  • Laura’s Lean Beef – Sign up for the newsletter and receive an instant e-coupon.
  • Lighthouse – You need to sign up to receive a coupon good for Lighthouse products including organic salad dressings.
  • Hill’s Science Diet Pet Food – Natural dog and cat food coupons. Must register.
  • Horizon – Sign up to get access to the coupons.
  • Marzetti – Marzetti has a line of organic salad dressings and dips.
  • Mombo Sprouts – Lots of various coupons for different natural and organic products. Changes frequently.
  • Newman’s Own – The company founded by the late Paul Newman allows you to print coupons twice and lets you know when the coupons will change so you can get the new ones when they go up. You can use 50 cent coupons on numerous products. Count on saving around 25% on lemonade, 20% on salsa, and 16% on salad dressings and pasta sauces depending on the prices at your local store.
  • Organic Valley – Coupons for organic milk, eggs, cheese, and butter. Save as much as 30% on a half-gallon of organic milk depending on prices at your grocery store.
  • Pacific Foods – Coupons for soups, beverages, and frozen foods. I love the creamy tomato soup.
  • R.W. Knudsen – Register for coupons for natural juices.
  • Santa Cruz – Organic beverage and peanut butter coupons.
  • Seeds of Change – Organic rice, pasta, and chocolate.
  • Simply Organic – Coupons for a variety of Simply Organic products.
  • Seventh Generation – Register and get instant access to coupons for household products. Save up to 27% on dish-washing liquid depending on prices at your grocery store.
  • Stonyfield – You need to register for access to the e-coupons. Save around 20% on a box of organic yogurt tubes depending on prices at your store.
  • Tribe Hummus – Tribe makes an all-natural hummus and an organic hummus.
Remember, any of these sites can change or omit their coupons at any time.
Do you know of any sites I’m missing?
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