College Episode 5

Directed by: Allen Coulter
Written by: Jim Manos, Jr. and David Chase

This week Tony found that no matter where he goes, his business goes with him.

Tony escorted Meadow on a series of visits to colleges in Maine, and the trip went pretty well. Tony and Meadow even talked about Tony’s “business.” But then Tony spotted an old “friend” at a gas station, and everything changed.

The “friend” was Fabian “Febby” Petrulio, made man turned rat, who entered and then dropped out of the Witness Protection Program. Febby’s now known as Fred Peters, travel agent.

So Tony spent the better part of his trip to Maine dropping Meadow off at college interviews and then trying to get the drop on Petrulio. When he finally did catch up to him at the travel agency, Tony sent Febby on a one-way trip by means of a wire around his neck.

Meanwhile, back home, it rained like the Great Flood and Carmela was laid up with the flu. Caring for his mother made Anthony, Jr. climb the walls, so Carmela sent him to a friend’s to lose himself in Nintendo for a few hours. Soon there was a knock at the door, and it was none other than Father Phil dropping by to give her a status report on the parish clothing drive…and mangia. Carmela was happy to see him–maybe a little too happy.

While Carmela and Father Phil ate ziti and chewed the fat, the phone rang. It was Dr. Melfi, trying to reach Tony to reschedule his appointment. With Tony’s therapist’s gender now known to Carmela, all hell broke loose so it’s a good thing a priest was in the house. Carmela poured out her heart about her marriage, her fears for her children and her soul while simultaneously pouring the Father several glasses of Chianti. Before long, they wound up in a near kiss, and Father Phil–being a little too Chianti-enhanced to drive home–spent the night on the Soprano couch.

When Tony and Meadow returned, Carmela came clean about Father Phil spending the night. But before Tony could get too worked up about it, she let him know that “Jennifer” Melfi called for him. The cat’s out of the bag and Tony’s in the doghouse.

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