Commendatori Episode 17

Directed by: Tim Van Patten Written by: David Chase This week Tony goes to the old country to conduct new business while Carmela stays home and contemplates the nature of marriage. As part of the spoils of being Boss, Tony now controls the family’s luxury car “export” business. This new responsibility takes Tony, Paulie and […]

Big Girls Don’t Cry Episode 18

Directed by: Tim Van Patten Written by: Terence Winter Watch out, New Jersey, Furio Giunta has arrived. The latest addition to the Soprano crew is safely in the States and, as a favor to Tony by Artie Bucco, gainfully employed as a mozzarella maker at the Nuovo Vesuvio Restaurant. But make no mistake: Furio’s real […]

Full Leather Jacket Episode 21

Directed by: Allen Coulter Written by: Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess In Tony Soprano’s world, there’s no such thing as doing a simple favor for someone. To the contrary: it’s never simple and isn’t always a favor. Case in point: Carmela is concerned that despite having good grades and high test scores, Meadow still might […]

Sopranos Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2 Season 2, Episode 1: Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist’s Office Original Air Date—16 January 2000 Pussy returns after months in hiding, Chris starts a boiler room stock operation, and Tony’s long-lost sister shows up on the doorstep. Season 2, Episode 2: Do Not Resuscitate Original Air Date—23 January 2000 Junior leaves prison due […]

D-Girl Episode 20

Directed by: Allen Coulter Written by: Todd A. Kessler “Life is essentially meaningless.” Tony talking to Dr. Melfi? Livia to anyone who’ll listen? No, this time it’s Anthony, Jr. to his parents, upon being caught driving — and crashing — his mother’s car. An unrepentant A.J. has been reading Camus and Nietzsche and come to […]

Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist’s Office Episode 14

Directed by: Allen Coulter Written by: Jason Cahill Tony still has his two famiglia, but he’s now the sole Boss of the professional one, as Junior’s been indicted on twelve RICO predicates. So while his uncle spends his days sporting an orange jumpsuit and doing the perp walk, Tony is running the business “bunker style” […]

From Where To Eternity Episode 22

Directed by: Henry J. Bronchtein Written by: Michael Imperioli There are spirits in Essex County this week — and they’re anything but blithe. To everyone’s relief, Christopher has survived the attempt on his life — but not before going into arrest and being clinically dead for a full minute. When he awakes, he calls Tony […]

Toodle-Fucking-Oo Episode 16

Directed by: Lee Tamahori Written by: Frank Renzulli Richie Aprile is back in town. Big brother of the late, great Jackie Aprile, Richie has just finished ten years in prison and is looking to pick up where he left off. He figures it should be pretty easy, too. After all, the jerky kid he used […]