Easy Tricks to Remember Numbers, Codes, Passwords

Everyone today wants you to memorize something. Here’s how. In today’s digital society, we’re constantly being inundated with new numbers: telephone numbers, credit and debit card numbers, ZIP codes, PINs, passcodes and more. Even if you program everything into your iPhone or Blackberry, it’s still going to be easier — and more secure — to […]

Ways to Keep the Fire in Your Relationship Burning

How many times have you become frustrated with your significant other? You feel like they just don’t understand you. You feel like you don’t connect anymore. There is no passion and fire left in your relationship. Do you long to feel that passion again? Here are seven simple ways to put the fire back in […]

Which Ones Earn the Most?

Have you ever wondered if Stanford grads really do make the big bucks, or if a “party school” degree can still land you a high-paying job? Online salary database PayScale.com put together a 2009 College Salary Report that highlights which college graduates make the highest and lowest salaries right out of college and how that […]

Saving Is Something You Should Do Every Day

Americans have forgotten how to save in recent years. First, we came to regard the stock market as our piggy bank; if we needed a little spending money, surely we could always sell a few shares of stock or a bit of a mutual fund at a profit. Then, we viewed our houses as money […]

VOIP – VOIP Switch Servers

Dedicated Server is perfect for eCommerce, multimedia, gaming, VOIP, Voip Switch and other sites that need advanced performance, reliability and control. Choose from pre-designed Windows 2008 and Linux plans featuring multi-core processors, enhanced options like managed backups and much more – or build your own server for customized results. NEW features now available for your […]

How to Save on Big-Ticket Items

To Elisabeth Leamy, Good Morning America’s consumer correspondent, pinching pennies by skipping coffee or bringing lunch to work is barely worth the trouble. (She says she ends up eating her bagged meal by 11 a.m. and buying a second one in the midafternoon, anyway.) Plus, she likes supporting the local coffeehouse with her green tea […]

You Can Save the Smart Way

The annual “America Saves Week,” an event organized by more than a hundred organizations to encourage consumers to sock money away, wrapped up at the end of February. It’s not having a huge effect, at least according to the latest numbers — the January personal savings rate fell to 3.3 percent from 4.2 percent in […]

2-Minute Tricks That Beat Stress

The next time you’re having a bad day (or week or month) take heart: you can perk up your mood quickly and simply. According to experts, life circumstances account for only 10% of happiness. Half depends on your genetic “set point,” which is kind of like the weight your body bounces back to after a […]

How to Get Kids to Clean Their Own Room

You buy your kids clothes and toys, and where do they end up? The bedroom floor. It’s a familiar ongoing battle between parents and their children—how to get your kids to clean their own room. More yelling? Not necessary. Find out how to turn this task into a trouble-free routine. Step 1 Make it a […]

Weakest Life & Health Insurers in the U.S.

Data Date: Second Quarter 2009 Name State Total Assets ($) Ability Ins Co NE 257,201,027 Adams Life Ins Co AL 2,435,788 Admiral Life Ins Co Of America AZ 14,132,897 Advanta Life Ins Co AZ 4,413,280 AGL Life Assurance Co PA 4,083,655,061 Alabama Life Reins Co Inc AL 46,374,350 Amalgamated Life & Health Ins Co IL […]