Strongest Life & Health Insurers in the U.S.

Data Date: Second Quarter 2009 Name State Total Assets ($) American Family Life Ins Co WI 3,984,187,042 American Fidelity Asr Co OK 3,401,577,089 Auto-Owners Life Ins Co MI 2,201,820,100 Country Life Ins Co IL 7,599,744,829 Federated Life Ins Co MN 989,712,098 Guardian Life Ins Co Of America NY 29,708,582,466 Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins Co MA […]

Insider Secrets to Get Your Resume Read

It’s becoming harder than ever to get your resume read by a real person. “HR people are drowning in resumes, and despite their best intentions, many can’t keep up,” says executive recruiter Mike Travis. Help your resume win the attention it deserves by following these up-to-date tips from industry insiders. * “Keep it shorter, tighter, […]

Where Gay Marriage Is Legal

D.C. Joins Five States in Legalizing Gay Marriage Gay marriage continues to be a hot-button issue for many Americans. Whenever it’s legalized (or banned) anywhere in the world, searches immediately soar. In Washington, D.C., gay marriage was recently legalized, sparking tremendous Web interest. A lesbian couple who had been together for 12 years became the […]

IPhone App to Sidestep AT&T

For a little $1 iPhone app, Line2 sure has the potential to shake up an entire industry. It can save you money. It can make calls where AT&T‘s (T) signal is weak, like indoors. It can turn an iPod Touch into a full-blown cellphone. And it can ruin the sleep of cellphone executives everywhere. Line2 […]

Little Moves to Make You Look Sleek

Little Moves to Make You Look Sleek—Fast! If you’ve ever wished you could lose 5 pounds exclusively from your stomach or shrink your thighs, I have good and bad news: While you can’t spot-reduce fat, you can, in fact, spot-tone your muscles. The trick is to tone the muscles that are closest to the surface–the […]

Can You Settle Credit Card Debt for Pennies?

We have all seen and heard the ads that shout, “Secrets banks don’t want you to know,” “You have a right to settle your debts for pennies on the dollar” and “President Obama has a stimulus plan provision that allows you to eliminate credit card debt” … if only you will call the 800 number […]

How to Use a USB Flash Drive to Install an Operating System

Windows 1 Open the Command Prompt from the “Start” menu. Type “diskpart” and press “Enter.” Type “list disk” and press “Enter.” Check the list of attached media to find the number of your flash drive. The storage capacity will be the best clue. 2 Type “select disk x“, replacing “x” with the number of your […]

Homeschool Diploma

Many parents who have homeschooled throughout the school years wonder about how to give their child a homeschool diploma. Reaching a Milestone One of the most exciting times in any parent’s life, or the life of a student, is high school graduation. It tells the world that the student has completed a part of their […]

When to Tip? And How Much?

While most people tip at restaurants, many people are confused about how much they should shell out for other services — or whether they should tip at all. Tipping, and determining how much to tip, depends on several factors including the quality, frequency and nature of the service rendered. According to Anna Post of the […]

How to Be a Savvy Cheapskate

Don’t judge this penny pincher by his cover. Jeff Yeager may be the author of The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Roadmap to True Riches–which one might assume to be filled with coupon-clipping strategies and saving tricks–but his philosophy isn’t as much about how to get more for less as it is learning to live with less, period. […]