Supermarkets Trick You To Spend More

Beware of the sneaky ways grocery stores spur spending, and follow our tips to outsmart the system. 1. ENTRANCE AREA The trap: Stores internally refer to this as the “chill zone.” And with good reason: This spot primes shoppers with impulse buys like DVDs, bulk goods and holiday products that appeal to them emotionally, says […]

Gift Registry for Divorces

Divorce can be liberating for some. But starting over can be emotionally and financially taxing, as well. One British department store chain hopes to ease the transition for the recently divorced by launching a specialized gift list that family and friends can use to help newly single loved ones stock up on things like sheets, […]

Family Car A Cash Cow

SAN DIEGO, California (AFP) – US researchers unveiled a vehicle Thursday that earns money for its driver instead of guzzling it up in gasoline and maintenance costs. The converted Toyota Scion xB, shown at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science here, is the first electric car to be linked […]

5 Signs You’re Headed Toward a Breakup

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where the frustration level and the number of times you butt heads with each other seems to increase by the second? You say blue, she says red, and the fights just seem to be going in circles. If the answer is yes, then you may be at […]

Recessionomics 101

How to Make Extra Money Jennifer Winslow wanted to earn some extra cash without giving up the flexibility of working part time. An avid cook, she and a friend initially planned to cater meals for busy families. When that turned out to be too time consuming, she tried baking. More than five years later, she […]

What is a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

What is a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)? A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is a label that helps you identify genuine Microsoft software. A COA is not a software license – it is a visual identifier that assists in determining whether or not the Microsoft software you are running is genuine. However, without it, you will […]

Gifts Under $20 Travel Organizer Planning a trip becomes as fun as the trip itself with a mini file travel organizer for tickets, receipts, and your passport. (, $13) Luggage Tag Avoid luggage switch-ups at the airport with bold and unique luggage tags. (, $9) More from 70+ Easy Christmas Home-Decorating Ideas How to Set a […]

Graduate Degrees With the Best Futures

In a tough job market, it makes sense to look for ways to set yourself apart from the competition. But is extra school the best — or most cost-effective — way to advance? This year, 26 percent of graduating seniors headed for a graduate or professional degree, up from 24 percent last year, according to […]