New office buzzwords to know (and avoid)

Avoid These Office Buzzwords Last year about this time, I posted a list (plus definitions and correct usage) of the office cliches least loved by a random sampling of executives polled by Accountemps. You may — like me — be too snobby and old-fashioned to want to sling the lingo, but you’ve got to know […]

6 Unusual Jobs

Bounty hunters, private investigators, body guards–you’ve seen these jobs on TV, but do you know how they function in reality? Ever wonder what the job’s about, how you get paid, and how much? Here are six strange professions, along with the skinny on pay and duties. Many of these careers are seeing growth in a […]

‘Best Job’ To ‘Best Taxi Ride’

PERTH, Australia (AFP) – Australian tourism authorities are seeking five foreign couples to take part in what is touted as the world’s longest, and most extraordinary, taxi ride. Building on last year’s highly successful “Best Job in the World” campaign, officials are hoping to promote remote and rugged Western Australia by launching the “Extraordinary Taxi […]

Flight attendant’s outburst hits a nerve

Rogue JetBlue flight attendant hailed as working-class hero Steven Slater’s Monday probably started off no different than yours or mine. He might have hit snooze once or twice on his alarm clock before crawling out of bed. He probably had a cup of coffee on his way to work. In other words, to the outsider, […]

Why the Unemployment Rate Refuses to Budge

In a sign that the labor market is inching toward a recovery, employers tacked a net total of 162,000 workers onto their payrolls in March, according to the Labor Department’s monthly jobs report. But even with this spike, the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 9.7 percent. And chances are it won’t budge anytime soon. “We […]

How Long Should Your Resume Be?

Over the past couple of months, career expert Jeff Hunter has surveyed a group of recruiters and HR managers in order to provide job seekers with insight into the hiring process. His list of ten questions inspired interesting responses, including varied answers regarding resumes and resume length. It’s clear that there isn’t a straight […]

In Hard Times, Lured Into Trade School and Debt

One fast–growing American industry has become a conspicuous beneficiary of the recession: for–profit colleges and trade schools. At institutions that train students for careers in areas like health care, computers and food service, enrollments are soaring as people anxious about weak job prospects borrow aggressively to pay tuition that can exceed $30,000 a year. But […]

Retailers Are Selling Used Underwear

This morning NBC’s Today Show shared a hidden camera investigation of numerous big name retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s Bloomingdale’s, The Gap, etc. selling “used” underwear.  The thought of wearing underwear that someone else had on is detestable.