New Taurus-Based Police Car

The next time you’re pulled over for speeding, you might be surprised by what you see in the rearview. Ford recently unveiled its replacement for the Crown-Victoria-based Police Interceptor — and it’s a Taurus. “Ford first introduced its police package in 1950 and today the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is the industry leader,” explains […]

Worst City for Car Repair

You’d better hope your car doesn’t break down in Chicago. According to a unique report by AutoMD, an online auto repair resource, the Windy City ranks as the worst city for fairness and consistency when it comes to auto repair quotes. The “Advocacy for Repair Shop Fairness Report” is the first to analyze how the […]

Gasoline heading above $3

NEW YORK (AP) — Retail gas prices likely bottomed out last week, and they’re again headed to above $3 a gallon this summer, experts said Monday. Although pump prices typically rise this time of year as refineries switch to a more expensive grade of gas, the increase likely will frustrate many motorists. Prices are climbing […]

The Most-Stolen Cars

The Most-Stolen Cars To determine the vehicles with the highest theft rates in the country, the Highway Data Loss Institute looked at only insured passenger vehicles between one and three years old. Then they calculated which insurance claims were filed for each particular model of vehicle, and the size of the payment for each claim. […]

Mystery driver on popular show revealed

The Stig’s ID is ‘Top Gear’ secret no more The opaque visor of one of Britain’s most famous helmets has been lifted. The identity of The Stig, the always-anonymous test driver on the popular television show “Top Gear,” has long been a closely guarded secret. On Wednesday, lawyers said the BBC had been refused an […]

Car Dealer Scams

Of the top 10 industries that received the most consumer complaints last year, three were auto related. New-car dealers, used-car dealers and auto service and repair shops registered almost 54,000 complaints in North America, according to the Better Business Bureau. They were the No. 4, 7 and 10th-most complaint-ridden industries of 2009. It’s enough to […]

5 Dead Auto Brands And Why They Died

Ever since Henry Ford’s Model T popularized automobiles in 1908, car companies have worked tirelessly designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling different models in the hopes that each would enjoy longevity in the marketplace. The brands associated with the major players have in recent years been challenged in terms of sales, and in some cases have […]

Secret Tips For Buying A New Car

Want to know the best day to buy a car next month? It’s April 12th, the Monday before taxes are due, according to a new study. Since shoppers will be preoccupied and feeling poor, dealers will be eager to make a deal so they can move some inventory. The worst day will be likely Easter […]