Best Swimwear for Your Shape

If the word “bikini” sends fear coursing through your body, then let us talk you down from the ledge: A swimsuit that flatters your shape is the look-sexy secret. These brilliant tips will help you flaunt what you’ve got.

If you’re: Small on Top

Try: Fringes, ruffles, or frills
Why: Embellishments will pump up the volume-or at least create that optical illusion.

Try: Triangle tops
Why: This foxy style makes your twins the main attraction because even the smallest curves stand out under these tiny tops.

Try: Plenty of padding
Why: The extra-thick liner gives your girls oomph. Demi-cup tops are a great choice.

Try: Horizontal lines
Why: Sporting some bold stripes will make your set look fuller.

If you have: A Bit of a Belly

Try: A belted one piece
Why: Cinching your waist creates a foxy hourglass shape that distracts from other, unflattering curves.

Try: A cami top
Why: With a tankini, no one will guess you’ve got a pooch under there. Make sure your top isn’t too tight and is long enough to cover your muffin top.

Try: Black color blocks
Why: Forget sucking it in. This hue does the work for you.

Try: An empire waist
Why: This style draws the eye up from your middle and to the narrowest part of your shape.

If you have: A Bigger Booty

Try: Bottoms with rings
Why: Sure, rings look cute. But more importantly, they keep your suit from riding up and exposing that extra junk in your trunk.

Try: Boy shorts
Why: A few extra inches of fabric will ward off wedgies…but still show off your curves.

Try: A plunging neckline
Why: This look will draw attention to your top half and help balance out your figure.

Try: Darker bottoms with a lighter top
Why: Dark colors have a slimming effect and minimize the look of your hips. But make sure you avoid tiny prints, even if they’re dark.

Try: Low-rise cut
Why: You can slim a curvy behind with bottoms that are set lower on the hips.

If you’re: Busty

Try: A V-neck
Why: This style shows just the right amount of cleavage and elongates your figure, minimizing the fullness of your breasts.

Try: A thick-strapped halter
Why: A beefy halter flatters and secures your assets. Avoid spaghetti straps or strapless tops because they will accentuate your top-heavy chest in an overwhelming, unflattering way.

Try: A top with an underwire
Why: When you’re blessed with a big bust, underwire is your BFF. Try to find one that ties in the back to minimize the chance of your top coming undone and your set popping out.

Try: A top with a supportive wide band
Why: This strip supports your pair when you’re active. Structure and support is crucial for busty girls.

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