Awesome Wedding Cake Toppers


Handmade nuzzling lovebirds from Etsy seller CountrySquirrelsRUs show everybody your love for one another–or your Twitter addiction.

Robot Couple

A robot couple cake topper is the perfect accent to any steampunk wedding. Bonus points if anyone in the wedding party is wearing vintage aviator goggles.

Bert and Ernie

This cute Bert and Ernie cake topper from artist Mike Leavitt is perfect for your gay friends who spent the first two years of their relationship pretending to be just roommates.

Personalized Lego Mini Figures

Personalized Lego mini figures seem sweet until you accidentally step on them on the way to the bathroom at night.

Star Wars Couple

If you’re going to emulate any “Star Wars” couple on your wedding cake, better Han Solo and Leia than Luke and Leia.

Video Gamer

If you can’t drag your husband-to-be away from the video games, you might as well make the best of it on your wedding day. At least you get points for good humor.

Sock Monkey

A handmade sock monkey cake topper is not only super cute, but it will be a good addition to the toy chest when kids enter the picture.


This Mii topper from Paul Pape Designs is great for hinting what kind of gifts to get the bride and groom, since the Wii has more random accessories than a kitchen has useless appliances.


This last one isn’t a mere cake topper; it’s an entire zombie-themed cake. While on the outside it may signal a freakish dedication to a relatively small sub-genre of horror films, we think it’s actually a sweet way to say, “We’ll stick together through thick and thin. Even the zombie apocalypse.”

Invitations, floral arrangements, passed appetizers; a wedding is an event filled with opportunities to flaunt your taste and style. Our favorite part of the party is, of course, the cake, and these days the cake topper is becoming yet another way to personalize the whole affair. From the geeky to the cheeky, these nine cake toppers are exactly what weddings should be about: having fun and celebrating the love (and quirks) a couple shares.

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