Adriana La Cerva

“Oh, yeah. Be one of those wives like Carmela Soprano…breast feed a bunch of rugrats, then spend the rest of your life at the gym, just you and your stretch marks.”

The future Mrs. Christopher Moltisanti, Adriana La Cerva is a mobster’s dream girl: smart and engaging, with a physique good enough to star at the Bada Bing. In addition, she’s been around wise guys all her life – she’s the niece of Jackie and Richie Aprile. Growing up she saw and heard plenty, and isn’t at all repulsed by the LCN lifestyle. In fact, when Christopher became a made man, Adriana was almost more excited about it than he was.

But that was before the Feds moved in on her, and she turned informant. She didn’t know much, so they pushed her to get facts – and to get Christopher to turn. The pressure was almost more than she could bear; she was diagnosed with a digestive disorder, and almost confessed one night to Carmela after too much wine. (She did, however, find an upside to the arrangement; after her best friend Tina Francesco flirted with Christopher one too many times, she told the FBI that Tina was an embezzler.)

When the Feds turned up the heat, Adriana was left with a terrible choice: get Christopher to turn and give up Tony, or the two would go to jail for five years on drug charges. She couldn’t fathom going to prison, so when Christopher was fed up with Tony one night (he felt he was favoring Tony B.), Adriana came out with it all. After nearly choking to her death, Christopher calmed down, then came around to see her side. At least for a little while. Tony called shortly after to tell her Christopher was in the hospital upstate – he’d tried to kill himself but he really just wanted to find out where she was. Silvio was sent to pick her up to “take her to see him,” but instead drove her to a secluded spot in the woods, where he shot two bullets into her as she tried to crawl away through the leaves.


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