A Shocking Return

Here’s a bit of casting news that will warm the hearts of even the most jaded of my fellow old-school Prison Break fans.

Charles Westmoreland “lives.”

Yes, he who would have you believe him to be the long-lost D.B. Cooper — and who last was seen left to die mid-escape from Fox River at the end of Season 1 — will make an appearance in the Dec. 15 episode, again portrayed by Muse Watson. How does Westmoreland come back into play? Like virtually everything else, he turns up as Michael continues his quest to unravel the Scylla mystery.

A Shocking Return

But wait, there is more. For the annual midseason finale (airing Dec. 22), the stakes will be upped a bit more when Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Kathleen Quinlan (Apollo 13) joins Prison Break. She’ll fill the recurring in the role of a high-ranking player within the Company, someone to whom even the General might answer to.

After presenting its midseason finale,  Prison Break will return in 2009 to finish up its fourth cycle.

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