’90s TV stars reunite for new project

‘90210’ Stars Jason Priestley and Luke Perry Team up for TV Movie

Falling perfectly in line with the current craze for ’90s nostalgia, Jason Priestley and Luke Perry are once again working together.

The two actors, who portrayed Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay on the original “Beverly Hills 90210” TV series and haven’t worked together since, are collaborating on a movie for the Hallmark Channel that starts filming next week. Sadly, for the more ardent of ’90s pop-culture enthusiasts, the two won’t be appearing onscreen together.

“Goodnight for Justice,” set in the Old West, will star Perry as John Goodnight, a “circuit judge on a quest to catch the outlaw who killed his family.” The movie is based on a story idea by Perry, who is also its executive producer. Priestley will be collaborating behind the camera as the movie’s director.

Both Priestley and Perry are well-qualified for their roles in the “Goodnight” project. Priestley has made a steady living as a director since his “90210” days, where he directed 15 episodes. Last year, he even directed an episode of the “90210” reboot. And Perry is no stranger to Westerns: He got to play an Old West outlaw in a 1995 episode of “90210” when his character Dylan McKay revisited a past life under hypnosis. And in 2008, Perry starred in another Hallmark Channel movie Western, “A Gunfighter’s Pledge.”

“Goodnight for Justice” is rumored to be the first of three Goodnight movies envisioned by Perry.

Feeling nostalgic for Brandon and Dylan? Watch vintage videos of the “Beverly Hills 90210” friends and frenemies:

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