50 Popular Baby Names Of The Decade

What baby names stood the test of time in the first decade of the 21st century? The envelope, please…

Some of the top names had their heyday in the early part of the decade, others shot up the ranks later, and some were persistently popular all the way through. But all of them ended up winners. Our final list takes into account how well the names ranked each year, how many times they appeared in the top 50, and the highest point they climbed to, among other factors.

Girls’ Names Boys’ Names
1 Emma Aiden
2 Emily Jacob
3 Madison Ethan
4 Isabella Matthew
5 Ava Nicholas
6 Sophia Jack
7 Kaitlyn Joshua
8 Hannah Michael
9 Hailey Ryan
10 Olivia Andrew
11 Sarah Caden
12 Abigail Tyler
13 Madeline Dylan
14 Lily Jaden
15 Kaylee Zachary
16 Ella Connor
17 Riley Logan
18 Brianna Caleb
19 Alyssa Noah
20 Samantha Alexander
21 Lauren Jackson
22 Mia Brayden
23 Alexis Lucas
24 Chloe William
25 Ashley Nathan
26 Grace Joseph
27 Jessica Justin
28 Elizabeth Daniel
29 Taylor Benjamin
30 Makayla Christopher
31 Makenzie James
32 Anna Gavin
33 Zoe Evan
34 Kayla Austin
35 Sydney Cameron
36 Megan Brandon
37 Natalie Mason
38 Kylie Luke
39 Rachel Anthony
40 Avery Christian
41 Katherine Gabriel
42 Isabel Owen
43 Victoria David
44 Morgan John
45 Kyra Jonathan
46 Jasmine Samuel
47 Allison Sean
48 Savannah Hunter
49 Julia Elijah
50 Jordan Thomas

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