2011 Chinese Horoscope – Dragon

Dragon Outlook for 2011


1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000

Dragon Overview

This year could feel like a roller coaster ride, so buckle up and hang on. Did you have a wild ride with Tiger in 2010? The Year of the Metal Rabbit will deliver its ups and downs. You’ll have six good months, two so-so months, and four not-so-good months. The Rabbit’s influence can clash with your bold and fiery nature. Additionally, your sign element of Wood has a negative relationship with the Metal year element. But don’t worry. If you’re a typical Dragon, it will take more than a few hits to bring you down. Take advantage of your favorable months and try to lay low during the unfavorable ones. Be cool, calm, and compromising to get your way.

Dragon Rating

50% (6 favorable, 2 neutral, 4 unfavorable)

Dragon Career

If you have your heart set on a promotion or a radical career change this year, you might have to work extra hard to get there. It’s not impossible for you to make strides in your work, but they’ll require a hefty amount of effort. Can you stick things out at your current job? Do you have friends and family that could help you transition into something new? Tap into your network and see who might be able to work their connections for you. Use your favorable months to make good progress in the office. Your dedication to getting the job done will probably make you stand out.

Dragon Relationships

Relationships might be a bit confusing under the Rabbit’s reign. Are you questioning your compatibility with your partner? It might seem like your differences outweigh what’s good. Sure, you probably have been working hard to keep love alive, but should it be such an effort? Only you know what’s best. You might not want to make any sudden movements just yet. Spend some time alone to evaluate what’s going on in your love life this year. Some introspection should help bring the clarity you need. Then, act accordingly.

Dragon Health

You might feel the wrath of mood swings with the ups and downs of this year. Are there ways you can prevent the blues? Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest, exercise, and proper nutrition. It might be a good idea to take up yoga or some other form or relaxing physical activity. Take your vitamins. Remember to breathe. Get yourself on a regular schedule for eating, working and sleeping. You might need to be more diligent about staying healthy this year. Remaining centered and balanced will help you navigate choppy waters.

Dragon Wealth

Hopefully you’ll see a bit of the Dragon’s luck in 2011. The Metal element is on your side. There will be several months where the element of the year, month, and day all align, resulting in Triple Metal days. What does that mean? They should be favorable for money-making! Don’t take any huge risks this year when it comes to your finances. Stay steady. Your prospects might be fairly good but some expenses could pop up too. Save some money for emergencies and spend only what you have.

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