101 Small Pleasures

Earlier in the week when we talked about the habits of happy people, many of you mentioned the small pleasures you enjoy that are worth more than anything money can buy, like walking on the beach and flying paper airplanes with your children. Since one of the key tenets of happiness is being able to savor small pleasures, here’s a list of 101 delights that are worth enjoying today (not all in one day, though!). Let’s try to come up with 101 more in the comments!

  1. coloring (yes, grown-ups can do it, too)
  2. crisp cotton sheets
  3. soft skin
  4. old family recipes
  5. the first daffodils of spring
  6. sleeping in
  7. an exercise endorphin high
  8. window boxes
  9. a perfect cup of coffee
  10. a genuine compliment (giving or receiving)
  11. the way babies smell
  12. a handwritten letter
  13. waking up in a good mood…for no real reason
  14. singing in the shower
  15. finding a couple forgotten dollars in your pocket
  16. doing something nice for your neighbor
  17. a home cooked meal
  18. laughing
  19. movie theater popcorn
  20. playing hookey
  21. a bubble bath
  22. swimming
  23. an afternoon nap
  24. street musicians
  25. your favorite song
  26. saying thank you
  27. helping someone in need
  28. old fashioned photo booths
  29. fresh whipped cream
  30. inspiring blogs
  31. a glass of wine
  32. rainy afternoons
  33. the funny things kids say
  34. a novel you can get lost in
  35. finding the perfect piece of clothing…on sale
  36. clean laundry
  37. the wind in your hair
  38. treating the person behind you at the drive-thru
  39. sharing an umbrella
  40. the smell of lavender
  41. a long walk that clears your head
  42. a bear hug
  43. The Beatles
  44. smiling at a stranger
  45. eating with chopsticks (Chinese food optional)
  46. butterflies
  47. staying in your pj’s all day
  48. singing along to the radio and knowing all the words
  49. fresh herbs
  50. ordering in pizza
  51. happy endings…even if they’re fictional
  52. flying a kite
  53. puppies
  54. root beer floats
  55. holding open the door…
  56. …or having someone hold the door for you
  57. fountain soda
  58. white, fluffy towels
  59. sunshine
  60. spending an afternoon at a museum
  61. really great advice
  62. green lights all the way home
  63. the sound of rain hitting the windows
  64. sitting in a booth
  65. holding hands
  66. a great hair day with no effort
  67. building a fort with your kids
  68. when someone falls asleep with their head on your shoulder
  69. fireflies
  70. the perfect taco
  71. geraniums on a windowsill
  72. slow dancing
  73. the smell of fresh-baked bread
  74. cheesy, uplifting musicals
  75. great stories
  76. the smell of gasoline
  77. the cold side of the pillow
  78. love letters
  79. old friends…
  80. …new friends
  81. a pull-through parking space
  82. a baguette — crisp on the outside, airy on the inside
  83. when a dog licks your hand
  84. sitting at the counter at an old-fashioned diner
  85. using your favorite dishes
  86. reading your child a bedtime story
  87. Girl Scout Cookies
  88. flossing
  89. kissing someone you love
  90. the smell of onions and garlic cooking
  91. hot chocolate
  92. jumping in puddles
  93. old photographs
  94. birds hopping on the sidewalk
  95. Ella Fitzgerald
  96. a spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar
  97. your softest t-shirt
  98. a new magazine in the mail
  99. fireplaces
  100. having exact change
  101. bacon and pancakes cooking on Saturday morning

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