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Hello every0ne, the following was received in our email and we would like to share it with our readers:
– I found an old black bag full of drugs floating in a bath yesterday. I
called an ambulance, but Whitney was dead by the time they arrived.

-What’s white, 6 inches long, and won’t be sucked on Valentine’s Day?
Whitney’s Crack Pipe.

– When the paramedics arrived they said “Its Houston we have a problem”.

– Nintendo are releasing a new game based on the lives of Amy Winehouse
and Whitney Houston. It’s called WiiHab.

– What was Whitney Houston doing in the bath tub? Washing her crack.

– Large amount of prescription drugs found in Whitney’s room… I bet
Jacko’s doctor is shitting himself.

– What’s the difference between Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse? 204 days.

– What’s the difference between Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson? One
was a crackhead and one fucked little boys.

– What’s black, lies on the floor ‘Will Always Love You’ and has white
stuff around its nose? A border collie.

– A black single mother overdoses… what’s the big deal?

– Some sources claim that Whitney Houston is not really dead and that
she’s in character for her new film ‘The Bodybag’.

– Charlie Sheen better die soon or heaven will run out of crack before he
gets there.

– Whitney Houston cause of death: she waited too long to exhale.

– What’s white and has two holes? The inside of Whitney’s nose.

– Is it really snowing or did Whitney sneeze??

– What was Whitney Houston’s biggest hit? Her last one.

– Why did Whitney Houston snort Splenda? She thought that it was Diet Coke.

– Isn’t it somewhat ironic that a woman who hasn’t been clean for years
managed to die in a bath?

– Tragic news from the music industry “Justin Bieber still alive!”

– Whitney Houston died just hours after being asked to be a judge on the
next season of X-Factor. Personally I think she made the right decision.

– A full day of Whitney Houston on MTV. I don’t know who is in hell, us
or her.

– With Whitney Houston now dead I think we’ll see a vast improvement in
her live shows.

– I bet they didn’t need to draw any white lines around Whitney Houston’s

– So Whitney died… now she’s reunited with her career.

– Can everybody waiting to mourn over Whitney’s death please form a line?
It’s what she would have wanted.

– On the day that Whitney Houston died Bobby Brown still played a gig. I
mean it’s pretty disgusting… what kind of people pay to see Bobby Brown?

– Whitney Houston found dead. Columbian economy collapses.

– Two detectives are in Whitney Houston’s hotel room. One says to the
other “I’ve never heard of her. What was she famous for?” The other
copper replies “She was a very well-known musician”. The first detective
looks around and says “Ah, I see now. Let me guess, she played the spoons?”

– Dear Lord, thank you for answering my prayers. However you seem to have
made a terrible error. I said “Britney” not “Whitney”.

– For the first time since the early 90’s, Whitney Houston has everyone
talking about her latest ‘Hit’.

– Confusion in heaven today as Whitney Houston tries to explain to
Michael Jackson why 5 year old crack is bad.

– Live from the Beverly Hills Hospital’s Life Support Division: Whitney
Houston Unplugged.

– Decorations will be different in the Houston house this coming
Christmas. There will still be a tree but fewer needles lying on the floor.

– Everyone seems so saddened by the death of Whitney Houston. What
saddens me more is her greatest hits album will surely be out soon.

– Whitney Houston lived her life as I ski – face down in a pile of white

– Whitney Houston has now been drug free for at least one day.

– Whitney Houston ended her life the same way she ended her songs. On a
high note.

– It is such a shame to hear about Whitney Houston dying of a drug
overdose. I was truly hoping that she died in a car crash while giving
Mariah Carey and Celine Dion a lift.

– Yesterday I heard that the world had just lost a great asset to the
music industry. One whom many referred to as ‘The Queen of Pop’ and I’d
just like to take a moment and say we will miss her greatly. May Elton
John rest in peace.

– Hey don’t want to spoil it but the extended version of the bodyguard is
on tonight, she dies in the end.

The above jokes were provided by our readers, viewer discretion advised. Thank you for sharing.

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