Alex Mahone

William Fichtner returns for his third season on PRISON BREAK. Fichtner was most recently seen on the big screen in the comedies “The Amateurs” co-starring Jeff Bridges and “Blades of Glory” with Will Ferrell. Previously, Fichtner co-starred in the Academy Award-winning film “Crash,” from writer-director Paul Haggis, for which he won a Screen Actors Guild […]

Team Leaders Batting

Team Leaders: Batting Batting Average Derek Jeter .334 Robinson Canó .320 Mark Teixeira .292 Home Runs Mark Teixeira 39 Álex Rodríguez 30 Nick Swisher 29 Runs Batted In Mark Teixeira 122 Álex Rodríguez 100 Hideki Matsui 90 Team Leaders: Pitching Wins CC Sabathia 19 Andy Pettitte 14 A.J. Burnett 13 Earned Run Average CC Sabathia […]

Second Opinion Episode 33

Directed by: Tim Van Patten Written by: Lawrence Konner “SOPRANO WINS FREEDOM, INDICTS NEPHEW – STAR WITNESS WEDS ANGIE DICKINSON” Is that headline for real? Did Junior actually rat Tony out and hook up with Police Woman? No, no and not in this universe. But while undergoing surgery for his stomach cancer, Junior did have […]

Adult industry sees iPorn potential in new phone

It’s a maxim of technology: Invent the newest gadget and the porn industry will find a way to cash in. So when Apple Inc. launched the iPhone 4 and its FaceTime videoconference feature, it didn’t take long for adult-entertainment companies to develop video-sex chat services and start hiring workers through Craigslist. With more than 3 […]

The Best Birthday Freebies

Getting Free Goodies Birthday goodies from restaurants and retailers abound, even in a tough economy, and they’re not just for kids. There’s plenty of free food, free stuff and great deals for adults and kids on their special days, though, like senior discounts at restaurants, you may have to ask for them wherever you go. […]

Empire State Building cries foul over rival

Look at Manhattan from afar, and the first thing you notice is the Empire State Building, spiking like a needle above the carpet of skyscrapers that coats Manhattan from tip to tip. Now it’s got some competition — a proposal for a nearby glass office tower that would rise almost as high and alter the […]

New Taurus-Based Police Car

The next time you’re pulled over for speeding, you might be surprised by what you see in the rearview. Ford recently unveiled its replacement for the Crown-Victoria-based Police Interceptor — and it’s a Taurus. “Ford first introduced its police package in 1950 and today the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is the industry leader,” explains […]

Voices Behind Shrek The Third Characters Text

When his new father-in-law, King Harold falls ill, Shrek is looked at as the heir to the land of Far, Far Away. Not one to give up his beloved swamp, Shrek recruits his friends Donkey and Puss in Boots to install the rebellious Artie as the new king. Princess Fiona, however, rallies a band of […]

The Breacher

SISTANI, Afghanistan – In comes “The Joker.” That’s the nickname given by the crew to one of the 72-ton, 40-foot (12-meter)-long Assault Breacher Vehicles. Fitted with a plow and nearly 7,000 pounds (3,175 kilograms) of explosives, the Breachers, as they are commonly known, are the Marines Corps’ answer to the deadliest threat facing NATO troops […]

The Key and the Clock Episode 1 Part 1

The Lost Room is a science fiction television miniseries that aired on the Sci Fi Channel in the United States. The series revolves around the titular room and some of the everyday items from that room which possess unusual powers. The show’s protagonist, Joe Miller, is searching for these objects to rescue his daughter, Anna, […]