Barcelona where the winds all blewAnd the churches don’t have windows but the graveyards doMe and my shadow are wrestling a gainLook out stranger, there’s a dark cloud moving inBut if you could hear the voice in my heart it would tell youI’m afraid I am aloneWon’t somebody please hold me, release meShow me the […]

Baby Got Back

[Intro]Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt. It is so big. *scoff* She looks like, one of those rap guys’ girlfriends. But, y’know, who understands those rap guys? *scoff* They only talk to her, because, she looks like a total prostitute, ‘kay? I mean, her butt, is just so big. *scoff* I can’t believe […]

Arise Above Oppression

Rise above, rise aboveSteal away to hide your shameRise above, rise above! Rise above your oppressionAbove the one that hates youAbove the one that liesAbove the one that hatesDeath! Fear! Rage! Rise above your depressionAbove the one that killsAbove the one that hatesAbove all of the painFear! Death! Rage! Rise above, rise aboveRise aboveRiseRiseRise Rise […]


The lunar backbone stands straight and alert for a last timeThe mammal feathers are revamped just for this last nightMouthless children are breasted with their own wordsTo essence of their souls escaping through their giant bones you will be paralysedmade to be believedbroken inside to surviveand to watch over me archangel – of no use […]

Can't Stop These Things

Hot coffee burns my mouth, I been staring in a dream The money would be good, I think but not as good as clean I would have more sense if I could sense what I could have I’m learning things about myself that I never knew I had My mind, can’t stop the things that […]

Bye Bye Baby

this is not a love songbye bye baby I keep on waiting, anticipatingbut I can’t wait foreveryou say you love meyou’re thinking of mebut we’re never together Chorus:bye bye baby bye byeit’s your turn to crythat’s why we have to say goodbyeso say goodbye you had your chancesall your romancesand now I just don’t want […]

Bringin' On The Heartbreak (Remix)

Gypsy, sittin’ lookin’ pretty A broken rose with laughin’ eyes You’re a mystery, always runnin’ wild Like a child without a home You’re always searching, searching for a feeling But it’s easy come and easy go Oh I’m sorry but it’s true You’re bringin’ on the heartache Takin’ all the best of me Oh can’t […]

Bout My Paper

[Mystikal]If it ain’t about my paper (paper)The bitch don’t call me(Bitch don’t call me)Cause I’m about my motherfucking business (my business)So you can kill that talking (kill that talking)If you ain’t got no motherfucking confrontationThen keep on walking(Watch out there now)Cause I’m about to show you what you paid for when you came herePut your […]

Blow Job

It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would eb nice to have a […]