Gasoline heading above $3

NEW YORK (AP) — Retail gas prices likely bottomed out last week, and they’re again headed to above $3 a gallon this summer, experts said Monday. Although pump prices typically rise this time of year as refineries switch to a more expensive grade of gas, the increase likely will frustrate many motorists. Prices are climbing […]

Cash-Strapped States

This year, more Americans and businesses may be asking: Where’s my tax refund? That’s because cash-strapped states such as North Carolina, Alabama and Hawaii have been forced to slow down issuing income tax refunds to individuals and businesses because of a lack of funds in their budget. Kansas has hinted that a delay might be […]

How to Be a Savvy Cheapskate

Don’t judge this penny pincher by his cover. Jeff Yeager may be the author of The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Roadmap to True Riches–which one might assume to be filled with coupon-clipping strategies and saving tricks–but his philosophy isn’t as much about how to get more for less as it is learning to live with less, period. […]

Resume Keywords

Keywords Can Make or Break Your Resume By Erika Malzberg, for LiveCareer As many as 80% of employers use keywords to decide which resumes are worth a look. Using the right resume keywords can get you noticed and earn you an interview. Here’s how: What are keywords? Keywords are used in job descriptions to describe […]

Interest Rates Have Nowhere to Go but Up

Even as prospects for the American economy brighten, consumers are about to face a new financial burden: a sustained period of rising interest rates. That, economists say, is the inevitable outcome of the nation’s ballooning debt and the renewed prospect of inflation as the economy recovers from the depths of the recent recession. The shift […]

The Most-Stolen Cars

The Most-Stolen Cars To determine the vehicles with the highest theft rates in the country, the Highway Data Loss Institute looked at only insured passenger vehicles between one and three years old. Then they calculated which insurance claims were filed for each particular model of vehicle, and the size of the payment for each claim. […]

Top-earning ‘Expendables’ actor

This weekend, the action extravaganza “The Expendables” explodes on the silver screen. The flick boasts one of the most impressive casts in recent memory, featuring just about every ’80s action icon out there, from Sylvester Stallone — who directed the movie — to Bruce Willis to Arnold Schwarzenegger who took a day off from being […]

Saving Enough for Retirement

Few Americans know how much money they’ll need to save for retirement. Some 44 percent of employed Americans–and even 29 percent of those ages 55 and older–admit they don’t know how much money they will need in retirement, according to a recent ING Direct survey. Among those who have a retirement savings goal, a third […]

Weird Things You Should Freeze to Save Money

That icy vault was packed to the brim. But — in the finest tradition of my Grandma Yeager — it wasn’t filled so much with leftovers, like you’d find in most household freezers. You see, my Grams had a few deep-frozen secrets. She knew about weird stuff; weird stuff you can deep-six in the freezer […]

Why the Unemployment Rate Refuses to Budge

In a sign that the labor market is inching toward a recovery, employers tacked a net total of 162,000 workers onto their payrolls in March, according to the Labor Department’s monthly jobs report. But even with this spike, the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 9.7 percent. And chances are it won’t budge anytime soon. “We […]