Kiefer Sutherland and costars say goodbye to ’24’

Eight seasons in, “24” was 86’d. But cast and crew were still counting their blessings at the drama series’ finale party. By the time the last episode airs on May 24, there will have been nearly 200 hours of “24.” To date, there have been 18 Emmy wins. “I think over the course of the […]

Gregory Itzin Back on ’24’ as Disgraced US President

During its breathless, ticktock eight-season run, “24” has given viewers numerous delights, apart from Jack Bauer’s crazy knack for staying alive. The audience for this rambunctious Fox thriller fondly recalls President David Palmer, a black man in the White House who may have helped normalize that concept for white voters in 2008. Meanwhile, everyone adores […]

24’s Most Ridiculous Storylines

24’s Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and less-than-plausible story lines have always had an uneasy alliance. Every really bad day of Bauer’s packs so many plot devices into 24 hours it’s hard to always keep things fresh. Here are a few of the most ridiculous plotlines the writers of the Fox series conjured up over eight […]