Windows Product Key Update Tool Instructions

Windows Product Key Update Tool Instructions

The steps below will help you use the Windows Product Key Update Tool to change your product key. Before running the Windows Product Key update tool, read all instructions to ensure that you understand how the tool works and what information is sent to Microsoft as a result of the update process. You may also wish to print this page before starting the update process.

Microsoft recommends creating a system restore point before any operating system changes.

The Windows Product Key Update Tool:

  • What it doesThe Windows Product Key Update Tool will make changes to your Windows installation to update your product key. In addition, the product key update tool will scan a number of key Windows files to determine if they have been tampered with. If tampered files are discovered the product key update tool will alert you before continuing.
  • Information collectedUsing the product key update tool results in information being sent to Microsoft. The information collected will not be used to identify or contact you. The information sent is standard Windows validation information as well as information related to the file tampering scan.
I understand this tool will send the above information to Microsoft.

To update your product key, follow these steps:

Run tool

Select Run when prompted.

Enter Product Key

Enter the product key found on your COA where requested, and then click Next to begin the update.

Restart computerOnce the update is complete, click Finish to restart your computer. When your computer restarts, your computer’s product key will match the COA product key. If this tool fails to change your product key to match your COA, contact Microsoft Support.

After updating your product key you may be required to activate Windows. Once Windows is activated, you can verify that your copy of Windows is genuine by going to and clicking Validate Windows.

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