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What You Should Know about the World’s Most Famous Hackers of All Time

When it comes to hacking every type of business whether a large corporation or a small one is at a risk of getting hacked. Below are some points on some of the famous hackers and the crimes which they committed that shock the world.

These hackers became well known because of the hacking activities that they did. The crimes which they committed are mostly ID theft and stealing some of the classified information. Marcel later Lazar who is known in the hacking world as Guccifer hacked some of the political figures. He shook the world when he shared some personal pictures of the president and he also hacked the email account in Facebook account or the former secretary of state colin powell. He is mostly known for exposing Hillary Clinton’s private emails during trial he pleaded guilty to hacking and identity theft.

Albert Gonzalez is also a very famous hacker who was employed by the secret service. Albert together with his hacking gang used Wi-Fi to break into retailers and secured computer networks. Together with his gang they stole around 140 million credit cards numbers from the retailer stores. He confessed his crimes and was sentenced for 20 years in prison.

Another popular hacker was known as Iceman whose real name was max re butler and he used to work for a computer security firm. He was an identity thief who stole around 2 million credit card numbers and later on used over 86 million dollars in making fraudulent purchases using the cards. He was also accused by the feds for creating and running a marketplace online called carders market whereby other hackers used this markets to purchase and sell innocent people’s financial and personal information. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison after he made a confession of all the crimes that he committed.

Who became famous because of hacking the new york times is known as Adrian lamo. He was fined 65000 dollars and spent two years on probation, but surprisingly that wasn’t the end of his hacking. He, later on, appeared on the news when he turned in a hacker named Chelsea manning’s absurd the hacker leaked classified files from the us army. Another famous hacking group is known as anonymous, this group started in 2003 they are known In hacking campaigns to support political events and social justice ,they are also known for targeting so many institutions such as PayPal and church of scientology.

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