When Is a Live Station a Suitable Solution?

Buffets aren’t a new concept by any means; in fact, they’ve become a widespread tradition over the centuries. From restaurants and church socials to parties and cruise ships, they’ve made their way into a broad range of situations. Though most buffet visitors are happy to serve themselves, some dishes just don’t work well in self-serve scenarios. Lines falter, bottlenecks form and people get a bit irritated. In some cases, live station catering with highly-skilled chefs may be the solution.

Tacos and Fajitas

Fajitas and tacos are among the most highly favored dishes for buffet-style meals, mainly because they’re so customizable. Unfortunately, meat and topping stations are also among the most likely to be plagued by stalled-out lines. Having a server on hand to foster the process helps thwart congestion and frustration, so everyone gets what they want in a smooth, timely manner.


Like those made-to-order favorites of Mexican origin, pasta buffets offer their own levels of tailored tastiness. Guests get to choose which noodles and sauces they want and can go back as many times as they like for different combinations. Once again, though, finding the right pairs can be time-consuming dilemmas known to lead to delays and aggravation.


For breakfast and brunch buffets, you can’t go wrong with omelets. Guests can get them plain, fully loaded or anywhere in between. Those who like to take their time deciding which add-ins to enjoy or feel the need to arrange everything just so hold up progress, leaving everyone else listening to their tummies rumble. Live chefs and servers have the tact and experience to work around those few laggers, so everyone gets served.

Carved Meats

Ham, turkey, prime rib and roast beef are only a few of the mouth-watering options worthy of carving stations. That being said, guests often do more of a hack job than a skillful carving effort. Live carvers make sure those beautiful, meaty display pieces retain their allure while every guest gets the piece he or she desires. At the same time, having professionals handle the knives is certainly a safer alternative.

Buffets are wonderful options for virtually any event, but they do pose certain problems. Skilled chefs display their expertise for all to see while preparing food guaranteed to please. Having those food stations manned solve plenty of problems along the way, so everyone goes away happy.

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