Recessionomics 101

How to Make Extra Money Jennifer Winslow wanted to earn some extra cash without giving up the flexibility of working part time. An avid cook, she and a friend initially planned to cater meals for busy families. When that turned out to be too time consuming, she tried baking. More than five years later, she […]

Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell

A fan-favorite in the role of Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell, Robert Knepper will next be starring in “Transporter 3,” opposite Jason Statham and was most recently seen on the big screen in the feature film adaptation of “Hitman.” Knepper’s additional feature film credits include “Good Night, and Good Luck,” “Hostage,” “Species III,” “Swatters” and “Love & […]

EPISODE 207 “Buried”

Airdate: 2006-10-02 T-Bag jams his forearm into Jeanette’s mouth to keep her quiet. Michael moves to the window at the female officer approaching the front door. “Hey mom, you home?” Ann, Jeanette’s daughter, shouts out. She turns to see broken glass on the floor and she knows something is wrong. She rests her hand on […]

EPISODE 416 “The Sunshine State” Sneak Peek

Airdate: 2008-12-22 **FALL FINALE** THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG ON THE ALL-NEW FALL FINALE OF “PRISON BREAK” MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, ON FOX. Lincoln and his new partners arrive in Miami to recover Scylla from its shocking new owner, and Sarah searches for a missing Michael who learns some surprising information about his past. Meanwhile, […]

EPISODE 401 “Scylla”

Airdate: 2008-09-01 Michael is in Los Angeles and prepared to enact revenge on the Company for killing Sara. He tracks Mahone, Gretchen and Whistler to a hotel where they are trying to retrieve a data card stolen from the Company. Whistler copied the card, unbeknownst to Gretchen. Michael traps them, and threatens to kill Gretchen […]

EPISODE 414 “Just Business”

Airdate: 2008-12-08 Sara injects Michael. Meanwhile, at an abandoned building nearby, Lincoln sees Self’s car pull up to the warehouse. Michael calls Self, who wants the missing piece. Self fires gas canisters at the team. Lincoln gets the drop on Self. Gretchen shows up with a drawn gun. She saves Self and the two escape. […]

Stiletto (2008)

The seemingly random killings of an assassin puzzle her lover, a wealthy Greek crime boss whose organization is jeopardized by his love for her and the return of his ruthless criminal cohort, and the detective following her rising body count.

Don Self

In 1993 Michael Rapaport made his film debut in “Zebrahead,” receiving critical acclaim for his genuine and confident portrayal of a Jewish teenager growing up in a predominantly African-American Detroit neighborhood. The performance garnered him an Independent Spirit Award nomination and the film itself won the 1993 Sundance Film Festival’s Filmmaker’s Trophy. Rapaport is familiar […]

US TV Stations To Go Digital

n February 17, 2009 all full-power broadcast television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin broadcasting only in digital. Digital broadcasting will allow stations to offer improved picture and sound quality and additional channels. Find out more about whether or not you will be impacted by the digital TV […]

EPISODE 107 “Riots, Drills and The Devil – Part 2”

Airdate: 2005-10-03 Tensions run high as chaos continues to erupt behind the walls of Fox River. Military choppers circle the yard as reinforcements on the ground secure the perimeter. On the roof, overlooking the activity, Michael crouches behind an exhaust vent to stay hidden from the helicopter. When it passes, he deftly removes the vent’s […]