Shooting Star

Oooh No one seems to think too much of me hereand they’re glad to tell it to my faceAnd though I am not suppose to be hereI’m completely out of placeSomehow there has got to be a reasoneven as I try to think it throughThere’s a bold from the blue And I see a shooting […]

5, 6, 3 (Joe)

Y’all readyUh, uh, uh, uhYeah, yeah, yeahHmm, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeahHmm, hmm Smoking with the homiesThat’s all he doAlways hanging outLosing money playing see lowEvery night out at the Go-GoHe don’t slap around But it’s in his planHe gotta be the manNever show you no respectHe mess with all your friends I can […]

Don't You Know That?

I got your loveYou need to look no furtherDon’t you know thatDon’t you know that After my loveYou’ll never need anotherDon’t you know thatDon’t you know that I don’t make no promises I can’t keepAnd I promised myself that I’d love you foreverHow many times must I say thatFor you to understand the real thing […]

Jesus In A Camper Van

Ooh we’ve got a live one, featherweight iconHeroes let ‘im down so he sleeps with theLight onAnd there’s nothin’ left to do but kneel downAnd praySail away with Caesar if you’re a non believerEverybody get high if you’re aDiamond geezerIt’s the devil that needs ya so go out and play Blame yourself it’s easierThere’s no […]

Set the ray to jerry

orn to please, every simple needi stand alone, and my thoughts indeed hate youfor ever making mei’m in you, i’ll be anything and i want youand i need youand all you are is brand newand i need you come to me, let me hold you stilli’m so tired, just as tired as youtake me for […]

Don't Ask Me

Quit acting so friendly. Don’t nod don’t laugh all nicely. Don’t think you’ll up-end me. Don’t sigh, don’t sip your iced-tea. And don’t say, "It’s been a while…" And don’t flash that stupid smile. Don’t ask me how I’ve been. Don’t think I’ve forgotten, you never liked that necklace. So cordial, so rotten… Kiss, kiss, […]

It Always Comes As A Surprise

I can’t be cool, or nonchalantCall me an impulsive fool, you’re all I wantYou may be right, it’s too much too soonTo talk of love all night in your bedroom I don’t know why it always comes as a surpriseTo find I’m here with youYou smile, and I am rubbing my eyesAt a dream come […]

Saved For Someone Else

[Babyface & Keth Andes] This was the place of our first dateIt was a place we lovedThat was the place we laughedWhere we had so much funThere was the place I met herThat’s where we fell in loveAnd it was the place where she broke my heartSo how do I tell this storyOr someone I […]